Where And How To Buy Sherwin Williams Paint Online

If your home is in need of a makeover, an easy fix is to repaint the walls. And if you have already been looking into purchasing some paint, you have probably come across the brand Sherwin-Williams. If you have thought about purchasing paint from Sherwin-Williams, you might be wondering where and how you can purchase these products online. We have done the research on this pressing question and we are prepared to give you the answers to this and more. 

If you want to purchase paint online from Sherwin Williams, their website is a great place to start. On their website, you can purchase paints, stains, colors, and supplies. You can order online, but you must pick up these products at your local store. In addition, you can also purchase Sherwin-Williams products online from different home improvement stores.

Below we discuss where and how you can purchase Sherwin-Williams paint online. We'll also cover other common questions and concerns regarding Sherwin-Williams paint.

A man browsing sherwin williams paint online using his laptop, Where And How To Buy Sherwin Williams Paint Online

Where And How To Buy Sherwin-Williams Paint Online

Sherwin-Williams Paint Store storefront in Toronto

As previously mentioned, you can visit the Sherwin-Williams website in order to make purchases online. Their website can be found at Sherwin-williams.com. Although it may sound intimidating to shop for paint products online, Sherwin-Williams has made this process as simple as possible. On their website, you can purchase an abundance of their products, including paints, stains, colors, and supplies.

Paints, Stains, and Primers

Although online shopping for paints, stains, and primers may sound scary, Sherwin-Williams has used top-notch technology to improve this experience for their customers. When shopping online for one of these products, you are given an abundance of options and support to help ensure that your project will be done correctly.

For example, the website will guide you to look through interior paint, exterior paint, interior stains and sealers, exterior deck stains, exterior siding stains, concrete, garage and floor coatings, interior primer, exterior primer, and even wallpaper options. These helpful categories will give you all of the assistance that you need in planning for your projects. 

Color Tools

The most intimidating part of ordering Sherwin-Williams paint products online is being unsure of the color process. There is nothing worse than purchasing paint and realizing that you have chosen the wrong color for your project.

Luckily, if you decide to purchase your paint online, Sherwin-Williams has an abundance of color tools to help assist you in this process! Not only can you look at samples of every color online, but you can also utilize their ColorSnap Visualizer tool. This will allow you to upload a photo of the room that you would like to paint and test out different colors to see what they would look like on your walls.

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This tool is extremely helpful when choosing a paint color online. It gives you the opportunity to test out a multitude of different colors. You can also request a color swatch online to pick-up in-person. Use this color swatch to look through samples of every color that Sherwin Williams offers. 

Other Products 

In addition to paints, stains, and primers, you can also order other products through the Sherwin-Williams' website. You can purchase paint brushes, roller covers and frames, masking tape, caulks, sealants, drop cloths, plastic sheeting, and other helpful accessories through the website.

How Does Ordering Online Work? 

When you go on their website, you will first make an account. Not only does this account make ordering products simple, but it also gives you access to your PaintPerks Member Card. This allows you to build up points to use on rewards. Once you have done this, you are ready to order.

Choose your products by utilizing the tools and methods mentioned above. Once you are ready to check out, you will choose which store you would like to pick up your products from. Unfortunately, Sherwin-Williams does not have a mailing option. However, when you order online, your products will be ready for you right when you arrive for pick up.

Other Options

Although ordering from the Sherwin-Williams website might be your first thought, you do have some other options. Most home improvement stores, like Lowe's, also carry Sherwin-Williams products. You can typically order these products online and pick them up in-person. However, these home improvement stores do not always have the same helpful tools for choosing products and colors as Sherwin-Williams does. 

When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Buy Sherwin-Williams Paint?

There is not necessarily the best time of the year to purchase products from Sherwin-Williams. Our advice to you is to plan ahead. Decide what products you specifically want to buy and finalize color choices. Check their website regularly. Once there is a sale, go ahead and make your purchase.

Typically, Sherwin-Williams will run sales and offer 30-40% off their products. This is a great deal and will help you to save a decent amount of money! So again, there is no "best time," but rather sale times. 

How Can You Get A Discount On Sherwin Williams Paint?

There are a few ways to lock in discounts on Sherwin-Williams products! First of all, join their loyalty program and reap the rewards of spending your money. This program is a point system. If you shop at Sherwin-Williams fairly often, you will save money. Again, check their website often for sales.

You should even join their mailing list. It notifies you when a sale is coming up. If you or your spouse served in the military, you can always get an additional 15% off at Sherwin-Williams. 

Is Lowe's Sherwin-Williams Paint The Same Thing?

If you shop at Lowe's, you may have noticed that they sell an HGTV Homeline of Sherwin-Williams paint. This paint is created by Sherwin-Williams. However, it is the lowest quality product that they create. That being said, this paint is still really great quality for the price.

Click here for Lowes' Sherwin Williams collection

If you are on a budget, but still want to purchase a fantastic painting product, the line of Sherwin-Williams that was created specifically for Lowe's is going to be your best option. Is it their best product? No, but that is okay. It is not marketed to be their best product, but rather a line of affordable paint for those on a budget. It still looks fantastic when finished and is great for home renovations and projects.

Is Sherwin-Williams Paint Worth The Extra Money?

If you want a top-notch product that goes on smoothly and looks phenomenal, Sherwin-Williams is absolutely the best option. However, it is pricey. If you are more concerned about the budget than the quality, it may not be the product for you. If you want a top-of-the-line paint that looks truly professional, go ahead and splurge on some products from Sherwin-Williams. This company truly cannot be beaten. 

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Sherwin-Williams' top products include their Emerald line and their Duration Home line. Both of these products are pricy, averaging about $66 to $77 per gallon. However, they are known for being the absolute best products on the market.

Emerald paint is a top-notch product, as it is supposed to be fade-resistant, high coverage, and thin. Duration Home goes on a bit thicker for additional protection and stability. Both of these products are phenomenal and worth the money, depending on your specific project and budget.

How Long Will Sherwin-Williams Paint Last?

If you are going to invest so much money in your paint, you probably want to know how long it will actually last. This answer is a bit complicated, as it depends on the specific paint product line that you purchase. 

Sherwin-Williams typically advertises that an unopened gallon of paint will typically stay good for one year. However, this truly depends on the product. For example, the HGTV line from Lowe's typically only does last one year before it goes bad.

An unopened can of Sherwin-Williams Duration line is known to last for 8-10 years without spoiling. An unopened latex-based or acrylic paint will last up to 10 years and an unopened oil-based paint can last for 15 years. Our advice to you is to ask a professional at Sherwin-Williams for their advice before you use an old can of paint. 

You should never use paint that has sat open too long or paint that has been exposed to weather and natural elements. When the paint is exposed to air, it typically changes the chemical makeup of the product and causes separation to happen. If you leave your paint out in extreme heat or cold, the chemical makeup will also change, causing the quality of your paint to deteriorate rapidly.

In these situations, it is best to dispose of the paint in a safe and responsible way and invest in a new product. You do not want to paint with old paint. It will likely not give you the results that you are wanting and you may end up with a huge mess. It is best to spend the extra money to ensure that the job gets done correctly the first time. 

In Closing

A man browsing sherwin williams paint online using his laptop, Where And How To Buy Sherwin Williams Paint Online

We hope that this article helped you to learn about purchasing Sherwin-Williams products online through their website as well as other retailers. Make sure that you utilize the great tools that Sherwin-Williams offers their customers. They will really help you to finish your projects in the best ways possible. As always, be safe and have fun when completing your projects! 

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