Where To Place End Tables In Living Room

Knowing where to place each piece of furniture in your home is an art form that combines the practical use of each one with your sense of taste and style. This is especially true of smaller pieces, like end tables. Being able to figure out where to strategically place them, as well as how many you might want, is part of the fun of redoing your living room. In this post, we explore where to place end tables in your living room and how your needs will affect proper placement.

End tables can be placed in various locations around the living room of your home. These places might include:

  • Next to one or both sides of your sofa
  • Beside an armchair
  • On either side of a console table

Selecting the right end table will usually depend on what you are using it for and where you plan on placing it in your home. We've researched the most popular locations throughout your home for these tables and are sharing our findings later in this post. We also explore whether or not end tables are actually necessary and if they are suitable to eat at. Also, in this post, we'll look into some alternatives to the end table that home decorators are using in homes today. So be sure to keep reading.

A modern round wood metal coffee table with cappuccino mug, glass candle burning by the side of sofa, Where To Place End Tables In Living Room

Various Places For Your End Tables

Let's take a closer look at the various spots where you can place your end tables. 

Beside the sofa

Comfortable couch in modern living room interior

Having end tables next to one or both ends of your sofa will lend a lot of uses. A place for reading lamps, small decor, remote controls, and other items you might deem critical will be within arm's reach in the evening if you choose these locations for your end tables. One on each end balances the room out nicely and enables you to add suitable decor to fit your taste.

Next to your armchair

Interior design of living room with wooden side table, lamp and blue leather armchair

If you relax at night in an easy chair, an end table might suit your needs here. Since chairs rarely have coffee tables in front of them, an end table next to your favorite chair makes sense. It's a great place to hold your drink and remote. The right one will offer plenty of storage for books if this is the preferred seat for reading.

Accent your console table

Side table with flower vase and a small stool by window in bedroom

An end table on either side of your console table complements the centerpiece of furniture and allow for you to display more items that you want to showcase. Consider placing houseplants on them, or, if your console table holds a television, use the end tables for blue ray players and video game units.

Are End Tables Necessary?

The end table will certainly add some expense to furnishing your home. They tend to range between $75 and $400. Having multiple ones throughout your living room alone will drive up the cost of getting all new furniture. Are they absolutely necessary?

While the end tables are not critical pieces for your home, they do offer a lot of conveniences. The end tables are great to add lamp lighting and are perfect for storing all of the things you know are essential for your living room that you always want within arm's reach. 

If you want to forgo the end tables in your living room, you can always make use of other pieces of furniture. Coffee tables are sometimes designed with a lot of storage space inside them and often have a bottom shelf for more items. Some have spacious drawers and removable tops that will slide into a makeshift work station.

As for alternate places for lighting, console tables and side tables will work as well as an end table. If your room doesn't have good natural light in it, or you want reading light at night, you'll want to make certain that the placement of the side table is close enough to where you enjoy sitting and reading.

Can You Eat At An End Table?

You can technically eat at any table, but are end tables the best choice? Setting one in front of your armchair or sofa doesn't have a great aesthetic, and moving one back and forth while you eat can be a real hassle. So, while the end table is usually tall enough to eat at, these tables aren't the best suited for dinner.

Coffee tables are much better designed to set food upon and eat from while you're watching television. They have more surface area and are already in place. But they tend to be shorter in height and can cause a lot of stooping. 

The old fashioned tv tray is your best bet when wanting to dine in front of the television. They are lightweight, foldable for easy storage, and have enough room for your dinner plate and beverage.

What Can You Use For An End Table? 

There are so many alternatives for end tables out there that we couldn't possibly cover all of them in this post. But we will share some of the more fun and creative ones that we've found.

Vintage Luggage

Vintage old classic travel leather suitcases

Stacking old suitcases on top of each other has become a trendy alternative to end tables and side tables. They come in a variety of sizes and can be obtained at thrift stores and estate sales for a fraction of what you'd spend on an actual table. The luggage provides a lot of surface area for everything your living area would need of it. They also have handy storage available inside the cases themselves.

Stacks Of Books

Textbooks stacked on school desk with chalkboard background

You can stack hardback books high and deep. Secure them properly and they'll make a fun alternative to the traditional end table. While they will lack the shelf space and the storage of an end table, you'll still have some surface area to work with. 

Floating Shelves

A section of two white painted modern bookshelves with books, a plant and a decorative storage box

If your sofa has its back against a wall, consider attaching floating shelves to either side of it, above where an end table might sit. These shelves will sit a little higher than an end table.

Antique Trunk

Room with old, rustic furniture

These old trunks look great in any room, have flat surfaces for lamps and other items, and have the added bonus of lots of interior storage inside of them. They also make for good alternatives to coffee tables and side tables.

Tree Stump

Coffee table from tree stump in the garden

A treated tree stump makes for a rugged end table. This would go perfectly with a log home or a rustic cabin.

In Closing

This post has covered a great deal about the end table itself and where they might be best placed inside of your home. We learned that the placement of the end table will depend on what its intended use is and that while the end table isn't necessary, it does add a lot of convenience to your time in the living room. 

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