Where To Buy a Bathroom Vanity [Top 30 Online Stores]

Shopping online provides many benefits to your shopping experience that going to the store just can't match, and purchasing a bathroom vanity online is no exception to this rule. Expanded options, customization, and customer reviews from people who have already purchased the product are all great reasons why you should look into buying online.

Online shopping can prove to be a challenge to find the right stores, and figuring out the benefits of ordering from certain sites as opposed to others can be one of the big things that chase people away.

We have solved this for you by tracking down thirty of the best websites from which to purchase a bathroom vanity.

Wide mirror with two lavatories on properly aligned vanity cabinets below, Where To Buy a Bathroom Vanity [Top 30 Online Stores]

1. Amazon.com

Amazon.com website product page

Amazon is one of the most popular online stores, offering a wide variety of products at a plethora of different price points, making it perfect for anyone shopping on a budget. You can filter your search results by price, average customer rating, brand, and in this case, the number of sinks, or type of finish.

Click here to view their inventory.

2. eBay

eBay website product page

eBay is one of the internet's biggest sale websites. Think of it as something like an online yard sale. There are new items, used products, and many unique options that you may not be able to find shopping on a regular e-commerce store.

Click here to view their inventory.

3. Etsy

Etsy website product page

Etsy is best known for being a website full of quality, handcrafted products made by independent owners. Etsy, as a host site, is a place where people can sell the products that they make, items ranging from jewelry to bathroom vanities. If you're looking to support small businesses, Esty is the place for you!

Click here to view their inventory.

4. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn website product page

Though it may surprise you, Pottery Barn doesn't just carry pottery. If you're looking for quality products that will last and are worth every penny that you paid for them, Pottery Barn has what you're looking for. Frequently boasting discounts, the products may be on the more expensive side, but you'll be able to find good deals.

Click here to view their inventory.

5. Home Depot

Home Depot website product page

Home Depot has nearly anything you could look for in a home, whether that be dirt and flowers for the landscaping or a washer and dryer to clean your clothes. They have a great selection, and you can either have your choice delivered to the store for pickup or to your home.

Click here to view their inventory.

6. Lowes

Lowes website product page

Lowes is a store similar in product to Home Depot, but with fewer raw materials. They offer a wide variety of different products, and when it comes to vanities, you won't be disappointed by the selection. You can sort your search results by measurement, making it easy to find something that perfectly fits your bathroom.

Click here to view their inventory.

7. West Elm

West Elm website product page

West Elm products are beautiful without compromising on function. They run a banner on the top of the webpage whenever sales or discounts are going on, making it easy for you to save money on the products you're looking for. Not sure about what you want? You can "favorite" the products you like and save them for later while you think about it.

Click here to view their inventory.

8. Ikea

Ikea website product page

A classic stop when it comes to all things design related, Ikea has an enormous selection online, perfect for browsing and ordering remotely. The website is easy to browse, the products are easy to sort through, and the site has a whole section entirely devoted to giving you good deals.

Click here to view their inventory.

9. Decor Brothers

Decor Brothers website product page

Decor Brothers are one of your more high-end options, providing elegant, tasteful, and themed items that can be a center of attention in your bathroom. The banner across the top of the website shows off their deals and other incentives, like free nationwide delivery on orders over $45, tax-free shopping, and several additional bonuses.

Click here to view their inventory.

10. Houzz

Houzz website product page

Houzz is a beautiful website that couldn't be easier to navigate. Not only does the store provide products for your home, but they also have many different professionals listed. If you need a carpenter or any other kind of contractor to help you, check them out.

Click here to view their inventory.

11. Overstock

Overstock website product page

Overstock is exactly what it sounds like, a website full of many different overstocked items. They are almost guaranteed to have whatever you're looking for, and that includes bathroom vanities! They have an extensive stock of a wide variety of products, so make sure you check them out.

Click here to view their inventory.

12. Room & Board

Room & Board website product page

Room & Board has a wide variety of products that make it perfect when you're trying to find a specific decor style or time period. They even offer to finance for their more expensive options. For certain installations and accessories, they offer customization options.

Click here to view their inventory.

13. Build.com

Build.com website product page

Build.com is a quality business that offers many products and fantastic customer service. Featuring prominently displayed contact options, including a person to person chat, you don't have to worry about insufficient service. Frequently featuring sales and good deals, everything is sorted into convenient categories, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

Click here to view their inventory.

