What Wall Color Goes With Gray Bathroom Cabinets?

Selecting the right color for your bathroom walls can be difficult without some help. Are you looking for a similar shade to your gray cabinets, or is a pop of color more your style? 

When it comes to what colors go best with gray cabinets, we say neutrals and softer pastel shades. Your gray bathroom cabinets already add a bit of color to the room, so you don't have to go crazy with your walls.

We suggest a soft white, beige, blue, or even green wall color to go with a gray bathroom cabinet.

As we get into this topic, we will share our bathroom wall color recommendations and even link a few helpful products. Whether you want to add some extra color to your space or stick with neutrals, we've got an idea for you. With that said, let's dive into this post!

Interior of modern bathroom with white and dark walls, parquet floor, bathtub, indoor plants, white sink standing on white countertop and a oval mir

What Colors Go Best With Gray?

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Modern Bathroom in Country House

Whether your bathroom cabinets are light or dark gray, there are tons of ideas for wall colors.

Gray is one of the more popular bathroom paint options because it is easy to clean and works well with other colors.

From the spaces we saw, white and beige seem to be the top picks for this specific cabinet color.

If white or beige is too plain for your taste, pastel shades of blue and green will also look great with gray bathroom cabinets.

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Ultra contemporary large bathroom with a huge mirror, gray painted cabinetry, and small dark tiles


Modern interior of a light retro inspired bathroom with a white mirror, light gray painted cabinetry, and a glass walled shower area

Our first wall color recommendation is softer white paint. If you want your bathroom to feel fresh and modern, white walls with gray cabinets are a perfect pairing.

We suggest having a little fun with your accessories and decor with these colors so your bathroom doesn't feel too sterile.

THE ONE Off White Gloss Finish Paint And Primer 

Here is an off-white glossy paint and primer from THE ONE that is perfect for bathroom walls. This paint is water-based chalk paint and has a full cure time of two hours.

Check out this off-white bathroom paint on Amazon here.


Elegant white inspired masters bathroom with brown tiles, decorative tiled bathroom wall, and a light gray painted cabinetry

Another color that comes to mind for gray cabinets is a light beige similar to this. Beige is a classic and easy to work with color for the bathroom and feels just warm enough on your walls.

We especially like the dark gray and beige pairing in this bathroom because it adds a bit of contrast.

Microblend Interior Beige Paint and Primer

Here is a beige paint and primer from Microblend that will work well in the bathroom. This paint is low VOC, premium quality, washable, and promises a smooth finish.

See this water-based beige paint on Amazon here.


If you want to incorporate a splash of color into your bathroom, we suggest a light blue wall option. Gray and blue have similar cool tones, making them feel more cohesive than other pairings.

We suggest you go with light blue walls regardless of your cabinet's gray color to open up your bathroom space.

Glidden Heavenly Blue Interior Paint + Primer

Here we have a light blue bathroom paint and primer from Glidden. This paint is a one-coat, semi-gloss finish and promises to block scuffing and staining.

Follow this link to see this blue paint on Amazon.


Sticking with a more colorful wall theme, we have a pastel green idea. Gray cabinets tend to go well with pastel shades of any color, but especially with green. We suggest you choose a similar shade of green if you want a subtle final look in your bathroom.

KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Matte Green Paint and Primer

Here is a pastel green interior paint and primer from KILZ TRIBUTE that is perfect for the bathroom. This paint is an acrylic, matte finish and covers up to 400 square feet per gallon.

View this light green acrylic paint on Amazon here.

Should Cabinets Be Darker Than Walls?

Modern twin bathroom with double sinks, toilet and shower.

According to what we found, the cabinets in your bathroom should contrast your walls. That is not to say that they should always be darker, but more often than not, they will be.

Most bathrooms have light wall paint, so the cabinets will inevitably be darker than the rest of the room. If you have a darker bathroom wall color, that is when your cabinets will need to be lighter.

Darker Cabinets

Stunning light dark bathroom design with gray cabinetry on the vanity, arched mirror, and a glass walled shower area

Here is an example of darker cabinets versus walls in the bathroom. This color contrast is pretty standard in most bathrooms, whether it be an apartment or a newly built home.

Between the two, darker cabinets and lighter walls are the default option for bathroom design and construction.

