Where To Buy A Sectional [Top 20 Online Stores]

If you have a large family or need to fill out a room, sectionals are a great option. With many different styles and configurations, there are a lot of options for sectional sofas. However, buying a sectional poses many challenges, from cost to the sheer size of sectionals to trying to find one to fit your personal style.

Some sectionals come with matching recliners or additional living room seating, but if you already have furniture that you don't want to get rid of, another challenge can be finding sectionals that match your existing living room set. And then there's the cost. Sectionals aren't cheap, and because of this, they are often a long-term commitment because of the expense put forth to purchase one. 

Because sectionals are a piece of furniture that you want to last a long time, it's important to shop around so that you can find the best option that fits your house and budget. But with so many retailers out there, it can be hard to determine which ones have the highest quality furniture and the best prices, as well as the most styles and configurations to choose from. 

That's why we've rounded up 20 of the best places to purchase a sectional. These retailers have a reputation for having high-quality furniture in various styles and options, some of which you can customize yourself to find a sectional that will work in your home.

Modern luxurious living room with leather seats and a sectional sofa on the side of a living room, Where To Buy A Sectional (Top 20 Online Stores)

1. Amazon

With its wide selection and affordable prices, Amazon has a reputation for being a one-stop-shop for anything you could want or need, including sectionals. They have a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, as well as affordable and fast shipping, making them an excellent place to shop for a sectional.

Amazon sectional sofa website product page

Click here to see the selection of sectionals on Amazon.

2. Wayfair

Wayfair is a well-known furniture retailer with a large selection of sectionals. Some of their designs are modern, while others are more classic styles. Many of their sectionals come in at least 3 different colors, while some come in as many as 10 different colors. They have affordable shipping as well as financing options.

Wayfair sectional sofa website product page

Click here to view their collection.

3. Burrow

Located in New York City, Burrow offers a variety of contemporary sectionals in different fabric collections. You have the option to choose the fabric color and the leg finish. Due to the customization feature, orders may take 8-10 weeks to ship, but they offer free shipping on every order and don't charge additional freight or delivery fees.

Burrow sectional sofa website product page

Click here to see the options.

4. Interior Define

Interior Define has locations in major design cities across the U.S. Sectionals from Interior Define are 100% made-to-order to your specifications. You customize the fabric, legs, size, and configuration. The price depends on your customization. One unique feature is that you can request free fabric swatches to see how the fabric looks and feels before you buy.

Interior define sectional sofa website product page

Click here to get started customizing your sectional.

5. Poly & Bark

While they don't have as wide of a selection as some of the other retailers we've mentioned, Poly & Bark offers options for both left- and right-facing sectionals that will work for your needs. They offer sectionals made of leather, velvet, and fabric in mid-century modern styles and amazing prices.

Poly and Bark sectional sofa website product page 

Click here to see their selection.

6. Coleman Furniture

While sectionals from this retailer aren't customizable, they have a large selection of pre-fabricated sectionals to choose from. Use their "Sectional Builder" feature to choose the style, material, shape, and color scheme you're looking for, and they provide recommendations that fit your wants. They also provide free shipping nationwide and $25 off your purchase when you sign up for emails.

Coleman Furniture sectional sofa website product page

Check them out here. 

8. Farmer's Home Furniture 

A well-known furniture retailer, Farmer's Home Furniture also has an online store where you can shop for affordable sectionals, some for less than $2,000. Take their style quiz to find your personal furniture style, then check out their selection of sectionals to fit your style. They also offer financing so that you can enjoy your sectional now and pay later.

Farmer's Home Furniture sectional sofa website product page

Check out their website here.

9. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Home Furniture does not currently have the option to purchase online, but you can use their website to browse their selection and check prices and availability in your area. Pricing depends on the size of the sectional, but their 12-month financing program allows you to pay monthly instead of upfront.

Ashley sectional sofa website product page

Browse their selection here. 

