Where To Buy A Screen Door [Top 20 Offline And Online Stores]

When it's not quite warm enough for the air conditioner, it's a great feeling to have the windows and doors open, letting the breeze gently blow through your home. Having screen doors keeps out pests while circulating air to cool down inside temperatures. If you've ever had to replace a screen door, you're already aware of some of the challenges. Finding the correct size takes a little bit of effort, and choosing a style and color that you and your family can all agree upon can be time-consuming.

Of course, once the particular door is selected, then you must determine how you'll get it to your home and installed. Does this seller ship doors, or are you on your own for pick-up? If you cannot install it yourself, does the seller offer installation, or will you have to roll the dice and pick a contractor from an online directory?

If you're buying a screen door for the first time, this post will serve as a helpful guide in choosing the right place for you to purchase your door. We've researched numerous companies that sell screen doors and have 20 of the top-rated online businesses listed in this post. Read on to see what each of them has to offer.

Pre-fabricated screens for a screen door, Where To Buy A Screen Door [Top 20 Offline And Online Stores]

1. Amazon

Screenshot of Amazon screen door category

This company has come a long way from its roots as an online bookseller in 1994. Over the last 25 years, founder Jeff Bezos has expanded this online mega-platform to include just about everything you can imagine. So it's no surprise that this online company has a giant variety of screen doors and screen door accessories available for purchase.  

Click here to see Amazon's screen door options.

2. Home Depot

Screenshot of Home Depot screen door category

Since 1978, Home Depot has grown to over 2,200 hardware stores. This chain has seen its offerings expand to home appliances, commercial lumber, and home furnishings and decor. Home Depot offers a wide variety of screen doors that can be purchased and picked up from the store directly or obtained online from their website and shipped quickly to your home.

Most orders over a certain amount will ship for free. And while Home Depot will not install the door themselves, they have made arrangements with independent contractors who are vetted by the company. If you choose, they will install your door for an additional fee.

Click here to see Home Depot's screen door options. 

3. Lowe's

Screenshot of Lowe's screen door category

Retail hardware giant Lowe's is one of the preferred sources for contractors throughout the midwest due to their competitive prices and quality products. Doors of every variety are available at Lowe's, and they have a great selection of screen doors for your home. You can purchase the screen door online and have it delivered, or buy it directly from your nearest Lowe's store, where you can take it with you or arrange for future delivery.

As is the case with Home Depot, Lowe's does not have employees available for installation. They outsource this work to verified and vetted local contractors, who will install your door for a fee.

Click here to see Lowe's screen door options.

4. Menards

Screenshot of Menards screen door category

A smaller home improvement chain than Lowe's or Home Depot, Menards still boasts over three hundred locations, mostly in the midwest and upper midwest. They offer screen doors for sale and delivery on their website, but you can always purchase your screen door from them at one of their locations. Menards offers delivery seven days a week but does not do installations.

Click here to see Menards screen door options.

5. Wal-Mart

Screenshot of Walmart screen door category

Retail giant Wal-Mart has grown to nearly five thousand US locations and has launched an aggressive online presence to compete with rival Amazon. While the hardware and home improvement departments at this retailer are much smaller than you would find in a typical hardware chain, Wal-Mart does have some screen door options available online and in their physical store locations. As of this writing, they do not offer any installation services.

Click here to see Wal-Mart's screen door options. 

6. Wayfair

Screenshot of Wayfair screendoors category

Since 2002, this digital platform has grown to offer more than 14 million items from over 11,000 global companies. While you're able to get the screen door of your choice from Wayfair, there are no installation services offered. The competitive pricing and large selection might make it worth your time to take a look, however.

Click here to see Wayfair's screen door options.

7. Screen Tight

Screenshot of Screen Tight screen door category

Screen Tight began in 1990 when founder, Guerry Green, filed for his first screen door patent. Since then, Screen Tight has been wholesaling to retailers across the US and direct selling to consumers from their website.

Click here to see Screen Tight's screen door options.

8. DK Hardware

Screenshot of DK Hardware screen door category

This South Florida based company focuses solely on hardware and accessories and is one of the more competitive online-only hardware retailers. They host a wide variety of screen doors and screen door kits and ship to all 48 continental US states. They offer no installation professionals to assist you.

