What Wall Color Goes With Cream Tiles

Cream tiles are an understated feature in living rooms and bathrooms. They have a low-key character, but they elevate the space in a unique and refreshing way. Of course, you'd want to incorporate colors that blend with these cream tiles so you'd have a cohesive and visually pleasing color scheme. So, what wall color goes with cream tiles? We have gathered inspiration for you.

The key to having a visually smooth color scheme is to utilize the color wheel. You can stick with a monochrome scheme, or you can add texture by incorporating complementary colors to the walls.

  • Soft Grey
  • Eggshell White
  • Sage Green
  • Light Brown
  • Soft Periwinkle
  • Dusty Pink
  • Beige Shades
  • Mauve
  • Slate Blue
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Terra Cotta

There are many creative ways to add a pop of color and personality to a space with cream tiles. Since it is a soft neutral color, you have more freedom and agency to create the style you want. If you want to learn more about decorating cream-tiled spaces, keep reading below!

Brickwork and stonework flooring backdrop interior design home style vintage old pattern clean with concrete uneven color beige bri, What Wall Color Goes With Cream Tiles

What Wall Color Goes With Cream Tiles

Walls are the first thing you'll notice when you enter a room. It's essentially the continuation of the floor, so you need to make sure that the colors in these two areas are balanced and blend with each other.

Your floor and walls would set the base to the style you'll be incorporating into the room, especially if it's a blank slate. It would be difficult to design a room when the two foundational colors clash.

Fortunately, cream tiles are fairly easy to complement.

You have the opportunity to explore different color combinations that evoke different moods, or you can stick to the safe side--which is practical and sensible if you don't have the time to explore other colors.

Here are the colors you can paint your walls with when you have cream tiles.

Soft Grey

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Interior wall mockup in warm neutrals with low sofa, beige pillow and dried Pampas grass on caned table in japandi style living roo

Neutrals on neutrals make your space more versatile. Grey itself is not a vibrant color, but it gives you the freedom you need to style the room however you like. 

For example, you can transform the room into a rustic-looking space by incorporating deep green and brown decorations, cream-colored furniture, and deep-colored wood furniture. 

If you want a soft, feminine style, the color scheme would be even more ideal. You can make the space softer by putting soft, pink rugs, pastel-colored couches, gold-trimmed mirrors, light fixtures, and soft pillows.

Grey has a bad reputation for looking dull and boring, but it's an opportunity to be aesthetically versatile, especially if the space isn't that big. 

Eggshell White

Colorful interior with a pink armchair on empty white wall

There's nothing better than entering a space and seeing clean, crisp, but warm eggshell white walls. Although some people may find off-white walls boring, they can brighten up the space and absorb natural light better than other colors. 

Eggshell white walls, just like other neutral colors, can make you aesthetically versatile. They seamlessly blend with cream tiles, making a cohesive color scheme right off the bat.

Are stark white walls unattractive?

There's a reason you should be careful about the shade of white that you'll paint your walls with. Crisp, stark whites can make your space feel depressing. It can create afterimages which can achieve the opposite effect of having clean walls.

Make sure to soften your white walls with warm neutrals to make them feel homier and more comfortable. 

Sage Green

Stylish living room interior design with mock up poster frames, wicker armchair , coffe table, beige carpet and creative home acces

Injecting a sense of character into your room starts with the color you'll paint your walls. Sage green walls will make you feel refreshed, and they easily pair with cream tiles.

The color combination is reminiscent of nature but with a softer approach. However, the color scheme can still accommodate other styles even if the colors are vibrant. 

Explore a cosmopolitan aesthetic with this color scheme. You can put sleek dark-colored or neutral-colored couches, gold trims, and bold art posters. 

However, the best way to decorate sage green walls and cream tiles is to lean into its natural appeal. Go with soft cream couches, deep green potted plants, and wicker fixtures.

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Light Brown

living room interior in beige and brown colors and light shadows on wall, empty wall

Light brown walls with cream tiles have a minimalist and clean appeal. The colors aren't visually demanding; they can blend with any type of aesthetic, from elegant to rustic. 

