Where To Put A Dresser In The Bedroom [6 Practical Placements]

If you want to create a bedroom that is both beautiful and functional you have to know how to place your furniture. Typically, the dresser is one of the largest pieces of furniture in a bedroom. The room's size and layout will certainly determine the best spot for this piece. But, is there an ideal place to put a dresser? Don't worry, because we did some research regarding various furniture layouts in bedrooms to bring you the answer. 

Consider the following possibilities for dresser placement in a bedroom:

  • In the corner of the room
  • At the bed's side 
  • Between the bed and a window
  • Next to the bed like a nightstand
  • Across from the foot of the bed
  • In a closet

No matter where you choose to place a dresser, it should be easy to access and increase your room's maneuverability. Continue reading to learn more about keeping a dresser in the bedroom.

room interior grey chest drawers near, Where-To-Put-A-Dresser-In-The-Bedroom-[6-Practical-Placements]

Dresser Placement In A Bedroom

As mentioned, the dresser is one of the largest pieces of bedroom furniture. As such, it's important to put it in a spot that facilitates functionality while not being too obtrusive. 

Here we'll further discuss some common placements for a dresser in a bedroom to help you decide what spot is best for your situation.

A Corner

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Narrow blue and gray bedroom with double bed and upholstered wall

If you have a larger bedroom you may have plenty of space after aligning your bed at the center of a wall. However, if you are looking for a space-saving solution, look to the corner.

Placing a dresser in a closet helps to free up space in the bedroom, but if this isn't an option, keeping a dresser in the corner is the next best place. 

When you know your dresser won't be moved often and needs to be anchored to a wall, the corner is an optimal position.  Consider placing a dresser in a corner by a window that will never be opened, opposite of the door, or in a corner adjacent to a closet.

At The Bed's Side

Old mirror and a dresser in rental flat

A good position for a dresser is at the bed's side and against the wall. Doing this gives you a clear view of your dresser and keeps it steps away from the bed for easy access. This allows you to create a more open space in your bedroom, and the dresser can be used to display personal effects, additional lighting, or other decor.

Between A Window And Bed

Glamour bedroom interior with dark red bed, blanket, lamp and gray commode

Naturally highlight a dresser by keeping it between a nearby window and the bed. You can create a heightened sense of drama and connectivity between the furniture using a floor lamp, mirror, or large potted plant. The light from the window will emphasize the wall on which both the dresser and the bed are aligned, which creates a more open space.

Impromptu Nightstand

Modern master bedroom with separate sitting area

Ditch the nightstand beside the bed and opt for a dresser instead. The dresser has more storage space and is within an arm's reach of the bed. Ideally, this works best if you have a low-sitting dresser to match the height of your bed. Use the top of the bedroom dresser a la nightstand to keep books, glasses, and other essentials.

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Aligned With The Bed's Foot

English-style bedroom with a large soft fabric bed, bedside tables with lamps, large wardrobe and dresser with mirror

If you love to recline in the bed while watching television, then placing the dresser across from the foot of the bed is best. A larger bedroom can best accommodate having a dresser across from the foot of the bed.

As long as it doesn't restrict the walkway, this can work in a small bedroom too. Use the dresser in this layout like an entertainment stand or console table, as a place to keep the television, dramatic lighting, art, mirrors, or other decor.

Closet Addition

Whether you are short on space or you want to maximize a larger bedroom when possible, keep the dresser in a closet. If a dresser is visually distracting, will make a room feel more cramped, or you want it out of the way, putting it in the closet is the best option.

You can still access your dresser when you need it, but you can free up space to enjoy a larger bed, throw in a chaise lounge, or increase an at-home workspace in the bedroom.

Do You Need A Dresser In Your Bedroom?

There is no hard-fast set rule that you have to keep a dresser in your bedroom. Many people eschew the bedroom dresser, relying on a standing closet, a built-in closet, open shelving, or even a moveable rack to store their clothes.

Having a dresser in your bedroom is a matter of personal preference and convenience. If your dresser takes up too much space or makes getting around your bedroom challenging, it may be time to throw it in the closet or do away with it altogether for an alternative.

What Can You Use If You Don't Have A Dresser?

If you don't have a dresser for your bedroom, don't panic. You have plenty of functional and aesthetically-pleasing options available. You can use a standing closet, a free-standing clothing rack, cubbies, open shelves, or a storage trunk in lieu of a dresser. 

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Can You Put A Dresser In The Living Room?

It is perfectly acceptable to have a dresser in other areas outside of the bedroom. A dresser is a form of storage furniture that can also be used as a television stand and a place to display objects. Thus, it should go where you want it.

A dresser in the living room can be used to keep odds and ends you need around the house, store paperwork, display books, house additional lighting, and more.

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In Closing

room interior grey chest drawers near

The dresser is perhaps the second most important piece of furniture in the bedroom following the bed itself. However, you can be flexible about where you place a dresser in a bedroom or eschew it altogether. Wherever a dresser is placed should provide easy access, create visual appeal, and not impede a bedroom's walkability.

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