What Trim Color Goes With Alabaster Exterior?

Alabaster exteriors have a comforting and classic look that can make a house look inviting and effortlessly elegant. Therefore, choosing a trim color that can emphasize these characteristics is essential. Trim colors may be subtle, but they can make or break your exterior. So, what colors go with Alabaster? We have researched answers for you.

Alabaster is an aesthetically versatile color, so the trim colors you choose mainly depend on the mood you want to evoke. Here are the best colors to pair with Alabaster:

  • Rust Brown
  • Blue-Grey
  • Repose Grey
  • SW Accessible Beige
  • SW Dover White
  • Brick Red
  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • SW Townhall Tan
  • SW Dakota Wheat
  • BM Schooner

There are many color options available in the market, and each paint can instantly transform your home's exterior. Make sure you choose one that fits your preferences and, ideally, one that can make your home look timeless. Keep reading below to learn more about the best trim colors that suit Alabaster exteriors.

Two story house painted in Sherwin Williams paint, What Trim Color Goes With Alabaster Exterior?

What Trim Color Goes With Alabaster Exterior?

When choosing your exterior trim colors, you would want one that doesn't clash with your general color scheme and one that doesn't make the house look invisible.

If you're a minimalist, you would want only a subtle difference. However, there are other colors you can explore that can make your home look more unique and attractive.

Trim colors are essential considerations since it's the color that would wrap around your exterior's base color. Hence, you must explore your options first before landing on one that emphasizes your home's best qualities.

Here are the trim colors you can consider.

Rust Brown

If you want your home to evoke a country-home coziness, rust-brown trims can softly wrap around your home.

The warm brown tones give a soft contrast to the alabaster exterior and give it a welcoming feel that isn't easily found in homes with a cool color scheme.

Rust brown paired with Alabaster also has the aesthetic versatility you'll want a few years later when you'd be itching to renovate or style your home another way.

Alabaster and warm brown tones would be a great base for other colors you may want to decorate your home with. Brown is also better at hiding flaws, which would balance the challenge that Alabaster surfaces pose.

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Blue-Grey trims give off a modern and polished feel for Alabaster exteriors. They make the house look bigger since cool colors generally give the impression of increased space.

Blue-grey is a good option if you want your home to have a more contemporary look. Alabaster has warm tones, so you won't have to worry about your home feeling or to look overly cold and detached.

This trim color paired with Alabaster exteriors will also have a visually refreshing effect, which is ideal if you live in sunny areas.

Repose Grey

If you want a subtle but modern feel, pair Alabaster exteriors with SW Repose Gray. It's also a classic color and has a timeless look when paired with Alabaster.

However, note that sometimes, in certain light conditions, pairing Alabaster (which is mostly white) with grey can look the exteriors look too plain or clinical.

You can spruce it up by adding decorative accents and patio flowers, but it's not a permanent solution if it can be virtually removed.

Your best bet is combining gray trims with other colors. You can paint your door a vibrant blue or yellow depending on your preference. This would add warmth to your exterior and make your home look more welcoming.

SW Accessible Beige

SW Accessible Beige is an excellent alternative if you want to lessen the brown tones in your exterior but still want a warm neutral for your trims.

Beige, paired with Alabaster, can make your home look effortlessly charming. However, it can look too plain. Fortunately, you can do other design solutions to make the exterior more inviting.

You can amp up the welcoming atmosphere by incorporating rustic or nature-themed decorations, which will still fit the general color scheme since both Alabaster and Beige are neutrals that can be incorporated with other vibrant hues.

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SW Dover White

If you want a monochromatic color scheme and are drawn to having a crisp white exterior, go with SW Dover White trims. It matches Alabaster's warm undertones, so your home wouldn't look too cold and drab.

However, as with other colors, certain lighting conditions will betray the undertones, so you may want to spruce it up with other hues.

For instance, you can use the white exterior as a base for other accent colors you may want. Take advantage of its aesthetic versatility by incorporating vibrant and more expressive colors to give life to your exterior.

You can paint your doors and window trims another color to create a beautiful contrast with your exterior trim and Alabaster surfaces.

Brick Red

If you want a sharp and eye-catching contrast for your exterior, go for brick reds or deep reds. It will add an artistic flair to your exterior and won't be visually overwhelming since the Alabaster exterior will balance it out.

It will also make your home look instantly unique since most people wouldn't take a risk with such a bold color. Make sure you don't live in a sunny area if you go for this color since dark hues absorb heat.


Black is another bold option, but it's not as rare as most people might think. Having black trims against an Alabaster exterior will add dimension and contrast, making it look more visually interesting.

Paired with Alabaster, black will also make your home effortlessly elegant and timeless.

Although they are both technically neutral colors, the combination won't make your home look boring and drab, especially if you incorporate different textures into your outdoor surfaces.

However, if you want to make your home look more welcoming, pair your exterior with natural colors for vibrancy and easier blending.

Dark Blue

Dark Blue trims would go lovely with Alabaster exteriors, and the natural color would add vibrancy to your home without being visually overwhelming.

This color scheme connotes a modern look but still looks homey and cozy, especially if you put up decorations such as flowers on the patio.

It's an excellent alternative to neutral colors and a happy medium if you don't want stark and bold colors. It will make your home look welcoming, but the cool tone will also make it tranquil and relaxing.

SW Townhall Tan

Sherwin Williams Townhall Tan blends with the warm tones of Alabaster, and it's a classic choice. When the sunlight hits it, the trims would almost look golden. Even under bad lighting conditions, the house would still look welcoming.

You can incorporate other colors into them, and the trim color would blend seamlessly with them. It's not visually imposing, but it can still shine on its own.

If you don't want a rustic look even with the Tan color scheme, you could go minimalist since White and Brown can be considered neutrals and fit into the minimalist style.

SW Dakota Wheat

Sherwin Williams Dakota Wheat is a lighter version of SW Townhall Tan. It has warmer undertones, so it's a great alternative to Rustic Brown or Tan. It's a great color to pair with Alabaster since it would create a farmhouse-inspired color scheme.

It can also create a neat but classic look if you want a more minimalist style.

BM Schooner

Benjamin Moore Schooner is an excellent alternative to deep blue-colored trims. It has a lighter shade, which creates a soft contrast with Alabaster.

It has a refreshing vibe since it's a coastal color. Make sure to pair the trim with other lighter colors for a relaxing color scheme.

Are Alabaster Exteriors Outdated?

Designers say that Alabaster is still a beautiful color to add to our houses, and it's not going away anytime soon. Its warm-white shade makes exteriors and interiors look neat without looking detached because of its warm undertones.

However, it may show a lot of yellow when intense sunlight hits. Make sure to scan your room in different lighting conditions and see whether or not you want the yellow tones.

Final Thoughts

Two story house painted in Sherwin Williams paint

Having Alabaster exteriors will make it easy for you to choose a trim color since it has been described as Sherwin William's true neutral color. It's versatile, so your color options will all boil down to the atmosphere you want for your home.

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