Where To Place A Console Table [7 Locations Explored]

Console tables are designed to fit in places where a larger piece of furniture would look too bulky.  They come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials, and they can be both decorative and functional.  Are you wondering whether a console table might be right for a specific spot in your home?  We've done the research, and we have the answers for you!  

Console tables are highly versatile and can be used nearly anywhere in your house, including in the...

  • Entry 
  • Hallway
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry Area 

But before you start shopping, you need to address the Three W's:  where, why, and what. 

  • Where do you want to put a console table?  Which room, and what size is the space where the table will go?  
  • Why do you need a console table here?  What purpose will it serve?
  • What will you place on, above, and under the table to achieve the desired visual effect?   

We discuss all of these questions below, so keep reading to learn more!

A minimalist concept living room with a small reading chair, wooden console table, and a mock up canvas with black and white painting, Where To Place A Console Table [7 Locations Explored]

Where To Place A Console Table?

First, let's talk about where you might want a console table.  Below, we describe the most popular places:


The most common place to put a console table is in the entry.  This is typically a small area where a bulky piece of furniture wouldn't fit.  A console table provides a welcoming entry into the home and a good place to set keys, gloves, and purses.  

A vintage type console table with a mirror on the top

This glass-topped metal console table is decorated for Fall.  The mirror adds the illusion of more space. 


In a long hallway, a console table can provide a visual break.  Adding a mirror above the table makes the hallway appear wider and lighter.     

Rustic hallway with hardwood flooring, cream colored walls, with a wooden console table on the side

The spare design and dark wood fit the hallway's Provence style; the mirror above helps to lighten the space.

Below, this quirky rustic table is perfect for a small spot at the end of a hall or between doors.

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Living Room

In the living room, console tables are frequently used to fill space behind a sofa and to visually break a large, open room into separate spaces.  Alternatively, a console table may be placed against a living room wall to provide visual impact without taking up a great deal of space.

Behind Sofa

A console table placed behind a sofa is often referred to as a "sofa table."  It can be set in the gap between the wall and the back of the sofa, or, if the sofa backs up to an open area, a table can be placed behind it to visually break up the room. 

In the picture below, the table holds a lamp to illuminate the seating area.  It also hides the back of the sofa and provides an attractive boundary between the room's two sections. 

Click here for this attractive metal-and-wood sofa table on Amazon.  

Against Wall

Console tables can also be placed against the living room walls.  A long table can be used instead of a fireplace and mantel to make a dramatic statement.  At other times, a console table might be employed to fill a small blank wall space. 

A light sky blue colored wall with a small wall unit cabinetry with indoor plants on top

The painted brick wall above this long console table has been left bare, allowing the brick's texture to make its own statement.   

A blue console table inside a Victorian concept home

Here a console table is used as a bill payer's desk and tucked into a spare bit of wall space.  

Below, an ultra-modern glass-and-faux-marble console table adds to the sophisticated ambiance.  The bright yellow leaves add a punch of color to the gray and white room.  

Click here for this glass-and-faux-marble table on Amazon.

Dining Room

A console table typically serves one of two purposes in the dining room: a convenient place to store linens and table accessories or a handy wine rack and mini-bar.  In either case, a console table can provide handy storage while adding flair to the room.  

Click here for this sophisticated wine rack console table on Amazon. 


In small bedrooms, console tables can be used in place of vanities.  It is helpful to select a table that has drawers for storing cosmetics and accessories.  You may also hang a mirror above the table or place a small freestanding mirror on the tabletop.   

Vintage design console table

The console table is an attractive space-saver in this bedroom.  

The table below would make an excellent substitute for a vanity with a mirror mounted on the wall above it.  The removable baskets could hold socks, undergarments, or scarves.

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If there is space in your bathroom, a small console table can add personality and utility.  You can place a flower arrangement or a display of fancy soaps and lotions on top.  Drawers can provide additional storage, while shelves or baskets can be a great place to store towels attractively.  

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Laundry Room

Console tables are becoming increasingly popular as folding surfaces in compact laundry areas.  These tables tend to focus more on utility and convenience than on fashion.  They are also deeper than most other console tables, making them more useful for folding laundry.  

Click here for this handy laundry basket/folding table combo on Amazon.

What Are Console Tables Used For?

In addition to thinking about "Where" you need a console table, you must also think about "Why."  A console table should serve one or more of the following purposes:  decoration, functionality, and utility. 


In almost every case (except perhaps in the laundry room), you will want to select an attractive table and fits well with the decor in the room.  Depending on the overall look you are working to achieve, you might pick one that blends in with the rest of the room; or, if you want to add a visual punch to a tired space, choose a table that stands out and becomes a focal point. 


In certain situations, a console table should be functional as well as attractive.  For example, in the entry, it makes a convenient place to leave keys, gloves, or hats.  If you'd like to store boots or shoes under it, make sure to choose a table that has clear floor space beneath it.  Or, if you're selecting a table to use as a bill payer's desk, get one that has drawers for storing pens, envelopes, checkbooks, and stamps.  


A wine rack console table in your dining room is both attractive and useful.  It stores wine glasses and bottles while adding a look of sophistication to the room.  Similarly, a console table in a bedroom might serve all three purposes, with an attractive look, a mirror to increase its functionality for makeup application, and drawers for storing makeup and accessories. 

How Do You Style A Console Table?

Finally, consider the "What" of your console table:  what size should your console table be?  What will you put on, around, above, and under it to achieve your desired look and function?

What Size Should A Console Table Be?

It's critical that you choose a console table that fits comfortably into the space allotted for it.  This should not be difficult, as they come in a wide variety of depths, heights, and lengths.  

  • Console tables can be as little as 10" and as much as 24" deep.   The typical depth is 14" to 18".
  • The height can range from 26" - 36".  Most modern console tables are 29" to 33" high.
  • Length can vary from 24" to 60" or more.  The usual range is from 30" to 50".
  • A console table placed behind a sofa should be the same height as the back of the sofa; or, at most, one inch lower than the back of the sofa.      

Can You Put A TV On A Console Table?

Contemporary flat-screen TVs can be placed on console tables or hung on the wall directly above them.  The flat-screen TV's narrow base has allowed homeowners to replace bulky entertainment centers with sleek, streamlined console tables.  Before you buy, think about whether you need shelving for auxiliary equipment, storage baskets for remotes and accessories, and/or cabinet space for DVDs or games under the tabletop.

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What Do You Put On A Console Table?

Once you've narrowed down your selection by size, consider what combination of table and decor will work best in your space.  You have nearly unlimited options for styling your console table.  For example, you could...

  • Hang a large mirror or piece of art on the wall above the table
  • Place vases, lamps, framed photos, potpourri, or candles on top
  • Put attractive storage baskets on the shelves. 
  • Store an ottoman or stool beneath it

Use the photos in this article for inspiration, or just play around with different ideas until you find the look that's exactly what you want.

In Conclusion

Console tables are versatile items of furniture that add visual appeal, functionality, and utility to any room in the house.  By following the guidelines laid out above, you can select the perfect console table and accessories to meet your unique needs! 

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