10. Bassett Furniture

Bassett Furniture has been around since 1902, with 100 retail locations in the United States and Puerto Rico. They offer pre-made or customizable sectionals in various sizes and colors. They also offer 12-month financing and the option to chat with a design consultant so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Bassett Furniture sectional sofa website product page

Click here to check out the Bassett website.

11. Home Depot

When most people hear Home Depot, they think of tools and home improvement supplies, but Home Depot also sells sectionals on their website. Some are pricey, but they have many options that are under $1,000 and come with a matching storage ottoman. You can also sign up for emails and save 10% on your order. 

Home Depot sectional sofa website product page                                                                                                                         

Check out the Home Depot website to browse the selection.

12. La-Z-Boy                                          

Famous for their recliners, La-Z-Boy also sells sectionals. They offer them in stationary styles, reclining or sleeper sectionals, and some even have built-in USB ports so that you can charge your phone or other devices from the comfort of your couch. You also have the option to customize your sectional.                 

La-Z-Boy sectional sofa website product page            

See the available options on their website.

13. IKEA

IKEA offers furniture for people who want affordable, budget-friendly furniture, which means that you can purchase a sectional for less than $1500. They also sell individual pieces of sectionals, like the chaise or loveseat portion, so that you can create a sectional that will fit in your home or apartment.

IKEA sectional sofa website product page

Click here to view their website.

14. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a high-end retailer that is known for quality and style. They offer many different size sectionals that can be upholstered in any of over 30 different options. All of their sectionals are certified non-toxic. If you decide a sectional is too large or out of your price range, they also offer sofas in the same styles and fabrics.

Pottery Barn sectional sofa website product page

Visit the Pottery Barn Website by clicking here.

15. World Market 

World Market offers complete sectionals as well as modular pieces so that you can create your own sectional. Most of their sectionals are under $2000 and come in neutral tones so that they can match any existing living room furniture that you may already have. They have a small selection of outdoor sectionals as well.

World Market sectional sofa website product page

Click here to view the selection of sectionals.

16. Overstock 

Overstock is well-known for having everything at extremely affordable prices, sectionals included. They sell mid-century modern style sectionals, reclining sectionals, modular sectionals, and more. Filter by price to find exactly what you're looking for without having to scroll through pages of options. Most sectionals are under $2000 and offer free shipping.

Overstock sectional sofa website product page

Check out the Overstock website to see the selection.

17. Apt 2B

Apt 2B offers furniture designed to fit into smaller spaces, so if you want a sectional but don't have a lot of space, this company may be a good option for you. Most of their sectionals come in over 40 color options, so you can find a color that fits your personality and style. 

Apt 2B sectional sofa website product page

Click here to visit their website.

18. West Elm

West Elm provides modern furniture at affordable prices. They have different configurations of sectionals as part of larger fabric collections, so you can pick the fabric you like and the style of sectional that will work best for you. If fabric is not your style, they also have leather options.

West Elm sectional sofa website product page

Check out the different collections by clicking here.

19. AllModern

As the name suggests, AllModern also offers modern-style sectionals, most of which are average-sized and under $2000. If you have a big family or a lot of space, they have larger options for under $5000. Free shipping is offered on all sectionals as well. They also have an app so that you can shop from your phone.

AllModern sectional sofa website product page

View AllModern's collection of sectionals by clicking here.

19. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware has a furniture collection called The Cloud that claims to be the world's most comfortable sofa. There are 3 frame styles and depths, you can choose from and 20 stocked fabrics that ship within 7 days, or pick from over 160 special order fabrics that take up to 9 weeks for delivery. They will also send you free upholstery swatches via expedited delivery.

Restoration Hardware sectional sofa website product page

Check out The Cloud collection here. 

20. Williams Sonoma

While on the pricier side, Williams Sonoma is known for high-quality designer furniture. Their sectionals come in over 60 color options for upholstered, and 15 color options for leather. They also offer many sizes and configurations. You can also customize your cushions in either a standard or down blend. The price will depend on your customization preferences.

Williams Sonoma sectional sofa website product page

Click here to see the selection.

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