Where To Hang Bath Mat To Dry

Using a bath mat is a good way to prevent water from getting on the floors. It keeps them dry and mildew-free. However, bath mats need care too. Where should you hang them to dry? If that's a concern, let's go over some ideas!

There are a few spots you can hang a bath mat to dry. The first areas that come to mind are near a window, the edge of the tub, or the top of the shower doors or curtain rod. When you don't want to hang a bath mat in these spots, you can:

  1. Install a wall or door hook for a bath mat
  2. Use a wall-mounted or door-mounted towel rail
  3. Use a plastic hanger

The design of your bathroom will determine where's the best area to dry a bath mat. And, if you're not satisfied with your available options, you can always make a DIY solution! If you'd like to explore ideas, keep reading ahead. 

Black metal wall hanger mounted against white wall, Where To Hang Bath Mat To Dry

Finding the Right Spot

The only problem you'll run into when looking for a spot to dry your bath mat is the area you have to work with. Some bathrooms have lower-height bathtubs with walk-in doors. Others will have tall bathtubs with shower rods for hanging curtains. 

Since your situation won't always be the same, we'll shoot some ideas your way for every kind of situation. Let's start with some of the simple solutions!

Near the Window 

The first spot you should consider is the window. Or, at least, somewhere near that area. Why?

The window is usually the nearest source of fresh air and sunlight. So, if you want the bath mat to dry quickly, the sun can help with that. However, you'll want to remove any excess moisture before hanging it there. 

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Green blue antique luxury bathroom in an old house

You'll want to keep water contact with any paint or walls to a minimum. This way, you avoid introducing a mold problem near the window area. The regular presence of moisture after every shower can easily promote mold growth.

You can shake off or wring your towel to remove as much water from it as possible. Then, hang it near the window. At this point, air and sunlight can do the rest of the job. 

The Edge of the Tub

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Bathtub and shower in new master bathroom interior in luxury home

The next spot to think about is the edge of the bathtub. It's the most readily available option that anyone can do. There's no installation required!

You only need to pick up the bath mat and drape it over the side. If your bathtub hangs too low for that, use anything near the shower. Do you have shower doors? Hang the bath mat over the shower door. 

If you have shower rods, you can hang them over that too. It's simple and only requires you to do one thing; remember to do it! 

Install a Wall or Door Hook 

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If the previous spots don't satisfy you, we can move on to some DIY solutions. The easiest way to create space for drying a bath mat is to use a hook. There are multiple ways you can install them. 

A shot of door hooks in use with a shallow depth of field

You can drill one to the wall for bath mat purposes. If you're hesitant to mess with your wall, you can use adhesive bathroom hooks. Not to mention, you can also play around with the hook's style. 

The best spot to install the hook would be anywhere near the tub, so you have quick access. Consider hanging it on the walls near the tub or the shower tiles. 

Using a Wall-Mounted or Door-Mounted Towel Rail

A marble tiled shower with a glass sliding door and chrome hardware

A towel rail is an easy way to hang anything that needs drying. Of course, this would require you to install the rail in the first place.

If you're considering doing bathroom renovations, you can consider installing a few wall-mounted rails for your bath towels and mats. This way, you can knock two birds with one stone.

You can have an area to hang your mats and towels, and it's another way to emphasize the rest of your bathroom decor. 

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The wall isn't the only area where you can install a towel bar. You can give the door or the shower door a thought. However, you'll want to be careful with shower doors since they're glass. You'll have to research some adhesives that work to adhere metal to glass. 

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According to some suggestions, Loctite's STIK'N SEAL is one adhesive that should work. Before you do this, consult with a professional about installation. This way, you can avoid ending up with a shattered shower door.  

Use A Plastic Hanger

Sometimes, simple solutions are better. No home is lacking in plastic hangers. So, why not use one to hang your bath mat? 

Once you get out of the shower, you can wring the bath mat and clip it onto the hanger. From here, you have several options from which to choose. One user suggests hanging it over the shower extension.

If that isn't possible, there's also the tub spout. Maybe you already have a towel rail in your bathroom. If you do, but there's no space for a bath mat, make extra room with a hanger.

The other spots to hang it over are:

  • Door handle
  • Over the door frame
  • Shower rod

How To Dry A Rubber-Backed Bath Mat?

Some bath mats have a rubber backing that you need to consider when cleaning them. Heat isn't always friendly to rubber. So, if you want to guarantee the rubber lasts, let's go over some tips to dry a rubber-backed bath mat. 

The first concern you might have is putting it in the dryer. Can the rubber handle it? Yes, it can manage a little heat. You can put it in the dryer on the lowest heat settings for around 15-20 minutes

If you're hesitant, keep an eye on it. This way, you can ensure the rubber doesn't melt inside the dryer. After it finishes, take it out immediately. You don't want the rubber to spend a lot of time in a hot area. 

Once it's out, take a look at the bath mat. If it's still a bit wet, you can throw it back into the dryer for another 10 minutes. From there, you should consider air-drying it. 

Why Do Bath Mats Turn Yellow?

Bath mats absorb the moisture you have on your feet. Depending on how diligent you are with drying, there are a few outcomes to using a bath mat over time. If it drys quickly, it probably looks good as new. 

However, if it doesn't dry fast enough, the mat tends to become yellow. The culprits are pretty obvious. It might also hint at a problem on your end. More specifically, there's too much moisture on the bath mat. 

If the bath mat doesn't dry, there's a chance that mold is growing on it. Though, if you've kept up with cleaning it, it could also be mineral deposits. However, mineral deposits will be brown or orange. 

It means you live in an area with hard water. You can wash the mat with one cup of ammonia in the hottest setting to get the original color back.

How Do You Fluff Up A Bath Mat?

When your bathroom mat does not feel as fluffy as it used to, there are a few ways to rejuvenate it. The first thing you need to keep in mind is how much detergent you use. You'll need to use less of it to avoid buildup on the mats. 

In addition, make sure you're washing the bath mat using warm water. This way, you can dissolve the detergent you use. Then, before you transfer them to the dryer, shake them. 

It will help the bathroom mat fluff up. Using a tennis ball in the dryer also helps. Lastly, try air-drying the bathroom mat every once in a while. Following these tips can help mats regain their fluffiness and help keep it that way. 

How Often Should You Wash A Bath Mat?

While it can be nice to step on something soft straight out of the shower, bath mats need care too. It's easy for them to pick up dirt and grime. So, if you want to keep them fresh, you need to set a time when you'll wash them. 

How often you wash them will depend on how often it's in use. If two or more people use the bath mat every day, wash it after three days of use. Five days is the longest you can wait. 

If you're the only one using the bath mat, you can wait longer. You can wait ten days before you throw it in the washing machine. Still, it's better if you can do it sooner. 

Regardless, you'll want to limit the amount of moisture that settles on the bath mat. So, hang it up as soon as you finish using it.

In Closing

Hanging the bath mat to dry is one of the best ways to prevent mold growth. The only problem we run into is finding a spot to hang it. Hopefully, you found the ideas above helpful! 

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