Where To Put Sconces In The Living Room? [8 Wonderful Locations]

Sconces are often used as a decorative element to fill the empty spaces of our home's walls. In the living room, they can take your interior to the next level. But where? Don't worry! We've figured out where to put this type of lighting to make them an asset to your home.

Here are the places to put sconces in your living room:

  1. Above the focal point of your living room
  2. Over the sofa
  3. On small spaces
  4. In the corner
  5. In between paintings or mirrors
  6. In big spaces
  7. Over the fireplace
  8. Over the side table

We will talk about why you should put your sconces in these areas to show you how these light pieces illuminate a space. Also, we will discuss other things you should consider when putting them in place. There is a lot more to talk about, so, if you are settled in, let's start!

Lounge room mediterranean style. Low table in center made of dark wood with glass. Soft white sofas with pillows and white walls - Where To Put Sconces In The Living Room [8 Wonderful Locations]

Putting Sconces In The Living Room

Classic sconce with turned on bulb under lampshade hanging on wall with beige wallpaper.

Having sconces hanging in your living room serve two purposes—secondary lighting and an aesthetic piece. In the era where incorporated lighting is an important part of interior design, wall sconces are on the top of the list that should be installed. And we can see why.

They are very flexible. You can add sconces to any of your home's rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and such. In ancient settings, they were only placed in dining rooms and hallways aside from the setting where people gather for formal events. 

Note, this wall fixture also does not take up floor or table space like the floor lamp or a table lamp, since they are attached to the wall.

Also, they have an endless variety of designs that will match the theme of your room—from classic to modern pieces. There are also a lot of sizes and types to choose from based on the role they will play in the space.

Now, let us look at where we can put it in one place where people gather to socialize and spent time together—the living room. 

1. Above The Focal Point Of Your Living Room

If you have your furniture or decoration that you want to emphasize, putting a sconce above it will instantly serve as a spotlight. Giving it a direct light can catch people's eyes the moment they enter the room.

Especially when everything in the room is turned off, that area gives the strongest light, which can let you highlight your piece while serving as dim light.

Lounge room mediterranean style. Low table in center made of dark wood with glass. Soft white sofas with pillows and white walls.

If you are after a nature-themed interior, you can even put it above a pot to provide plants with warmth like the picture below.

iron wrought iron wall lamp of a round shape and a shade with a visor on the yellow facade of the building with wooden architectural elements exterior pilasters and cornice.

2. Over The Sofa

If you are placing your sconces over your sofa, make sure that they are above a person's head while sitting. This can serve as a reading lamp for guests while they browse a magazine, or to see their food while eating and watching a movie. 

Luxury Living Room At Night With Armchairs, Sofa, Lighting Equipments And Dining Table Background.

It can also set the mood in that area since people often gather around and sit to have a relaxing time. Look how cozy the sconces transformed the room. 

3. On Small Spaces

Sconces can give an illusion of making the area seem bigger. Putting it in a small space may give you a spacious effect so it doesn't feel suffocating.

You can decorate plain slim walls or they can serve as a pole for these light fixtures. This lets you not waste any space in your living room.

closeup of interior in classig style - wooden door, brass scones on wall

4. In The Corner

Hanging a sconce on the edge part of a wall gives a chance to make the dark corners alive too. They are typically placed above a chaise lounge where a person may have time alone while doing things, like knitting or drinking their cup of coffee. 

closeup of interior in classig style - brass scones on wall

This placement can also give a person a private corner where they can be the focal point of a room when sitting underneath it.

5. In Between Paintings Or Mirrors

Paintings are often the main character of a wall. A single frame can give a whole character to the room, and having sconces in between them can make it more dramatic and float out. 

White dressing table with decor, mirror and sconces on the wall. White soft chair.

Meanwhile, having the same pattern in between mirrors can make the spot look inviting. Yellow light is a very inviting color.

Aside from that, it evokes a feeling of happiness. This is why having it reflected on your skin while looking at yourself in the mirror can give you a positive outlook on your appearance. 

6. In Big Spaces

Some homeowners have difficulty filling a large space on the wall. Good thing you do not need a lot of stuff to resolve this issue. Putting a sconce or two will do the job. The light that flows out can scatter along the walls to make them look full and colored with light. 

Sitting Room Interior.

You can even make it as an alternative to other decorations. It can give a minimalist look and does not make your wall look cluttered and too distracting. 

7. Over The Fireplace

The fireplace is a popular element in a house. It is very important to have in a home to keep the space warm during winter.

Sometimes, its presence serves as a focal point for a room. Especially when it's painted in a different color than the wall. But you can make it extra special by installing sconces above it to make it a focal point. 

Two stone pillars with contemporary light fixtures mark the entrance to the formal living room of a new home.

You can get more ideas on how to decorate your fireplace here: How To Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace In The Middle

8. Over The Side Table

Instead of making a room for a table lamp's base, stick a sconce above it instead. This can free up space for more things on your side table. And it's another way to make it look area neat.

Bright bedroom with a horizontal poster above the headboard, sconces and bedside tables with decor on the sides of the bed by the window with curtains, and a wardrobe in the background.

How High Should You Place Sconces?

When placing it on walls, the height where it should hang depends on the size and style, and the height of your ceiling. Moreover, the bulb of the sconce should not be visible to people's eyes.

This prevents glare and can provide the best lighting experience under its scope of light. To do this, the top side of the sconce should be at eye level. 

As a rule, the middle part of the fixture should be 60 to 72 inches from the ground. But this may vary depending on where you will put it. Here are other heights and areas you might need to know:

  • Desks: 30-36 inches above the desk
  • Mirror: aligned or centered with the mirror

How Much Space Should Be Between Art And Sconces?

If you are planning to install more than one sconce in an area, place them at least 6 inches apart. However, if the space is wider, you can give it an 8 to 10 inch gap in between. Again, the amount of space will vary based on the size of your sconces. 

Do You Need An Electrician To Install Wall Sconces?

For sconces that require hard wiring, you will need to hire a licensed electrician to do the job since its electrical cables will need to be connected to the house wiring.

It requires a high level of skills to make sure that it is properly and safely connected to the power source.

But if you have the type of sconces with the plug-in, you can do it by yourself. Here is how:

How To Install Plug-in Sconce

Follow these simple and easy steps:

  • Step 1: Decide on the location where you will put the sconce.
  • Step 2: Measure the spot where you will hang it. Mark the area using a pencil.
  • Step 3: Unscrew the mounting bracket from the sconce. 
  • Step 4: Place the bracket to the spot you marked earlier. 
  • Step 5: Using the bracket holes, mark the points where you will drill.
  • Step 6: Drill holes that are a few smaller than the drywall anchor. 
  • Step 7: Using a hammer or the back of a screwdriver, push the drywall anchor in the hole. 
  • Step 8: Get the mounting bracket and align it back to the anchor walls. 
  • Step 9: Screw them together. 
  • Step 10: Get the canopy and screw it onto the mounting bracket using a screwdriver. Do not over-tighten it to avoid damaging the canopy.

Planning to have sconces in your bathroom? Learn more here: Where To Place Bathroom Vanity Light Sconces?

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Wall Sconce?

You will need to pay an estimated price of $300 to $400 to make an electrician hard-wire the sconces. If the worker needs to cut open drywall, repair, and paint, you will need to pay an additional $250 to $500. 


You can place sconces above, in between, or aligned with your living room's furniture. Just make sure that it will be at least eye-level to prevent glare and that it has at least 6 inches gap in between.

Also, electricians should install hard-wired sconces. Do not attempt to do it.

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