Where to Buy Lamps Online? [Top 35 Stores]

A lamp is a pretty big part of a room's decor. It adds style and functionality all in one package. But where should you go to buy a lamp? Trust me when I say you want to do it online.

Where to Buy Lamps Online? [Top 35 stores]

Picture this: You leave early in the morning and drive to a local home decor store. You check out their lamp selection, but nothing really stands out to you. So you hit up another store, then another, then another. Before you know it you've been out all day and either you've bought something out of frustration that's not really what you wanted or you didn't buy at all. And your room is still dark.

Going online to shop for a lamp is going to allow you to search a ton of stores and their inventory without ever having to leave your house. You can easily compare styles and prices as well as potentially find discounts and sales quickly and efficiently.

Cool! But where should you go to find those lamps? Don't worry, we've got a whole list right here. Keep reading to find the top places to shop for lamps.

1. Amazon

Amazon website product page for Lamps

Amazon is the top dog of online shopping, and it's a well-deserved title. You can find nearly anything you want from this site with a simple search from dog food to toothpicks to that new digital camera you've been drooling over. And lamps? Yeah, they got lamps.

Run a quick search for what kind of lamp you want and you're going to have a ton of results pop up in seconds. A great review system is going to tell you what other people thought of the lamp, and multiple vendors are going to keep your prices lower than if you walked in a store. And if you buy a lamp that you end up hating? No sweat. Amazon takes care of their customers. They'll help you return it.

Click here to see Lamps on Amazon.

2. Wayfair

Wayfair website product page for Lamps

Wayfair is a monster home decor site that has everything you can imagine needing for your home, and even some things you haven't. This site carries high-quality products for great prices, and if you spend over $49 you get free shipping.

As far as lamps go, you can find salt lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, kids lamps, desk lamps, or any other kind of lamp you can think of. They've got a ton of gorgeous styles, so you're sure to find plenty of options no matter what your design theme is.

Click here for lamps on Wayfair. 

3. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby website product page for Lamps

If you haven't heard of the home decor giant, Hobby Lobby, then you need to go check them out. Not only a carrier of crafting supplies, they have a huge selection of seasonal items, throw pillows, furniture, wall art, and, of course, lamps.

Hobby Lobby keeps their prices at pretty reasonable levels even without sales, but if you're watching your budget they run sales on every department regularly. If they aren't having a sale and you can't wait, check the top of the page for a 40% off coupon for any one item.

Click here to find lamps at Hobby Lobby. 

4. Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus website product page for Lamps

While one-stop shops are big time savers, sometimes you just want a store devoted to one thing. Lamps Plus is pretty close to this. They have a few non-lamp products but for the most part, all their focus is lamps.

Their site is super easy to navigate and neatly designed. Another cool feature though is that when you choose your lamp type they have a shortcut menu to the left for different styles. Can't find what you want? They also have a design-your-own option so you can make a lamp fully customized to your tastes.

Click here for lamps at Lamps Plus.

5. Home Depot

Home Depot website product page for Lamps

The home improvement superstore isn't just for plywood and nails! Home Depot has a great selection of home decor items and furniture. And if you're looking for lamps, this is definitely worth a look. They have whopping 5,000+ lamps in stock.

You can find any type of lamp you may want, and once you've chosen that you'll be able to further filter your results by style. Input your location and chose a store and they can even tell you if your favorite look is in stock close by.

Click here for lamps at Home Depot. 

6. Lowes.com

Lowes website product page for Lamps

Lowes is another home improvement store that carries home decor and furniture. They have an easily navigated site that displays their products well. With over 72 pages of lamps to look through, you'll likely want to filter it down some. A menu is to the left of their page to make it easier to do so.

This site can also tell you what your local store has in stock, and Lowes offers free shipping on many items. If you're looking for a lamp, this is a good spot to start.

Click for lamps from Lowes.

7. Overstock

Overstock website product page for Lamps

Overstock is a huge home decor site with tons of high-quality products for great prices. A great review system keeps you informed on how well-liked each product is to help you make your choice. And once you've made that choice, if it's over $45 you're likely to score free shipping with it.

I wasn't kidding when I said Overstock was a huge site, either. They have over 80 pages full of lamps for you to look through. Thankfully, the filtering menu is really easy to navigate so you can cut that down to a much more manageable amount.

Click here for lamps on Overstock.

8. Etsy

Etsy website product page for Lamps

Etsy is a great site for finding interesting items that you likely won't see anywhere else.  Handmade is the name of the game with these products, so they aren't mass-produced. Perfect if you like having unique looks in your home!

As far as their lamp selection, how does a total 90,000+ sound? There's plenty of options for you to look through and find the perfect lamp for your room design! Don't let that number scare you, though. They have an awesome system for filtering through them, including allowing you to choose which room you're planning on using the lamp for.