Click here to see DK Hardware's screen door options.

9. Sutherlands

Screenshot of Sutherlands screen door category

This Kansas City, MO hardware chain serves 13 states with 49 stores. While most of their business is conducted in their brick and mortar locations, they boast a healthy regional online presence. Take a look at Sutherlands' quality selection of screen doors from the comfort of your home by visiting their website. 

Click here to see Sutherlands' screen door options.

10. Phantom Screens

Screenshot of Phantom Screens homepage

If you're looking for a retractable screen door, this type is what Phantom Screens specializes in. This online only company sells to consumers directly and offers a good variety of these screen door styles. While they will ship their products, they only offer phone support for installation.

Click here to see Phantom Screen's retractable screen door options.

11. Montana Screendoors.com

Screenshot of Montana Screen Doors.com doors category

For builders and do it yourself types, this company will custom make screen doors for the home. They have multiple styles to choose from and are all handmade. You send in your measurements, and their craftsmen will produce the door of your liking. They offer no installation services.

Click here to see Montana Screendoors.com screen door options.

12. Ace Hardware

Screenshot of Ace Hardware screen door category

With over 5,000 independently owned Ace Hardware stores in the US, this franchise can be found in almost every corner of the country. Smaller in size than megastores like Lowe's or Home Depot, Ace stores focus on strong customer service and quality products. They will deliver from their physical locations and also provide handyman services for a nominal fee.

Click here to see Ace screen door options.

13. Overstock.com

Screenshot of Overstock.com screen door category

This online company is known for getting great deals on deadstock and retail white elephants and has its own lines of thousands of products manufactured solely for the retailer. This company has a variety of screen door options available but offers no installation services.

Click here to see Overstock.com screen door options.

14. McCoy Building Supply

Screenshot of McCoy Building Supply screen door category

McCoy Building Supply currently operates nearly 90 retail locations, located mostly in the south and southwest. They give you the option of purchasing their screen doors from their physical locations, or you can order online and have them shipped directly to your home. McCoy's will also help you find a licensed and professional contractor to complete almost any job around your home.

Click here to see McCoy Building Supply screen door options.

15. Mead Lumber

Screenshot of Mead Lumber exterior door category

For over 110 years, this employee-owned company has offered great quality hardware and lumber to builders and retail consumers. They have grown to almost 50 store locations, mostly in the plains states. They sell excellent quality screen doors and have installation options available.

Click here to see Mead Lumber screen door options.

16. True Value

Screenshot of True Value screen door category

This chain of independent retailers has over 4,500 locations in the US. Like Ace Hardware, they focus on quality products and top-notch customer service. While their screen door options won't be as broad as some of the mega stores in the industry, you're sure to find some models that you like by shopping here. This retailer offers its products online and will ship to the stores directly.

Click here to see True Value screen door options.

17. Do It Best

Screenshot of Do It Best screen door category

Another chain of independent retail hardware stores, Do It Best, has been in business for decades. These stores offer a wide variety of hardware and home improvement essentials and strive to be customer service based. They have a good number of different screen door options from dozens of manufacturers that you can view and order online. 

Click here to see Do It Best screen door options.

18. Home Hardware Center

Screenshot of Home Hardware Center screen/storm door category

This Mississippi based hardware company has retail locations all over the southern US. Home Hardware Center will deliver within a 10-mile radius of the store you purchased your product, for free, so long as a $300 minimum order is reached. A smaller company, they focus on providing great customer service, project financing, and quality building supplies.

Click here to see Home Hardware Center screen door options. 

19. United Hardware (Hardware Hank)

Screenshot of United Hardware (Hardware Hank) screen door category

Mostly operating under the brand name, Hardware Hank, this company supplies over 1,000 retailers with hardware and building supplies. You can make an online wish list of your desired purchases, then be directed to the nearest location they service. The product will be shipped there. 

Click here to see United Hardware screen door options.

20. Metro Screenworks

Screenshot of Metro Screenworks sliding screen doors category

This online company will custom specializes in exterior doors for your home. Ordering a screen door is easy through their website, and they'll walk you through how to take proper measurements so you know you're getting the exact size for your doorway.

Click here to see Metro Screenworks screen door options.

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