Lighter Cabinets

Bathroom of a country inspired bathroom with a light gray accent wall, double sink vanity, and a small bathtub on the side

Although you don't typically see lighter cabinets versus walls in the bathroom, they still look good. The best example of this color scheme is white cabinets paired with a colored wall, which is relatively easy to work with.

We like how in this bathroom, the designer went with white tiled accents, so the room doesn't feel too severe.

What Is The Most Popular Color For Bathroom Walls?

A white bathroom with a small leafy plant on the window sill and a white vanity


When it comes to the most popular bathroom wall color, we found that white takes the crown. White walls in the bathroom are standard in new homes and are the easiest to decorate and work with.

Although white reigns as the most popular bathroom wall color, light gray and beige are also top-rated options. Overall, lighter wall colors seem to be more widely used compared to darker shades.

Do Lighter Walls Make A Room Feel Bigger?

Real photo of a sink on a cupbaord in a bathroom interior with tiles, mirror and plants

One of the main reasons lighter colors are so prevalent in home design is that they give the illusion a room is bigger than it is. Bright colors like white reflect light rather than absorb it, which helps create a more spacious feeling in a room.

If you have a smaller bathroom, we suggest trying a color like white or light gray to help make it feel a bit more open.

Does A Bathroom Wall Cabinet Have To Match The Vanity?

A minimalist inspired bathroom vanity with white painted walls, white cabinetry, and a small mirror

If you need help deciding whether to match your wall cabinet to your vanity or not, we recommend incorporating similar colors.

Although you do not need to perfectly match the wall cabinet in your bathroom to the vanity, it will look better if they have similar colors.

Wall cabinets typically store towels or products, so even going with an industrial or minimalistic option will look good with most vanity designs.

Not everything in your bathroom needs to match, but you should follow a color scheme.

Does My Bathroom Need A Wall Cabinet?

Bathroom with washbasin built in to cupboard

When it comes to whether your bathroom warrants a wall cabinet or not, that depends on the space. Wall cabinets are great for storing extra items and saving floor space, making them an excellent idea for smaller bathrooms.

Smaller, more narrow bathrooms often lack proper storage space, so a wall cabinet or rack might help solve that problem.

POVISON Modern White Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Here we have a modern and minimalistic wall cabinet from POVISON that will work well in smaller bathrooms. This cabinet is engineered wood and has a semi-matte eco-friendly finish.

Follow this link to see this wall cabinet on Amazon.

What Color Towels Go With A Gray And White Bathroom?

Although we often underestimate the power of towel decor in a bathroom, it can make a huge difference.

According to what we found, the best colors to try for your towels in this type of bathroom are light neutral colors like beige, grays, and even blues.

We recommend having some fun with your towels and choosing a color that is different from your walls. An easy way to decide what color your towels should be is to either match them to your cabinets or the decor in your bathroom.

Should I Buy Decorative Bath Towels?

For those reading who have towels in their bathroom that are purely for decoration, we see you. Decorative towels are surprisingly quite common and are great accessories to add to any sized bathroom space.

A pivotal part of designing a bathroom is the decor, and what screams bathroom more than a towel set? Whether you go with a pastel blue towel set or even a different shade of gray, you can't go wrong with towels as decor.

Amrapur Overseas Trefoil Filigree 6 Piece Towel Set

Here is a yarn-dyed decorative towel set from Amrapur Overseas that will add some pattern to your bathroom. This six-piece set comes with two body, hand, and face towels and is 100% cotton.

View this towel set on Amazon here.

Our Final Thoughts

Gray bathroom cabinets are a versatile and easy-to-clean option for any style of bathroom space. Whether you choose a light gray or one on the darker side, your wall color needs to complement your cabinets.

From what we found, pastels and neutral colors work the best with gray cabinets and help to add contrast to your bathroom. We suggest going with a lighter wall color than your cabinets and even throwing in a pop of color with decorative towels or accessories.

No matter your style or budget, have fun with your bathroom and remember to stick to a similar color scheme.

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Interior of an ultra modern bathroom with wooden cladding on the walls, huge mirror on the vanity, glass shower wall, and a huge window near the bathtub, What Wall Color Goes With Gray Bathroom Cabinets?

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