Where And How Do You Store A Mattress?

Storing furniture long-term can lead to a lot of questions. Whether you’re putting unused furniture in a spare room inside your own home or utilizing a storage unit, best practices for storing these items should be followed. When it comes to storing a bed, it’s fairly simple to store the frame, rails, and headboard, as you can easily cover them and set them aside. But what should you do about storing the mattress? For this post, we looked into various sources from manufacturers to determine the best way to store your mattress safely.

A mattress should be stored by taking the following steps:

  • Remove the mattress from the bed
  • Clean it thoroughly
  • Place it in a mattress storage cover
  • Set mattress down on a flat surface
  • Store mattress in a temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • Freshen before use

Now that we know the steps to storing a mattress, we’ll break each of them down into more detail. You might also be wondering why it might be bad to store a mattress upright or if you can store a memory foam mattress by folding it. To get the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what we’ve discovered.

Storage unit containing household items, Where And How Do You Store A Mattress?

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Mattress storage tips

Earlier in this post, we listed the recommended process for storing your mattress. Let’s look at each step and discuss why each one is important.

Remove the mattress from the bed

Take the mattress entirely off of the bed before storage. This will save a lot of room, as you’ll be able to better store the frame, headboard, and slats when the bed is taken apart. 

Clean it thoroughly

It’s important to clean the mattress before you place it into storage. Any odors should be eliminated before moving the mattress out of the bedroom to worsen while the mattress is being stored. Using your favorite essential oil and baking soda is a popular and effective way to clean it. Pour a box of baking soda into an airtight Tupperware container. Drop a dozen drops of the essential oil into it.

Affix the lid firmly and shake so that the baking soda and the oil mix. Gently sprinkle this onto the top of your mattress. After half an hour, vacuum it up. Flip the mattress and repeat.

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Person cleaning a mattress

Place it in a mattress storage cover

Storage covers will keep any dirt, grime, or moisture from getting onto or into your mattress while it’s in storage. They come in all sizes, so don’t worry if you have a larger mattress. 

We found this mattress storage bag to be effective.

To view this mattress storage bag on Amazon, click here.

Set mattress down on a flat surface

When the mattress has been thoroughly cleaned and placed into a storage bag, it will be time to move it into its temporary new home. Carefully set the mattress onto a flat surface. It’s important not to store the mattress on its sides or ends. We’ll dig into why you shouldn’t do this later in this post. 

No matter where the mattress is stored, it’s highly recommended that you place it on top of a tarp. This will keep any spills or unwanted water from touching the mattress. While it will be in a storage bag, it’s best to take this extra precaution just in case the bag is faulty.

Store mattress in a temperature and humidity controlled environment

If at all possible, you want to store your mattress in the same environment that you have in your home. Temperature controlled, with minimal fluctuations in the humidity. While this cannot always be managed, there are places you don’t want to store mattresses under any circumstances if it can be avoided. Basements are the worst, as they are too moist. This can lead to molding and mildewing, even if the mattress is in a storage bag. 

Freshen before use

When you’re ready to take your mattress out of storage and use it again, you’ll want to make sure that it’s fresh before you make up your bed. Using the same baking soda and essential oil trick from above, clean the mattress and get any odors it might have absorbed from its time in storage. After the baking soda has been thoroughly vacuumed from both sides of the mattress, it’ll be ready to place onto the frame for bedmaking. 

Is it bad to store a mattress upright?

According to each manufacturer we consulted, storing a mattress in any position other than flat is ill-advised. The coils in the mattress need to be flat to the ground. If they are at an angle or upright, it will substantially warp them.

While some mattresses might slowly be able to reassume their intended shape after they are placed flat again, many will not. Whether stored upright or on their sides, you will be risking long-term or permanent damage to your bedroom’s investment.

Storage unit containing household items

Can you keep a mattress in the garage?

While not the most ideal location to store a mattress, it’s certainly possible to do so. Before placing the mattress in the garage, you’ll want to be certain that it has been thoroughly cleaned. When this is completed, you must place the mattress in an air-tight mattress storage bag. Think of all the different fumes and odors that exist in a garage. Making certain that your mattress is stored so that these odors won’t permeate the fabric is essential.

As we noted earlier in this post, you want to store the mattress flat. If you’re doing this in your garage, then you’ll want to take an extra step for precaution. Place a clean tarp on the ground before the mattress being placed upon it, just in case of spills or flooding.

How long can I leave my mattress in the box?

What if you can’t assemble your bed immediately? Is the mattress safe in the box? For a while, yes. How long will depend on the type of mattress, however. Generally, keeping it in the box for a week won’t hurt it. It’s important to consult the manufacturer for their recommendation. Their guidelines will be included with the instructions that are provided to you when you make your purchase.

Is it okay to fold a memory foam mattress?

The memory foam or latex foam that “memory foam” mattresses are filled with can be safely folded or rolled when moving. Many of them are shipped this way from the manufacturer, so if you are taking certain precautions, you will be able to roll your memory foam mattress in this same fashion.

You’ll want to certainly consult your owner’s manual before doing so, as each brand of mattress will have different handling and care instructions. 

Do mattresses need to be stored in climate control?

In a perfect world, you will be able to store your mattress in a climate-controlled room or storage unit. Having this piece of bedroom furniture stored in the same environment that it will be used in is certainly the most ideal.

However, this isn’t always possible. So if you’re in a position where this isn’t an option, you’ll want to make sure you follow a few recommendations. Clean the mattress first. After you’ve cleaned it, it should be placed in an airtight mattress storage bag. Storing the mattress in this manner will keep fluctuations in temperature and humidity from adversely affecting it. 

As we mentioned earlier in this post, avoid setting the mattress on its sides or ends while it’s being stored. You should also keep the mattress out of rooms that are dank or musty, like a basement. 

Does cold affect memory foam?

The heat and cold both affect memory foam. If you’ve ever laid on your memory foam mattress on a hot day when the air conditioner isn’t running, you are doing so on a mattress whose gel is getting close to a liquid. While it would take extreme temperatures to damage the memory foam gel, you might be able to notice a bit of difference in how firm it is. 

Cold temperatures do the opposite. The memory foam gel can actually freeze. It will take several hours for this to thaw, so your bed won’t feel right if you lay on it immediately after it’s been removed from a cold storage unit.

In Closing

Properly storing a mattress can avoid short-term and long-term damage to it. While it’s ok to move a mattress on its side, you should never store one on its sides or ends. Always lay a mattress flat when storing, and only do so after it has been thoroughly cleaned and placed in an airtight mattress storage bag.

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