Where To Put A Bed In A Room With Windows? [5 Practical Rules To Follow]

Whether you’re moving into a new home or rearranging your existing space, deciding the layout of your bedroom can be overwhelming. As your sanctuary to rest and recharge, your bedroom, and ultimately your bed, is the most important aspect of your home. So where exactly is the perfect place to put your bed in a room with windows? For your convenience, we’ve brought you the answer!

Here are a few practical rules to follow when considering the placement of your bed relative to windows:

  • Don’t obstruct windows and doors
  • Place the headboard against a blank wall
  • Don’t face your bed towards windows in direct sunlight
  • Follow Feng Shui
  • Place your bed wherever you feel most comfortable sleeping

Bedrooms vary in size, shape, and number of windows, so these rules can be hard to follow for some. We’ve researched these rules, and others, to help you find the best placement for your bed. To find out more, just keep reading.

Neatly arranged bedroom with large glass window, Where To Put A Bed In A Room With Windows? [5 Practical Rules To Follow]

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Best Practices For Bed Placement

Here we’ll talk more about the tips mentioned above to help you make the most of your bedroom layout.

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Best Practices For Bed Placement

Don’t Obstruct Windows And Doors

Generally speaking, you don’t want to use any furniture to obstruct windows or doorways. Not only does this limit their intended functions, but blocking a window with a bed or headboard hinders valuable natural light from entering the room.

However, there are ways to place a bed in front of a window if it’s your only option. The goal would be to obstruct as little of the window as possible. One way to accomplish this would be to use a shorter headboard (or no headboard) that fits underneath the window without blocking it.

Another option would be to forego a solid headboard and instead choose a wrought iron option. Again, this will allow for the minimum blockage of sunlight, while still allowing you to place your bed in front of a window.

What Do You Do With A Window Behind The Bed?

If you’re looking to dress up the window behind your bed, consider using the windowsill to your advantage. You can use the space as your nightstand and add a lamp, picture frames, or even plants. You can also use curtains to frame your bed to highlight it as the focal point of the room.

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Is It OK To Put A Dresser In Front Of A Window?

Just like the headboard of your bed, it’s ideal to place a dresser under a window that sits higher than the dresser. However, if you are placing a taller dresser in front of a window, take into consideration its proportion to the window. If you can manage to only cover the lower half or even the lower fourth of a larger window, it will still allow for the most amount of light to enter the room.

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Place The Headboard Against A Blank Wall

Modern bedroom interior with a stylish combination of trendy blue and light wood texture

If your bedroom has a blank wall without windows or doors, a good rule to follow is to use that wall for your headboard. Not only does this eliminate the option of having to place a bed in front of a window, but it also allows you to create your focal point around your bed.

What Is The Focal Point Of The Bedroom?

The main wall in a room is the center wall opposite the main door to the room. This easily becomes the focal point of the room as it’s the first wall seen when entering the bedroom. If that wall isn’t blank or has closet doors or windows, then you can use your bed to shift the focal point to another wall.

One way to accomplish this is through paint or wallpaper to create an accent wall. This gives depth to the room as well as draws the eye directly to where you want it to go. This can also be accomplished through decorations like a gallery wall or wall-mounted bookshelves above your bed.

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Don’t Face Your Bed Toward Windows With Direct Sunlight

Having your bed facing a window can hinder sleeping conditions. Windows with direct sunlight, such as a window facing the sunrise, can let in harsh light and heat first thing in the morning, waking you up. Windows are also similar to cellphones and televisions, in that they stimulate your mind with movement and light when you’re needing your mind to rest.

If you can’t avoid facing a window with direct sunlight when placing your bed, blackout curtains can help keep unwanted light and heat out in the mornings.

An exception to facing your bed towards a window is if you have a great view. Large or panoramic windows can offer you a serene view of the outside world. And if you enjoy waking up with the sunrise, then facing your bed toward a window would be an ideal position

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What Is The Best Direction For Your Bed To Face?

According to Feng Shui, the worst direction your bed can face is West and the best direction is East. Due to the tilt of the earth on its axis, facing the West will cause all the blood to rush to your head resulting in poor sleep. However, facing the East stimulates memory and the positive flow of energy.

Follow Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that uses your surroundings to create a positive flow of energy. There are a plethora of suggestions Feng Shui can offer about your bed and bedroom. In terms of windows, Feng Shui suggests keeping your bed away from windows, especially if they frequently open. This will keep you from feeling drafts that may seep in from the windows and cause you to get sick.

It also suggests being able to see the bedroom door and windows from the bed. So that eliminates sleeping under the window. If your bed is going to be parallel to the windows, pull the bed off the wall and away from the windows a couple of feet. This way you avoid any possible drafts and both sides of your bed are available to you.

There are other Feng Shui practices you can consider when determining the placement of your bed. For instance, you should never place your bed directly in front of the bedroom door, with your feet pointing towards it. This is known as the coffin position, as bodies are generally removed from a room feet-first.

You should also avoid placing your headboard against a wall with bathroom pipes behind it. These can get loud when you are trying to sleep. In fact, almost anything about the bathroom is considered bad Feng Shui as bathrooms are full of odors and bacteria. It’s suggested that you keep your bed away from the bathroom door and the bathroom pipes to promote better sleep.

Place Your Bed Where You Feel Comfortable

Patterned blanket on wooden bed in grey bedroom interior with plants and posters

There are hundreds of rules that interior designers and Feng Shui experts can give you on where to place your bed. Whether it’s to promote better sleep or be aesthetically appealing, you could move your bed around for days to fit all of the suggestions. Not to mention, the variations and styles of bedrooms are so vast, sometimes the rules simply won’t work.

Ultimately, your room is your space and your place to rest. You should do what feels most comfortable to you.

In Closing

Neatly arranged bedroom at home with large glass window

When determining where to put your bed in a room with windows, consider what will help you get the best sleep. Don’t place your bed around windows that cause drafts or face unwanted morning light. Follow Feng Shui where it pertains to you, but don’t feel pressured to adhere to rules that don’t suit your available space or aesthetic.

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Why can’t we sleep facing north?

There is no scientific reason why you cannot sleep facing north. It is a personal preference and comfort level. Some people believe that sleeping facing north can disrupt the flow of energy in the body and lead to negative energy, but this is not scientifically proven.

Should your bed face the door or not?

Whether your bed should face the door is a matter of personal preference. Some people feel more comfortable with their bed facing the door, while others prefer to have it positioned away. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and should be based on what makes you most comfortable.

Is it OK to sleep west to east?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to sleep west to east. Many people sleep this way, and there is no scientific evidence that sleeping in this direction has adverse health effects.

How should a bed be facing in a bedroom?

It is generally recommended that a bed be placed against a wall facing the door so the occupant can easily see the room entrance.

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