14. Perigold

Perigold website product page

One sink vanities or two sink vanities, Perigold has it all. They have classic farm-style options, sleeker, more modern styles, and many different materials to choose from. You can favorite items, create lists, and search with photos to find and save exactly what you're looking for from this world of elegant design. To learn more about bathroom vanities, click here!

Click here to view their inventory.

15. Kitchen and Bath Authority

Kitchen and Bath Authority website product page

Boasting many thousands of different kinds of products, Kitchen and Bath Authority not only has high numbers of products but decent numbers when it comes to prices. A banner at the top of the site makes their current sales and discounts very clear, helping you keep money in your pocket.

Click here to view their inventory.

16. Hayneedle

Hayneedle website product page

Hayneedle started out selling hammocks, and they have moved their way up. They not only sell their products, but they also distribute to many popular chain stores as well. With great price rates and boasting top-notch customer service, Hayneedle is a shopping resource you should give your attention to.

Click here to view their inventory.

17. Lone Star Western Decor

Lone Star Western Decor website product page

If you're looking for something classic, warm, and homey, you can't go wrong with Lone Star Western Decor. Their elegant designs are most certainly on the higher end of your price point, so you're going to want a big budget for these beautiful bathroom vanities.

Click here to view their inventory.

18. The Bath Outlet

The Bath Outlet website product page

The Bath Outlet has a vast variety of different sink sizes and styles, which makes it easy to find something that doesn't look like your average bathroom vanity. Are you not sure what size your vanity is supposed to be? Click here to find out! 

Click here to view their inventory.

19. Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware website product page

Signature Hardware is the place to shop if you're looking for a bathroom vanity with lots of storage space. They have open storage plans and closed storage plans, giving you several options and many designs to work with.

Click here to view their inventory.

20. Birch Lane

Birch Lane website product page

Using tradition to bring inspiration, Birch Lane specializes in finding for you the perfect piece of furniture to suit your home. From outdoor furniture to bathroom vanities, they've got it all!

Click here to view their inventory.

21. Joss and Main

Joss and Main website product page

Joss and Main's eCommerce store is reminiscent of a gorgeous family-owned shop where the owners give genuine thought to their customers and their search for the perfect product. With a focus on more robust, geometric bathroom vanities, this is an excellent place to shop if you're looking for quality and care.

Click here to view their inventory.

22. Sears

Sears website product page

When it comes to your home and filling it with what you need, there's a good chance that Sears has what you're looking for! When it comes to bathroom vanities, they offer many different models in different colors, making it easy to fit your color scheme and your decor style.

Click here to view their inventory.

23. Kirkland's

Kirkland's website product page

With a focus on making your home happy through its beauty, they have a wide variety of products to help you accomplish that. While their products are quality, their assortment of vanities is much smaller than many of the options on this list.

Click here to view their inventory.

24. Vanities Depot

Vanities Depot website product page

Offering a staggering assortment of bathroom vanities alone, you will be hard-pressed to find many websites that offer the sheer variety of style and design that Vanity Depot has. Prominently displayed at the top of the website are their current deals and discounts,

Click here to view their inventory.

25. Anthropologie

Anthropologie website product page

A popular choice for many different types of home decor, Anthropology also sells bathroom vanities! Their website features beautiful, large pictures that make it easy to see the small details on their products without having to go to a different web page.

Click here to view their inventory.

26. Walmart

Walmart website product page

Walmart is one of the most common, popular stores to shop at when it comes to many different home and lifestyle needs. Generally offering lower price points than many other stores, their online store has many different options, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

Click here to view their inventory.

27. Target

Target website product page

Target is well known for having a wide variety of products, and that list includes bathroom vanities! Their website is easy to navigate, with many different result sorting options, and easy to understand shipping. Depending on the product, they may offer same-day shipping, so keep your eyes open!

Click here to view their inventory.

28. Wayfair

Wayfair website product page

Free shipping on orders over just $35? It must be Wayfair! Wayfair boasts an enormous selection when it comes to home decor. Storage, pets, lighting, and general furniture are just four of the many categories they offer when it comes to their products.

Click here to view their inventory.

29. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware website product page

Restoration Hardware is your one-stop-shopping location for all your elegant, modern, one of a kind pieces for your bathroom. They have one sink and two sink options, with lots of elemental representation in stone and wood. With a well-displayed sale section, it will be easy to save money on what you're looking for!

Click here to view their inventory. 

30. All Modern

All Modern website product page

All Modern comes equipped with many different incentives that should place it near the top of your list when you find yourself in the market for a bathroom vanity. You get free shipping with the furniture, occasional discounts displayed in banners across the top of the site, and the ability to search with pictures.

Click here to view their inventory.

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