Where Is The Heating Element On A Roper Dryer?

There may be an issue with the heating element of your Roper dryer, in which case you need to check immediately. If you are wondering where the heating element on a Roper dryer is placed, you've come to the right place. We've researched this topic, and here's what we found.

You can find the heating element of your Roper dryer on the lower side, near the thermostat. Remove the screws to access the heating element since it is covered with a case.

Knowing where to find the heating element of your Roper dryer makes it easier and faster for you to finish the job. We will discuss the location of the heating element of a Roper dryer, how to replace it, and what causes it not to heat up. So, continue reading this post to learn more!

Where Can You Find The Heating Element On A Roper Dryer?

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Issues may occur in your dryer, such as when it stops working, produces only cold air, or makes a loud noise. Thus, it is important to know the location of every component of your dryer so that you can immediately take action to repair it.

The Roper dryer contains a heating element responsible for producing heat and usually includes a long coil. When you open the case at the back of your Roper dryer, its heating element is located on the lower right side, near the thermostat.

The heating element of a Roper dryer is covered with a case. Thus,  you need to unfasten the screws first to get to the heating element.

How To Replace The Heating Element On Your Roper Dryer

If your heating element is not in good condition, you must replace it immediately since it is responsible for producing heat. Remember that the heat and airflow must come together to do the drying.

Without the other one, you cannot do your task.

Follow these steps to replace the heating element:

1. Wear Protective Gear

Work safety. Construction site protective equipment on wooden background, flat lay, copy space, top view.

It is essential to wear protective gear when doing a task to keep yourself safe from hazards and injuries, especially if it involves mechanical or electrical work. Necessary protective gear includes goggles and gloves.

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2. Shut The Power Off

Repairing appliances such as your Roper dryer is dangerous. Ensure that you turn off the power and remove the plug from your Roper dryer before touching anything in its circuitry.

This method avoids electric shocks, especially when your circuit is on.

3. Take The Case Off

The case at the back of your Roper dryer involves plenty of screws you need to remove.

Use a quarter-inch socket wrench to remove the screws. Place the screws on the side and make sure not to misplace them.

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4. Remove Connections From The Thermostat

After you remove the case at the back of your Roper dryer, you will see plenty of parts, such as the thermal cut-off, fuse, thermostat, and heating element.

These components are placed well inside and are spacious, so you do not have to worry about the location. There is a large steel case on the right side where the heating element is placed.

There is a thermostat attached to the left side of the case that you need to work on.

Remove the connections first, so it will be easier for you to remove the screws later. Make sure to mark the connections to avoid attaching them to different pins.

You can place masking tape on the wire and mark it for its configuration.

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5. Unfasten The Screws

The case on the right side is divided into two parts. The lower part of the case is the one that houses your heating element. There is a screw on each side of the case. Remove them one by one using a socket wrench.

6. Remove The Heating Element

Slide the case downward to remove the heating element.

7. Attach The New Heating Element

You can now install your new heating element after removing the damaged or old one. Place your new heating element properly, aligning the upper case. Slide it upwards so that it tightens.

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8. Screw The Case

Fasten the heating element using the screws that were earlier detached so that it will not come off.

9. Attach Connections In The Thermostat

You may now attach the connections back to your thermostat once again. Connecting it to its pin will be easier since you marked it before removing it.

10. Attach The Main Case

Attach the leading case of your Roper dryer. Make sure to fasten all the screws.

11. Test Your Dryer

Attach the plug to its socket and turn on your Roper dryer to see if it works.

Here's a video explaining these steps from YouTube.

What Causes A Roper Dryer Not To Heat Up?

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Your Roper dryer must be in good condition with proper circulation. If you encounter a problem where your Roper dryer will not heat up, these may  be the reasons for it:

1. Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse in a Roper dryer prevents overheating that may result in a fire in your home. The thermal fuse usually breaks if there is overheating in your circuit.

You need to change the fuse immediately if it is not working anymore. Select the required amperage of the fuse for your circuit.

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2. Heating Element

If the heating element of your Roper dryer malfunctions, it cannot produce heat anymore since that is where your air is being heated.

The main reason for a heating element to malfunction is if its coil breaks. If your fuse pops,  the circuit will not be complete, and there will be no power running through your circuit.

3. Thermostat

When your Roper dryer fails to produce heat, check the thermostat. It is advisable to replace it also when you replace your heating element since their wirings are connected.

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4. Dryer Lint

Your Roper dryer may not produce heat if there is not enough air circulating or something that prevents the air from circulating. Dust may accumulate on your dryer lint and create a clog.

What Should You Do When Your Roper Dryer Won't Heat?

A man takes a lint filter out of the dryer and cleans it from dust, lint, hair, wool. tumble dryer

Ensure you check your Roper dryer immediately after malfunctions, primarily if it produces no heat. Before testing, you need to set up your multimeter to check the connections of every part of your Roper dryer.

Inspect the heating element, thermostat, thermal cut-off, and thermal fuse on your Roper dryer. Set your multimeter to ohms since you are going to test its continuity.

Attach the red probe to the positive terminal of the component and the black probe to its negative side.

A functional component must have a low resistance, a connection, and a value displayed on your multimeter.

If the result does not change and displays "1" when attaching probes to the component, there is no connection, and the part is defective.

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You must change the defective ones right away. Regarding the issue with your dryer lint, clean the dust clogging the lint so that the air may run freely and produce heat.

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Check out this video from YouTube explaining what to do when your Roper dryer doesn't heat up.

To Finish It Up

soft your laundry by droping dryer sheets into your dryer or washing mashine by hand, so it will smell fresh.

You can easily find the heating element on your Roper dryer, as the dryer only contains minimal components. The heating element is usually held in a steel housing.

Remember that it is always helpful to know where each part is before testing or replacing it to save time looking for each piece.

Always make sure to attend to the needs and repairs of your equipment right away. Furthermore, feel free to contact experts or technicians about the equipment if you are unsure what to do.

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