What’s The Best Direction For A Study Table?

Designated study areas benefit everyone by providing focused spaces for work and study.

Eastern philosophies like Vastu suggest facing your study table east or north. Feng Shui advises placing the table in the south or west of a room facing east or north.

We’ll explain these philosophies and how to apply their recommendations, starting with understanding the concept of the study table.

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What Are Study Tables? 

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Study tables are workspaces designed specifically for studying and doing written work. Their setups should be basic to decrease distractions, but they have enough space to hold all materials necessary for study or work.

The Vastu System

Developed in ancient India, Vastu uses astrology, elements, and religion to guide home setup. It says that a home’s energy affects its inhabitants.

A full Vastu application can be challenging in pre-built or rented homes, but you can still follow its principles. Use Vastu to assign room functions, and arrange furniture to harness positive energy effectively.

Placing Your Study Table Using Vastu 

According to Vastu, your study room should be on the northeast, east, or west side of your home. The study table should be placed against the east or north wall, with the person facing east or north.

Feng Shui 

Feng Shui, more known in the West than Vastu, studies energy to benefit home occupants. Both consider energy fields and elements, but Feng Shui focuses on how Chi interacts with their surroundings.

It also uses color psychology, suggesting red flowers to bring passion and fire energy into the home.

Placing Your Study Table Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui experts, like those of Vastu, recommend placing a study room in the east and facing north or east while studying for positive energy and success.

However, if the focus is an issue, the study table should face west, as it aids in knowledge retention.

Should Your Study Table Face Windows? 

Study tables should not face a window. A window can distract you from your work even without an interesting view. Additionally, natural light shining through a window can make it harder to see your work properly.

What Should Be On A Study Table? 

Your study table should have everything you need, like writing instruments, extra paper, paper clips, post-it notes, flashcards, and other relevant supplies to avoid interruptions.

Avoid clutter by including only regularly used items. Keep a calendar or planner for work or school deadlines, and stay focused. Decorate with a few items you enjoy, but keep it minimal to avoid distractions.

How Can I Make A Study Area In My Room? 

Creating a study area in your room is a great idea. That way, you can have one space dedicated to your study and pre-stocked with everything you need. Follow these tips to create the perfect study area: 

Choose a Desk or Table 

The surface you choose for your study area should be the correct size for your space but large enough to store everything you need for a study session. You should also choose a comfortable chair to sit in while you study.

Consider Lighting 

If your room has sufficient lighting, you can flip on your switch and get to work. However, a desk lamp may be ideal. That way, you have enough light right where you need it. 

Eliminate Distractions

Your study area should be free of distractions. Try to create it away from windows or the television. If the other areas in your home are noisy, shut the door to your room while studying. 

Stock Your Area 

Before studying, list everything you need and gather those items in your study space. Ensure everything, including notes and textbooks, is within reach to avoid interruptions.

Add Some Decor 

Add decorative items that boost motivation to make your study space feel welcoming. Choose items like plants, photos, or clocks, and avoid distractions. Use color psychology or aromatherapy to enhance focus.


Different ideologies offer various suggestions for placing a study table. Choose what works best for you to maximize your study sessions. If one principle doesn’t work, try another.

Vastu and Feng Shui can help you use your energy and your surroundings for success. Use them as guides, but trust your intuition for the best setup.

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