Brown walls are generally timeless. And during volatile times, brown offers a sense of security and tranquility, instantly making you feel grounded when you enter a room. 

This color combination is ideal if you want to feel relaxed and if you want to incorporate a nature-inspired aesthetic to ground you. 

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Soft Periwinkle

Soft periwinkle walls have a whimsical appeal that blends well with cream tiles. They add a burst of energy and character into your home effortlessly since it is a vibrant shade, but the softness of the color makes it aesthetically versatile. 

The color can also reflect natural light well as long as the white tones are dominant. Pair the periwinkle walls with pastel-colored couches and cozy rugs for a softer appeal.

Dusty Pink

interior design of living area with sofa, table ,wood floor and pink color wall

Another way to make your space feel soft and feminine is to paint your walls pale or dusty pink. This will make the space look visually pleasing and cohesive, and the combination will make the space easier to decorate.

Add dimension to the space by going with dark-colored rugs against soft-colored furniture and fixtures. Tie everything up with gold accents for an elegant flair. 

However, this is only ideal if all the occupants are fond of soft and feminine color schemes. Some people have different preferences, so make sure to take note of those before choosing dusty pink walls. 

Beige Shades

Warm neutral interior wall mockup in soft minimalist living room with rounded beige armchair, wooden side table and palm leaf

Some people have an incorrect notion that beige and cream are the same. Although they resemble one another, beige has a cooler tint while cream has a warmer and browner shade.

These two colors together in an interior create an almost monochromatic color scheme. The shades are both calming, and the contrast in tones creates the necessary distinction between them. 

Having a monochromatic color scheme has a lot of benefits: They are easy to decorate, and you can explore other styles and color palettes to inject personality and color into the room.

For example, you can explore deeper and richer tones such as deep greens, purple, sunset colors, and even black. 

But you can stick to the neutrality and go for softer color palettes made of sage green, eggshell white, and grey. 


Painting your walls with mauve is an excellent way to make your space feel modern, elegant, and feminine yet has the potential to be gender-neutral. Mauve paired with cream tiles can make the space seem opulent, especially if you decorate them with silver or gold trim and fixtures. 

Lean into its regal appeal by going with velvet-lined furniture in either deep blues or soft whites. You can even go rustic with wooden doors and tables. Either way, the color combination is adaptable to any style, so you can design it according to your preference. 

Slate Blue

Cabinets and wall for tv in living room, blue walls

Make your space feel brighter and softer by coloring the walls blue.

Having white walls aren't your only option to widen your space; soft or slate blue walls can make the space feel breathable, refreshing, tranquil, and at the same time give the illusion of wideness. 

The vibrance will instantly improve your mood, and it is adaptable to any aesthetic, from cosmopolitan and masculine to rustic, retro, or feminine.

Pastel Yellow

If you want your space to look both youthful and timeless, go with pastel yellow walls.

They effortlessly brighten the space, and the vibrance will add a sense of character and youthfulness that can uplift anyone who walks into the room.

The walls will seamlessly blend with cream tiles since they both have warm tones, and they can make your space feel intimate and homey. 

Decorate the area with soft blue or white cabinets, soft furniture, and potted succulents to make both the look and energy cohesive. 

Terra Cotta

Interior of stylish living room with light pink wall with clock on a wall attached

Soft terra cotta walls are reminiscent of sunsets on exotic islands, especially paired with rustic or nature-inspired decorations. The cream tiles will blend with the warmth of terra cotta, and together, they will make your space feel intimate.

The color scheme has a vintage and timeless appeal that will attract viewers for a long time. 

Final Thoughts

Brickwork and stonework flooring backdrop interior design home style vintage old pattern clean with concrete uneven color beige bri

Figuring out the right wall color for you can be intimidating, especially since it's the largest part of any space. However, having a solid idea of the style you want will narrow down your choices and give you clearer and more tasteful eyes. 

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