What Type Of Floor Lamp Gives The Most Light?

Picking out just the right floor lamp can feel impossible at times. Do you want a bright and white light or maybe something more warm and intimate? The good news is, we have got you covered and have done our research. Let's check this out. 

When it comes down to which type of lamp gives off the most light, we would say a tripod or curved style lamp is the best. You want to have a lamp that shines a light into your space from multiple directions, not just one. An open shade lamp is also a great light providing style because you are getting the actual bulb's full effect inside your space. 

As we continue this investigation, we will give insight and recommendations for the best-lit floor lamps we can find. Lighting is everything and is the focal point of any space you walk into, so you want to make sure the light you decide is the best fit. Let's dive in.

Gray armchair and tripod floor lamp, What Type Of Floor Lamp Gives The Most Light?

Standard Floor Lamp

Leather armchair and classic floor lamp

Before diving into this topic, we want to show you a traditional floor lamp to visualize what we are talking about. Floor lamps provide light and design to any room they are in and can be used without a table beneath them. This particular style is the standard for floor lamp design. 

Rottogoon LED Floor Lamp

Here we have a contemporary design we found from the Rottogoon brand. You can see how this provides a fair amount of light while also keeping it warm and inviting. This may be a good option for those who prefer a softer light in their space.

Follow this link to Amazon to check out this style lamp.

How many lumens does a room need?

When we think of lumens, we automatically think of light. Lumens is another word for the intensity of light in a space, and your lamp will fall into a specific category of light depending on its design. Your lamp's lumen is very important, whether it be a softer and warmer light or bright and lighter white light. A room needs as much lumen (light) to get, so it is crucial to pick out a good quality floor lamp. A standard 100-watt lightbulb is going to produce around 1,500 to 1,700 lumens. 

A standard living room space measures around 250 square feet and needs roughly 5000 lumens to provide the base amount of light. This number is not including extra sources of light like lamps or candles. Your room should end up with about 5,500 to 6,000 lumens when you are done. 

If you are not sure of how many lumens you need, you can use an online calculator that takes into account the room size, shape, and color. 

Warm Light 

This lamp here is an example of a warmer lumen lamp that has a more tropical design. Warm light tends to create welcoming and comfortable energy in a space and is very "in" right now. Trying out a lamp with warmer light has its own set of takeaways regarding how much light they produce, but are still unique options. 

Brightech Eden Tripod LED Floor Lamp

This next lamp we have found on the web comes from Brightech and is a warm light option. Tripod floor lamps are a great and modern option for those of you who may be more into that style.

Click here to be redirected to Amazon to view this lamp.

Brightech Carter Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp

For those of you who may not like a tripod style, we have also pulled this lamp from Brightech to show you. This is a mid-century modern, warm light floor lamp that will provide a relatively right amount of lumens for your room. Follow this link to Amazon to check out this floor lamp.

White Light 

We have found this cool set of lamps utilizing white light for you to take a look at. These style lamps will create the most light or lumens possible in your room and will provide essential light to your space. We have noticed many modern designs using a brighter LED light for their floor lamps. This lamp style may not be the best idea for those of us who prefer a softer light in our space. 

Gladle LED Floor Lamp 5 Brightness Levels

Here we have a brighter and whiter style of lamp that has a few different intensity settings. This floor lamp comes from Gladle and provides a significant amount of light in your space, and definitely will make your room brighter. Click here to view this floor lamp on Amazon.

The LightCrew Store LED Modern Ring Light Floor Lamp

This LED floor lamp from the LightCrew store is a modern floor lamp option and provides a great deal of white light. We feel like this lamp might be found in Area 51 and added it for all of the aliens reading this article.

Follow this link to Amazon to check out this modern lamp.

How do I choose a floor lamp?

Choosing the perfect floor lamp is a unique situation type of decision. Maybe your room has plenty of light, and you want something extra in your space, or perhaps your room is in desperate need of love and light. Floor lamps can be an excellent final touch to a room and can provide a vast amount of lumens. A recent trend when it comes to lighting is trying out an ambient vibe in your room, and we will cover that as well. 

Assessing Your Space 

When it comes to picking out the right floor lamp for your space, you need to make a game plan. Are you putting it in your bedroom or your living room? Is this lamp going to be for reading and working or to light your space a little? These are all critical questions to consider when purchasing a floor lamp. Boho floor lamp designs like the one shown above are becoming extremely common in private and public spaces and may be the perfect fit for you. 

Ambient Lighting 

Now you have probably heard of or seen the ambient lighting movement among homeowners and renters and are wondering what it means. Ambient lighting follows a warm and cozy design and vibe and is very popular today. Many style magazines have written about its positive effects on mental and physical wellbeing, and we can't argue with that. This lighting style is more for a living room or bedroom vibe that may already have a sufficient amount of natural lighting. 

RGB LED Color Change Floor Lamp

We found this ambient style floor lamp from RGB and have attached an image of it for you all to take a look at. LED lights are not only better for the environment but also look cool in space. This lamp style creates a light show in your room every time it is on, and we all are down with that.

Click here to see this lamp on Amazon.

How do you place a floor lamp in the living room?

Finding the right spot for your floor lamp is relatively simple and can be a great decorative touch in your room. Corner placements are always a good idea because they allow the light to bounce off your walls and create even more brightness. Creating a nook with your lamp to work or read is also an excellent idea for placement. Your lamp should be somewhere it can provide light while also not getting in your way. 

In The Corner 

Bright living room with white sofa and a floor lamp in the corner

Trying out a floor lamp in the corner of your room is a great way to keep the light bouncing from wall to wall. Corner lamps also look aesthetically pleasing and allow for furniture and movement in your space. Although we don't recommend this design palette, we love what they did with this lamp.

Used As A-Frame 

Modern seaside living room with two floor lamps framing a large sofa

This floor lamp example is a modern and more frame-like option for a living or bedroom space. Using two lamps to border a wall or piece of furniture is an exquisite and contemporary design we can appreciate. Try going with a more simple lamp when using this design.

Should lamps match in a living room?

This question gets us every time because there is a grey area. We do not think your lamps have to match, but we want to keep them in the same family. Multiple floor lamps are like eyebrows; they work but not always together. Try keeping your lamps either the same style or similar in color. 

Keeping Our Lamps In The Same Family

These lamps, different in height and style, work very well together. This is an excellent chart for reference for anyone wanting to try multiple floor lamps in a single space. Simple styles usually go well together or even one simple with another more wacky design. 

Our Final Thoughts

Floor lamps are an essential lighting option for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Their ability to create vast amounts of extra lighting is a godsend, and we can't get enough of them. Choosing the brightest light you can may not always be the best idea for the space you are in, so check out your natural lighting first. Lumens from your lamp vary dramatically depending on the style and design you go with, so it is always good to test things out. 

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