What Wall Paint Colors Go With Grey Furniture?

Grey furniture has become widely popular due to its versatility. With the vast array of options in paint colors, choosing the perfect color to pair with your grey furniture can seem like an enormous task. We have reviewed sources to bring you some of the most popular colors to pair perfectly with your grey furniture. 

With so many options for color schemes, where do you start? We have combed through many options to bring you a carefully narrowed list of color combinations to help you jumpstart your decision-making process. Among a multitude of options, these wall colors are among the most popular choices to pair with grey furniture according to multiple sources: 

  • white
  • blue
  • coral
  • red/orange
  • magenta
  • yellow
  • green
  • slate/charcoal grey

Picking a color to pair with your grey furniture, while one of the most important decisions that you will make in your redecorating journey, is not the only decision that will need to be made. What are good accent colors for grey? What are some options for accent chairs that go with grey couches? What color curtains would pair well with my grey couches? Is grey still a popular color? In addition to discussing color options for your walls to complement your grey couches, we will answer all these questions, just keep reading. 

Bright colored living room with a magenta accent wall and white wall with wooden flooring, What Wall Paint Colors Go With Grey Furniture?

What Wall Paint Colors Go With Grey?


Once considered dated and boring, white is making a major comeback as a neutral wall color that makes furniture and decorations the focal point of your space. Sharp and clean, white is and probably always will be,  a classic wall color. White makes a perfectly crisp backdrop to highlight furniture and decorations in your living space. 

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Wooden chairs at table in bright open space interior with lamp next to grey couch


Blue walls can add a cool calm elegance to your room. Inspired by water and sky, with a variety of options, blue hues can make your space feel spacious and tranquil. Deep teal tones, such as the example below, create a bold, welcoming atmosphere to the room.

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Living room blue walls and a grey sofa ar 3:4


A soft coral and grey combination can be a beautiful color scheme for any room but is especially popular recently for nurseries, as in the example below. With undertones of orange and pink, coral is a surprisingly versatile backdrop for a room and pairs with grey furniture beautifully. 

Living room with soft coral walls and a grey sofa ar 3:4


For a brighter, bolder spin on coral, consider this poppy red-orange wall color. Orange undertones in this fiery hue distinguish this shade from traditional reds. This burst of color adds an energetic contrast to your neutral grey couches. 

The room has a vibrant red-orange wall with a white door on the right side ar 3:4


For a daring look to pair with grey furniture, magenta is a sexy bright choice to pair with cool neutral grey couches. In the example below, the magenta walls are obviously the focal point of the room. Grey furniture adds a neutral break in the midst of all of the other colors in the room, adding the perfect amount of neutral color to this space. 

Bright colored living room with a magenta accent wall and white wall with wooden flooring


Another color option to pair with grey couches is yellow. Whether your taste is bright and cheery yellow or deep and sophisticated gold, yellow walls can be a fantastic pairing with grey furniture.

Yellow painted living room wall with a gray sofa and a dangling lamp


Deep jade green walls reminiscent of rich elegant jewels, can add a nature-inspired rich mood to your room. While the variety of options in green shades are endless, the deep jewel green in the example below when paired with grey furniture creates a sophisticated and stylish contrast. The natural brown furniture color adds a warmness to the color scheme.

Cozy, green, retro living room interior with chair, cupboard, plant, decorations and wooden floor

Slate/charcoal grey 

Make your grey furniture the focus of the room with this deep grey, almost black color. With dark slate and charcoal grey walls, your grey furniture will contrast the dark colors while remaining within the same color scheme. To break up these two shades of grey, white and metallic accent colors are used on couches, floors, and walls.

Charcoal grey wall with geometric pattern, complemented by a tufted silver-grey sofa ar 3:4

Grey sofa with a beige throw pillow inside a white painted living room

What Are Good Accent Colors For Grey?

As we discussed earlier, grey can be combined with pretty much any other color you wish to use as an accent color. Accent colors highlight certain colors in a color scheme. Accent colors do not have to be limited to the wall color. Accent chairs and curtains are great places to continue your use of accent colors. Let's discuss those options further. 

Gray sofa with patterned throw pillows inside a grey living room

What Color Accent Chair Goes with Grey Sofa?


If bright or dark colors are used on the walls, a white accent chair can be the perfect addition to break up the darker colors. Even with white walls, white accent chairs can sometimes add just the right touch, as in the example below. 


To accent your space with large blue decorative pieces, consider using this color for an accent chair, especially if the walls are white or neutral. 


Non-traditional colors, like coral, can also be surprisingly versatile when used as accent pieces. In the picture below, this accent chair brings a bright cheery feel to this otherwise neutral-colored room. 

Coral red-orange accent chair with a colorful floral pillow, white bookshelf backdrop ar 3:4


This red/orange accent chair is another place to highlight your grey couches and add this bright, energetic color to your room. 


If you opt for lighter walls, but still wish to use this color to accent your space, an accent chair similar to the one pictured below can give you the bright, sexy pop of color that you are looking for. 

Charcoal grey wall, vibrant magenta chair, white side table, and fresh pink peonies ar 3:4


As yellow has become very popular as an accent color recently, there are many options available in this hue to use as accent pieces, including this accent chair below. 


These deep green accent chairs bring a majestic elegant mood to this living room. Coordinating these grey couches with the green accent chairs, through the use of throw pillows, brings the look together. 

Pale walls, plush green accent chairs, and a light grey textured sofa ar 3:4

Slate/charcoal grey 

This slate/charcoal grey accent chair would be a great contrast to lighter grey furniture. Using these two greys in your color palate allows for other colors to be added for more variety in your room. 

What Color Curtains Go With Grey Furniture?


Curtains are another way to add a crisp pop of white to a room. White curtains can lighten a space or break up color in a room with colored walls. 


Painting your walls blue isn't the only available option for adding blue to your walls. Blue curtains can add just the right amount of this cool color to your space. 


Coral printed curtains, like the one below, can create a fun, cohesive look to your space. 


Curtains in a red/orange shade similar to these curtains pictured below bring the energy of this hue to your walls. Against this neutral grey wall color, this bold contrasting color adds an energetic splash. 


These magenta curtains would pair perfectly with a magenta accent chair and grey furniture. 


Curtains that pull in the color of your furniture and your accent color or colors, such as the ones pictured below, are perfect for a cohesive look in your room.


These deep jade shades of curtains paired with the grey couch in the example below create the same elegant mood discussed above in this space. 

A serene room with luxurious deep green curtains framing a bright window ar 3:4

Slate/charcoal grey

Dark shades of grey curtains can serve a purpose other than highlighting the different shades of grey in the room. They can also serve to block sunlight or darken a room if that is desired. 

Is Grey Still A Popular Color?

Grey has now become a modern staple in neutral colors, with no signs of fading out in popularity any time soon. One of the most popular traits of the color grey is that it can function as either a warm or a cool color, depending on undertones and accent colors.

Final words

 With so many options in color combinations for your space, choosing a color for your walls or accent colors to accompany your grey furniture can occupy large amounts of time. Hopefully, using our condensed list of colors to accent your grey furniture will make this process more efficient. Finding the perfect complementary color for your grey couches can create any mood you desire for the room of your dreams. 

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grey sofa with accented throw pillows and wooden coffee table in front, what wall pain colors goes with grey furniture

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