What Wall Paint Color Goes With Black Furniture? [8 Suggestions]

Black furniture has a solid reputation for being dramatic, modern, and easy to match. While every wall paint color can theoretically go with black furniture, it's clear that some colors go better with it than others. If you're feeling low on inspiration or lost in the paint aisle, don't worry. We did a little research to find out what's your best bet in this department. 

If you want to have black furniture in your room, the best paint colors to choose from include:

  • White
  • Neutral Tones
  • Greys
  • Blues
  • Bold Yellows
  • Bright Reds
  • Brick Red
  • Black

Choosing the right paint color for your furniture helps make your home look more unified and can add a mood to a room. The wrong one, on the other hand, can make your room look awkward. This guide will help you get the most of your matching.

Modern loft interior with furniture lounge chair, table, concrete cement wall panels, What Wall Paint Color Goes With Black Furniture [8 Suggestions]

The Best Colors For Black Furniture

Not sure what kind of color you should pick to pair with your furniture? Let's take a look at each of the top colors and see why they look so darn good. 

A black wall and a black chair furniture, What Wall Paint Color Goes With Black Furniture? [8 Suggestions]


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White remains the most popular room color to pair with black furniture, and much of that is because of its contrast. It's bold. It's classic enough to look at home in Martha's Vineyard, yet modern enough to work in a New York City artist loft. White works with just about any color scheme. 

Living room with a black furnitures

Neutral Tones

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Neutral tones like beige, cream, or khaki are shoe-ins for almost any furniture color. This includes black furniture. Like with greys and whites, neutral tones offer a nice contrast with black furniture. Unlike greys and whites, neutral tones offer a layer of warmth that makes it inviting. 


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Greys walk that fine line between traditional and formal, making them a great pick for people who want to emphasize elegance in a room. Unlike darker hues (think black or navy), greys can make a room look larger and help bring focus to black furniture's dark hue. 


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Blue and black is a color combination as great as peanut butter and jelly. Most designers love the way navy blue looks with black furniture, paired with white pillows. It's a nautical classic, but why stop there? Light blues and teals can give that same oceanic feel in a pinch. Fans of color will adore this choice.

Bold Yellows

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If you want to see a bold, daring, and inviting color combination, look no further than black furniture paired with bright yellow walls. Yellow is an excellent pick if you want to have a more Mediterranean twist to your room or if you want to have a punch of color that livens up a room. 

Bright Reds

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Red and black is a color combination that is often assumed to be "gothic," which is indeed a great combination for people who want a spooky twist to a room. However, it would be a shame to limit this combination to goths alone. Red and black can be striking, exotic, and downright elegant regardless of the furniture style you have. Red has that rockstar appeal that makes any room look lush!

Brick/Rusty Red

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It's no secret that black furniture goes remarkably well with brick walls. It's basically a cornerstone of industrial interior design. Many people tend to forget that you don't need to have brick walls to get that industrial vibe. The right shade of rusty red can give you that look and might also work for more Mediterranean looks, too. 


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Black paint...with a black set of furniture? It's doable and can be visually stunning when done the right way. Black on black can help make a larger room more intimate and dial up the drama to a 10. This combination tends to be particularly popular with fans of industrial looks, for obvious reasons. 

a black and white sofa with in a gorgeous living room


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Gold is a remarkably luxurious color, especially when it's metallic paint. Black, too, is a color that's often associated with high prices and can afford the finer things in life. It's not surprising that adding a gold wall to a black room or even adding gold paint accents to a black wall with black furniture makes a serious statement. Decadent? Maybe, but it never looks bad. 

Is Black Furniture In Style?

picture of modern black and white kitchen

Absolutely! Black furniture is always in style. It's upscale, great for adding a modern touch and is bold enough to handle design concepts that other furniture types wouldn't. If you're looking for a versatile furniture color, then opt for black. 

Should You Paint Or Buy Furniture First?

Girl holding a rolling pin paiting the wall with blue

With most families, you might already have the furniture that you want to use. So if you already own the furniture, this is a moot point. However, if you want to get the best results possible, it's good to paint your room first. After all, no one wants to move and cover all that furniture as part of paint preparations. 

The less chance you have of paint smearing on black furniture, the better off you'll be. As long as you have a vision of what you want to do, leave shopping as the last thing to do. 

Should All Furniture Be The Same Color?

This concept is a lot like choosing light or dark bedroom furniture. There are no rules set in stone here, and it's all a matter of personal preference. If you take a look at some of these dark living room furniture ideas, you'll notice that mixing and matching furniture colors can add a lot of dimension to an otherwise typical design. 

There are tons of ways to make mixing furniture colors work. We prefer a monochromatic look or pairing black furniture with light birch woods for a strikingly modern contrast. 

Do Rooms In Your House Have To Match?

Though it can be fairly convenient for people who move furniture around from time to time, there's nothing in the rulebook that tells you that you need to match all the rooms in your home. A more important concept to think about is flow. When you move from one room to another, it's best to think about the mood change you'll experience from one room to the next. 

When planning your rooms, try to make the ambiance flow gently from one mood to another. Otherwise, the clash of designs can make your guests feel a little jarred. 

How Much Color Do You Need To Balance Out Black Furniture?

The cool thing about black furniture is that it doesn't need a splash of color to have dimension or to look complete. Black and white can carry a room completely independently, simply because they work so well with monochromatic looks. However, most people still like to have a touch of color once in a while. It's up to you to decide how much color you want. 

If you want to add just a little touch of color to your design, a good way to do it is using throw pillows. Bright, colorful patterns often do great with black beds or sofas.

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Modern loft interior with furniture lounge chairs, plant, table, architecture concrete cement wall panels, brick wall, concrete floor, what wall paint color goes with black furniture

No matter how you look at it, black furniture is in. It's trendy yet timeless. Black furniture is remarkably versatile and can work with virtually any wall color you choose, but there are still some that frame it better than others. When picking out a wall color for your room, it's best to go with either neutral tones or bold, striking colors like bright blue.

At the end of the day, there's no wrong answer when it comes to the wall color you pick with dark furniture. It's really all up to you. As long as you have a plan in place for your color scheme, you should see massive success. 

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