Click here for lamps from Etsy.

9. Walmart

Walmart website product page for Lamps

Walmart is a great one-stop-shop for nearly anything you need, including lamps. Table lamps alone have 1000+ options, which is a pretty awesome selection. You can easily filter through type, style, room, and extra features with the menu to the side to make sure you're looking at exactly what you want.

Walmart also has a nifty service where they can ship to the closest store within two days for most products. This can save you a good amount on shipping and you can have that lamp in your living room by the weekend.

Click here for lamps from Walmart. 

10. Kirkland's

Kirklands website product page for Lamps

High-quality home decor is Kirkland's number one goal, and they meet it pretty well. They carry beautiful and well-made pieces for every area of your home and for fairly reasonable prices. Coupons are commonly available if you're worried about your budget, and you also have the option to ship to home or to the store to save some extra money.

Kirkland's carries lamps in every style and type, so no matter what you're looking for this site is worth a stop. With over 600 looks to choose from you're sure to find something to consider for your room.

Click here to shop lamps at Kirkland's. 

11. Target

Target website product page for Lamps

With over 2,000 lamps to choose from, Target is pretty likely to have something in their selection that will tickle your fancy. Great prices are something else you'll like, as Target keeps high-quality stock without resorting to making the numbers on the tag high as well.

Feel free to set your search parameters with their super easy filter and find that perfect lamp quickly. You can search by brand, style, type, colors, and even deals to find exactly what you're looking for. Target also offers same-day delivery for certain locations, so if you're in one of those areas and need something today consider this site for your lamp.

Click here to shop lamps at Target.

12. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn website product page for Lamps

Pottery Barn is a bit more expensive than what we've been discussing, but the quality of these lamps are well worth it. They have many different types, styles, colors, shapes, and sizes available. You can buy sets or opt to purchase bases and shades separately to make your own look.

Pottery Barn has a great reputation as being a solid leader in home decor, so you know what you're purchasing is going to be a good product. Not only that, but you know part of the purchasing price is going to good causes as Pottery Barn supports craftsmen as well as various charities and environmental groups.

Click here to find lamps from Pottery Barn. 

13. JCPenney

JCPenney website product page for Lamps

JCPenney's is known mostly for their clothing products, but they have an awesome selection of home items as well. This site has reasonable prices for beautiful home decor that's good quality and will last for years. And no matter where you live, they'll ship any order over $99 for free.

Which is good, because you're going to want to pick out more than one lamp from them. They have a wide selection of lamps to chose from and a good rating system to see what other customers have thought of them. Narrow down their 2000+ lamps to find exactly what you're looking for and then check to see if they offer same-day pickup on that item. If so, you could have a new lamp by tonight.

Click here for lamps at JCPenney.

14. Belk

Belk website product page for Lamps

Much like JCPenney, you don't immediately think home decor when you think of Belk. As you can see, that's a mistake you don't want to make. Belk has a large selection of home decor items including almost 700 lamps to choose from. All of Belk's products are great quality and reasonably priced, making this a definite must on the list to the perfect lamp.

Belk carries all types and styles of lamps and makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for with their easy-to-use filter. Some items are available for free same-day pickup at your local store or, if your order totals $99 or more, standard shipping is free.

Click here for lamps from Belk. 

15. Macy's

Macy's website product page for Lamps

Macy's has a great selection of lamps and other home decor items, though their ads focus mainly on their clothing and accessories. Great design, quality, and prices make this site a winner when it comes to quick and efficient shopping.

Their selection can be a bit overwhelming as they currently have over 13,000 lamps to choose from, but don't worry. You can easily filter the list down to only what you want. Give Macy's a look when you're lamp shopping. You'll be glad you did.

Click here for lamps at Macy's. 

16. World Market

World Market website product page for Lamps

If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path, check out World Market. They've got a ton of home decor that has unique details not typically seen on items in other stores. Great quality and prices go hand-in-hand with the beauty of each product.

World Market has many types of lamps and a wide variety of styles in stock. While the selection isn't as varied as some other shops, they still have plenty to chose from.

Click here for lamps from World Market. 

17. Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed, Bath, & Beyond website product page for Lamps

Bed Bath and Beyond is one of the go-to stores for all your home goods needs. They have a large variety of products available for the kitchen, bathroom, and everything in between. The quality of the lamps from this site is really good, and the prices aren't too bad either.

You can easily find lamps for any type or style. They're available either as single lamps or as lamp sets with either two table lamps, two floor lamps, or two table lamps and a floor lamp in each grouping. And it's not only the traditional lamps that they carry. They carry novelty lamps as well.

