Where To Place A Chair In A Bedroom [6 Amazing Options]

The bedroom is a natural place to add an accent chair for additional seating and visual interest. But, are you curious about where to place a chair in the bedroom? We researched key arrangements for a chair for bedrooms of all sizes and styles. 

A chair is a versatile piece of accent furniture that serves both aesthetic and practical value in a bedroom. Check out the following placements for a chair in a bedroom.

  • Steps from the bed
  • Adjacent to the dresser
  • At the vanity
  • Corner window
  • At the desk
  • As a nightstand

Transform your bedroom and establish an additional focal point with a chair that complements your bedroom’s style. Create a lovelier bedroom and establish a reading nook, vanity space, or lounge area using a comfortable and attractive chair; read on to learn how!

A luxury bedroom interior with cozy bed, vanity, TV and carpet rug on floor, Where To Place A Chair In A Bedroom [6 Amazing Options]

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Make A Statement With A Chair In The Bedroom

A chair is a practical accent to add to a bedroom, whether you use it for reading, putting on your shoes, or want to add visual interest to your space. Scoop up a vintage chair with antique embellishments and use it as a side table or impromptu bookshelf. Choose a plush, sinkable accent chair to enjoy reading books by a sunny window or watching television. When you need a break from reclining or sitting on your bed, the right chair for your style and posture needs is a must-have for the bedroom.

Should You Have A Chair In Your Bedroom?

When you need a place to sit at your vanity, read the morning paper, or work at a desk, you need a chair in your bedroom. Yes, you could try to make things work with a stool or ottoman. But, a chair provides far better support and comfort. A beautiful, structured accent chair is not solely for entryways, living rooms, or a den. Check out the following placements for a chair in the bedroom for inspiration.

Steps Away

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Interior view of a modern bedroom with pink wallpaper

Take a look at this minimalistic yet contemporary bedroom. Although pink tones are dominant throughout the room, the accent chair in the bedroom sitting across from the bed fits in nicely. The contrast between the chair’s black upholstery and silver metallic frame pops out and utilizes neutral colors that complement the decor. Note how the chair has a slight vintage feel that mimics the embellishments on the wall behind the tufted headboard. The translucent pieces of the main light and its muted silver hardware, and the silvery bedspread also work with the chair.

Classic By The Dresser

Classic bedroom interior with chandelier

A grand and luxurious bedroom deserves an equally opulent wingback armchair with a tufted backrest. In this classic bedroom example, the accent chair offers generous seating with sturdy, vintage details on the legs and a white frame. Adjacent to the chair is a tablecloth covered side table and a vintage-style dresser. Note how throughout the room, the chair fits perfectly with the gray and white color scheme. The details on the headboard, pillows on the bed, and the lighting also complement the chair.

At The Vanity

Luxury bedroom interior with cozy bed, vanity and TV

In this modern bedroom, cool white color dominates with the bedding, area rug, lighting, and wall treatment. However, the chair seated at the vanity picks up on the headboard and curtains’ soft tans or beige tones, adding a welcome accent color to the room. The armless chair may be upholstered fabric or leather, which provides plenty of texture and visual interest. The contemporary accent chair balances the shaggy area rug, thick down-filled bedspread, and the sleek mirrored decor above the bed.

Corner Window

Luxury bedroom with glass sliding door and nice overview

Enjoy a picturesque getaway by the water, as this curvy modern accent chair is a work of art. Placing a chair in the corner of a bedroom by a window provides attractive seating for gazing at the view or relaxing. Notice how the details in this bedroom are minimalistic and clean but still offer lots of texture.

The structured bench is metallic, similar to the architectural chair. The straight lines of the bed and contemporary leather and wood headboard contrast nicely to the chair, as does the shaggy area rug.

At The Desk

Interior of cozy children's room with study table

Desks are commonly placed in both children’s and adults’ bedrooms, whether for homework or working-from-home. So, it is a must-have to place a comfortable and preferably ergonomic chair in the bedroom for studying, working, or playing games. This bedroom’s color scheme is modern and refreshing with a cool green wall, grey and white accents, and soft, pink bedding. The contemporary chair fits in this bedroom naturally, thanks to its earthy charcoal gray upholstery and light wooden legs.

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Impromptu Nightstand

[PIN id=”321725967111371538″ size=”medium”]


What do you do with a mid-century, vintage wooden desk chair? Place it in the bedroom as a makeshift nightstand, of course! Create a visual treat for the eyes with a piece of furniture with a backstory and complement a hardwood floor and traditional or neutral color palette.

This structured chair’s colors and style work well in an eclectic, modern, or minimalist bedroom. Note how the chair can comfortably hold a tray for breakfast in bed, cut flowers, a throw pillow, or a well-loved novel. 

What Is The Focal Point Of A Bedroom?

Visually, the focal point of a bedroom is the star piece of furniture or area that immediately catches your attention on entry. Typically, the bed is the most prominent furnishing in a bedroom and is positioned to be the bedroom’s primary focal point. However, an accent chair placed in a corner, near a sunny window, or in a place that grabs the eye can also be a focal point.

What Color(s) Should An Accent Chair Be?

When selecting an accent chair, you should choose a piece of furniture that will work seamlessly with your existing decor and color scheme. Take note of the dominant colors in your room and find a chair in a color that either matches or contrasts with the main or secondary colors used. Add an accent chair in an electric orange or yellow in a room dominated by cool whites and blue colors. Choose a distressed leather chair in chestnut for a modern space that is mostly gray, white and has notes of tan or sand. 

Ideally, an accent chair should provide a change of pace for your room visually. Use the color of your accent chair and any textures to make this furnishing a focal point, and create eye movement to break up any visual monotony. Whatever color you choose should create visual harmony and balance in a room without overwhelming or underwhelming any elements.

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A bedroom can feel a little incomplete without an accent chair. Choose an accent chair that provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to sit, lounge, or gaze out a window. No matter the size or style of a bedroom, you can find a chair that complements your color scheme, adds texture and visual contrast. Show off your personality and decor skills by adding a stylish and quality accent chair to create a polished bedroom.

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