What’s The Best Paint Finish For Bedroom Walls And Ceiling?

You are probably overwhelmed and cannot decide which paint suits your bedroom walls and ceilings. Are you searching for ideas and suggestions for your project? You came to the right post as we gathered the information you need through the net.

Most people prefer satin or eggshell paint finish on their bedroom walls. It is less reflective than gloss paint and flat paint. These paints are perfect for low-traffic areas such as the bedroom and living room. Apply any paint type you want. Choose from these finishes:

  • Flat or matte
  • Satin
  • Eggshell
  • Semi-gloss
  • High-gloss

Can't still decide which paint finish you should use for your bedroom walls and ceiling? Are you looking for interior designs and inspiration? Read through this post for more information. We listed suggestions you may need to start your project.

Open spacious bedroom with modern stylish furniture and double french doors, What's The Best Paint Finish For Bedroom Walls And Ceiling?

What To Consider In Choosing Paint Finish?

There are a few things you need to consider before buying a paint finish:


Consider the traffic in the room where you will use the paint finish. Busy rooms or areas like the living room or kitchen walls need more durable paint. You can paint the ceiling with flat or matte paint because you rarely touch it.

Surface Imperfections

Consider a less glossy paint to cover blemishes such as rough surfaces, nail holes, and nailheads to make the wall smooth-looking.

Paint Sheen

The paint finish comes from a flat, no-shine finish to a high-gloss finish. The shinier the better if you plan to reflect the light into the room.

What Are The Types Of Paint Finishes?

Listed below are the types of paint you can choose for a finish in your bedroom:

Flat or Matte

Flat Paint or Matte Paint is the least durable paint and could easily get damaged if cleaned using chemicals. This paint is suitable to use in low-impact areas such as ceilings and dining. It is ideal for covering walls with nail holes and rough surfaces.

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The satin finish is popular in interior painting. It is easier to clean than eggshell paint or matte. It is best for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms. Please note that brush strokes are visible, so touch-up is a little tricky.

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Eggshell paint is also popular in the indoor paint finish. It has a low sheen like the eggshell. It is a bit more durable than flat or matte paint, but its durability is inferior to satin or gloss finish.

This type of finish is perfect in low to medium traffic areas such as the living room, bedroom and hallway.

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Semi-gloss paint is reflective, shiny, durable, and mold-resistant. This paint finish is mainly in areas prone to moisture, like the kitchen and bathroom. Imperfections of the surface are visible with a glossier finish if incorrectly applied.

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High-gloss paint is durable and washable. It can withstand wear and tear surfaces. High-gloss can handle cleaning using scrubs and detergents. This paint is best in furniture, doors, and exterior regions. Apply this carefully to avoid visible imperfections.

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What Is The Best Paint For The Ceiling?

Flat or matte ceilings are popular in households for various reasons. The white matte paint gives the illusion of a larger space and light ambiance in the room. Flat paint also covers surface imperfections, which is ideal to use in visible areas like the ceiling.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Bedroom Painted?

The cost of painting a bedroom depends on the size and the type of paint you will use. The average cost of DIY wall painting is from $100 to $300.

If you plan to hire a professional interior designer or painter, it will cost $350 to $380. Painters charge from $1 to $4 per square foot.

How Much Paint Do You Need For Bedroom?

To know how much paint you will need for the bedroom, you need to calculate the square foot size of the wall and ceiling. Also, consider at least two coatings to have a perfect, smooth surface.

You can use an online wall paint calculator or consult a professional for an estimate.

Which Paint Color Is Best For Bedrooms?

It must be tricky to pick the paint color for your bedroom. Listed below are some suggestions we have.

Blue And White

Blue Bedroom with king size bed and chandelier

A combination of a blue bedroom and white ceiling gives a warm ambiance and homey feeling.

White And White

Interior of the modern luxure bedroom in studio apartments in light color style

Nothing goes wrong with white. It gives the illusion of a larger space and lighter ambiance.

Orange And White

Bedroom interior design with black and white ceiling lights

The vibrant color of the orange wall gives a happy, positive mood.

Pink Accent And White

Interior design of a bedroom in a box with gorgeous design

The pink and white combination looks cool and gives a light vibe. It enhances feminine touch to the bedroom.

Brown And White

Modern gorgeous bedroom desisgn with brown and white color

The natural color of brown gives a warm ambiance, and it matches perfectly with the white ceiling.

Dark Gray And White

Bedroom avant-garde style, with dark style color

This avant-garde style gives off an elegant and modern feeling.

Black And White

Interior bedroom mock-up, black modern style

This black, modern bedroom makes you feel warm and relaxed before sleeping.

Red And White

Red Classic Bedroom with elegant bed and nightstand

Red activates your mind and raises vitality. It makes you feel energized and excited before bedtime.

Green And White

wood floor Decorate wall with green paint and white furniture on a modern vintage bedroom

Green is a great option. It creates a calming ambiance before sleeping.

Yellow And White

Yellow bright bedroom with green bedding and white bed

Rise and shine! Yellow gives a cheerful vibe and bright ambiance, which will make you feel energized in the morning before starting your day.

Beige And White

Beige classic large bedroom with water view and carpet

Beige is simple and serene. It is the warmer form of white, which is neutral and combines well with any furniture color.

Lavender And White

Bedroom in trend veri peri color. A bright empty lavender wall and a purple velor bed

Lavender is a soft color that gives a relaxed ambiance and cool vibe, which calms you before sleeping and refreshes your mood when you wake up.

Black And Black

A modern loft apartment bedroom interior with downlight on the ceiling and sunrise from the window

If you prefer a darker room and love black, this interior suits your taste. It gives a cozy, harmonious and comfy mood.

Blue And Blue

bedroom with cozy low bed in the full moon night

Blue helps create a serene mood and calmness. It enhances the mood of your bedroom.

Beige And Beige

Warm bedroom with high vaulted ceiling Bed with japanese style bedding

All-beige combination gives a warmer vibe in the bedroom. It provides visual depths and bigger space illusion.

Peach And Peach

Peach bedroom with many paintings and a bed covered with a peach fluffy bedspread

Peach is a neutral color that gives radiance, intimacy, and a cozy vibe to your bedroom.

How To Choose The Right Wall Paint?

Are you planning to paint a room in your new house or repainting or an existing one? Consider your furniture and flooring in choosing the wall and ceiling paint. Listed are some tips on choosing the right paint color for your bedroom.

Create A Color Scheme And Combination

Select at least three colors that match your taste and your furniture. You can bring a piece of cloth from your favorite pillows or curtains as a sample to compare with the paint you want to buy.

Decide On The Finish You Want

Match the color to the mood you want in your room. Colors affect your entire day and emotions, so choosing the right color helps your well-being.

Be Familiar With Whites

There are whites with undertones such as yellow, beige, pink, or brownish. If your room has less or no natural light coming into your room, use a warmer white color to create a cozy, larger space illusion.

How To Choose The Right Ceiling Paint?

The rule of thumb is that you choose a lighter color than the wall to make the ceiling look higher or pick a darker tone to make it look lower. The light color of the ceiling gives a larger space illusion while the darker tone stimulates a cozy, intimate mood.

Whichever you choose, still consider the color that coordinates well with other colors in your bedroom.


Open spacious bedroom with modern stylish furniture and double french doors

Choosing the right paint finish and color reduces the hassle of multiple coating to cover the wall imperfections or redoing your project. It will also save extra costs in materials and painter fees.

You can ask the store near you for advice if you are planning to DIY, painting the bedroom walls and ceiling.

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