Click here for lamps from Bed Bath and Beyond.

18. Hayneedle

Hayneedle website product page for Lamps

Hayneedle got its start as a hammock dealer online almost 20 years ago, and today they're one of the biggest home decor and furniture suppliers online. They partnered first with Jet and then Walmart to ensure they could bring their customers great quality products for low prices.

And from where we're standing, it worked. Hayneedle has thousands of products available, including over 10,000 lamps. Their site makes it easy to shop in different categories, check out sale and clearance items, and filter through their offerings efficiently. And if you do decide to order, they offer free shipping for orders totaling over $79.

Click here for lamps on Hayneedle. 

19. Joss and Main

Joss and Main website product page for Lamps

Whether you're looking for a desk lamp, a table lamp, or a floor lamp, you'll find it here. Joss and Main is an off-shoot of Wayfair, so they carry similar quality products for a similar price point. They carry many different home decor and home improvement items that are available in every major design theme.

Joss and Main has a great selection of lamps to choose from as well as lampshades should you not like what your lamp base comes with. Select items have free shipping, so keep an eye out for that marking on the lamps that catch your attention.

Click here for lamps from Joss and Main.

20. Lamps.com

Lamps website product page for Lamps

This site is appropriately named for this list. Lamps.com carries nearly 7000 lamps on their little slice of the web. With gorgeous styles, great quality, and reasonable prices, you should definitely give these guys a look.

Lamps.com strives for excellence and preach proactive rather than reactive, so they're going to do everything they can to ensure the product you receive is in perfect condition. They also offer a price match program, so if you find your lamp for a lower price on another site let them know within 30 days of purchasing and they'll match it per their Price Protection Program.

Click here to find lamps on Lamps.com.

21. Ikea

IKEA website product page for Lamps

If you try to buy from environmentally-conscious companies, check this one out. Ikea is a well-known home furnishings giant that got its start in Sweden back in the 1940s. They use renewable and recycled materials to create many of their products as well as cutting waste in their production process.

The lamps available from Ikea are going to tend more towards the minimal look as that's what Ikea is known for. You can still make these work with other design styles, though. A little creativity can go a long way with these quality, low-priced lamps.

Click here for lamps from Ikea.

22. Pier 1

Pier 1 website product page for Lamps

Handcrafted, beautiful, and unique are just some of the words used to describe Pier 1's selection of home goods. Here you'll find gorgeous and unique pieces that stand apart from other stores with interesting and unexpected details.

Pier 1 carries a wide variety of lamps with many styles to choose from. You can easily find something for any room with any design theme on this site.

Click here for lamps from Pier 1. 

23. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture website product page for Lamps

Ashley Furniture is a design company that's carried in many home furnishing stores. However, you can also purchase directly from Ashley Furniture through this site. They carry everything from entryway tables to outdoor furniture for the back patio.

Ashley Furniture carries a small selection of lamps, but don't let the low stock fool you. These lamps have fun and unique details that make them interesting pieces for your rooms. Look through the 200+ to see what's available, or filter down for a quick search. Either way, you're sure to find something you like.

Click here to find lamps at Ashley Furniture. 

24. Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia website product page for Lamps

Lulu and Georgia is a small company based out of California that has products that are on the cutting edge of design. They pride themselves in carrying exclusive styles found internationally by their buyers. The result is beautiful, clean looks that can work well in any design theme.

The lamps carried by Lulu and Georgia hold true to the standards set by the company. They've got a great selection of looks that aren't easily found elsewhere, and for great prices, too. Take a moment and look over the sleek and stylish designs on this site. You'll be thanking yourself for it later.

Click here for lamps from Lulu and Georgia.

25. Lumens

Lumens website product page for Lamps

Lumens is firmly set in modern and contemporary design styles. If you're looking for rustic or traditional, you may have a harder time using these lamps, but some of them could fit these styles as well. They have low prices, free shipping, and work with their customers to make sure they get a product they love, even if it means returning the item.

When looking through the lamps available from Lumens, check out the styles they carry. Mid-century modern, transitional, and even concrete lamps all carry a unique look you won't find anywhere else.

Click here to find lamps from Lumens. 

26. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack website product page for Lamps

High-quality products and reasonable prices are what you can expect from Nordstrom. They also carry a good mix of styles for you to choose from. They offer free shipping for orders over $100 and have a 45-day return policy just in case you aren't completely happy with your purchase.

While their selection is rather small compared to some of the other sites you've seen, they have plenty worth taking note of. Clean lines, simple designs, and high-quality materials make this site worth your time.

Click here for lamps from Nordstrom Rack. 

27. Bellacor

Bellacor website product page for Lamps

Bellacor is a company from the Midwestern US. They've grown drastically since they first opened their doors, but they still hold to that small-town customer service they've always provided. With over 500,000 products available, they give you the best of both worlds: great, personal customer service and an amazing variety of products to choose from.

At Bellacor you're going to find everything from rustic to traditional to modern to quirky and more. And don't let that large number overwhelm you. They've got a detailed filtering system to let you find exactly what you're looking for quickly and efficiently.

Click here to find lamps at Bellacor.

28. Arteriors

Arteriors website product page for Lamps

Working with designers and artisans from around the world has allowed Arteriors to bring a gorgeous collection of designer home decor. That also comes with a designer price, but if you can swing it, these lamps are well worth it.

You can find just about any style in the selection from Arteriors. Rustic, modern, and coastal are just a few styles mixed in with the inventory they carry. Each of these lamps is going to be a unique look not found anywhere else. So if you're going for something only you'll have, this is a good place to find it.

Click here for lamps from Arteriors. 

29. The Company Store

The Company Store website product page for Lamps

The Company Store carries a wide variety of home decor and furnishings. Each piece is designed in-home, so you won't find these pieces anywhere else. They pride themselves on great quality products and unique designs, and they do it well.

The lamps available from The Company Store may be small in number, but there are many different looks to choose from. You can find lamps in just about any color as well, meaning you can match a color scheme and design theme easily.

Click here for lamps from The Company Store. 

30. Oka

Oka website product page for Lamps

Oka started in England offering practical yet stylish furniture and decor. They keep that trend alive and well today with the wide variety of items they have available on their site. There's plenty to choose from at Oka.

The lamps they have available come in fun colors with clean lines and simple designs. You can find a lamp in just about any price range and style throughout their 90+ lamp collection. If nothing really speaks to you from their available stock, check out their lamp and shade matchmaker tool to create something perfect for you.

Click here for lamps from Oka. 

31. One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane website product page for Lamps

One Kings Lane carries vintage and designer furnishings for every style home. They provide personalized design assistance if you're struggling with making your dream room a reality, as well as a blog and social media accounts that offer advice for homeowners.

The lamps available at One Kings Lane have great prices given the unique look of each piece. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. With over 1000 products listed, finding something that catches your eye should be fairly easy.

Click here for lamps from One Kings Lane.

32. Garnet Hill Lamps

Garnett Hill Lamps website product page for Lamps

Garnet Hill carries unique products made with environmentally friendly materials. They strive to create beautiful designs with natural fibers and recycled materials to reduce waste. And they do a good job of it!

The contemporary look of these lamps is definitely its own style, but each lamp can easily fit into another design theme. The flexibility of these lamps and the eco-friendly materials make these a great choice for any home. You can find bases made from alabaster, concrete, ceramic, and wood on these lamps, making them great conversation pieces.

Click here for Garnet Hill Lamps. 

33. Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids website product page for Lamps

If you're looking for a lamp specifically for a child's room, Pottery Barn Kids has plenty of fun designs. You already know they carry good quality products for reasonable prices from the Pottery Barn lamps on this list. The high quality carries over to their children's line, as well.

You can find anything from a golden snitch to a mermaid base on these lamps, making them a super fun addition to any child's bedroom.

Click here for lamps from Pottery Barn Kids. 

34. Perigold

Perigold website product page for Lamps

Perigold is a luxury site carrying designer pieces for home decor and furnishings. Original designs are available in excess from this site that offers personal assistance and concierge service to their clients. The reputation for this company precedes it as it's products have been featured in multiple publications including the New York Times and Elle Decor.

The lamps on offer from Perigold definitely have unique looks you won't find elsewhere. While a bit on the pricy side, the original designs and the high quality you'll find with these items are well worth the money.

Click here for lamps from Perigold.

35. Williams Sonoma

Willliams Sonoma website product page for Lamps

Williams Sonoma is well known for the level of quality and service they provide their customers. They use only the best materials to ensure the pieces you take home will last for many years to come. Artisans from around the world design these products for a unique look that's only available from Williams Sonoma.

The lamps on this site are pricier but they're also gorgeous and the best quality possible, meaning they won't wear out quickly on you. The style of these lamps ranges from modern to rustic and everything in between while keeping to simple, clean designs.

Click here for lamps from Williams Sonoma.

The Best for You

You can find lamps all over the internet. However, some sites offer better styles, better quality materials, better prices, and better service than others. The 35 online stores above are great for finding a lamp that fits your home and design theme perfectly. The hard part? Deciding exactly which one you love most.

If you're thinking about what floor lamps are capable of? You might be interested in reading Decorating With Floor Lamps, shown here are guides on how to achieve your goal.

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