Where To Put A Chaise Lounge In The Living Room

Where is the best place to locate a chaise lounge in your living room? These hybrid pieces of furniture are great for lounging on, so who wouldn’t want one in their home! We’ve dug around to see what the best suggestions are for the placement of a chaise lounge. Let’s take a look.

Consider the following places in your living room for a chaise lounge:

  • Next to a bay window
  • In a secondary seating arrangement
  • As part of your sectional
  • Near a sliding glass door
  • In front of the television
  • Next to your couches
  • In your outdoor living room

We’ve got great examples of each location to show you. We’ll talk about what chaise lounges have traditionally been used for if there’s a dedicated side of the sectional they attach to, and how you might style your chaise lounge. Please keep reading to learn way more about chaise lounges.

Portrait image of chaise lounge in bright room, Where To Put A Chaise Lounge In The Living Room

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Where To Place A Chaise Lounge In Your Living Room

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Leather chaise lounge

A chaise lounge is a type of seating that’s a cross between a chair and a sofa and a day bed. This piece of furniture typically has an upright back with rests for the back and arms, with a long integrated ottoman for stretching out one’s legs. 

An ornate chaise longue in an upper class drawing room

The fainting couch above is also referred to as a chaise lounge though they are slightly different. In this piece, you can see the back runs along about halfway before dipping down. On a true chaise, the back would not extend in such a manner.

But where can you put such a piece of furniture if you want one in your living room? Let’s look at a few examples.

Next To A Bay Window

a traditional pink chaise longue in the bay window of a girl's bedroom in a luxury new home

A bay window alcove is a delightful spot to place a chaise lounge. It frames the piece of furniture and practically begs you to come, stretch your legs, and watch the birds flit between tree leaves. These types of household nooks and crannies are often awkward areas to find furniture for, which makes the chaise such an ideal choice.

In A Secondary Seating Arrangement

Modern living room with purple chaise lounge as secondary seating and shelves on wall

If you have an area of your room where you’d like a secondary seating arrangement, consider using a chaise lounge. You can pair it with a nice side table, a lovely area rug, a stack of books, a tall lamp, and a houseplant for a cozy extra area for you, your family, or guests. We love the lavenders in this secondary seating arrangement.

Here’s a lovely fabric chaise lounge chair with a bolster pillow. This piece would be a perfect secondary seating option in the living room. Click here for this on Amazon.

As Part Of Your Sectional

Chaise Lounge In The Living Room as part of sectionals

Most sectional sofas come with the option of a chaise lounge piece. This sectional piece fits at one end of the sectional and allows a spot to totally stretch out your legs with your body upright against the sofa back. This is a fantastic piece to add on when you’re decided on a sectional. It will, in essence, allow for two people to totally stretch out on the sofa.

Here’s a classic sofa sectional that includes a chaise lounge piece. You can see how the extension of the chaise creates the “L” shape of this sectional. This particular velvet model is available in several other colors besides blue. Click here for this one on Amazon.

Near A Sliding Glass Door

Vibrant chaise lounge with cushions near a sliding glass door

Do you love to stretch out in the warmth of the sun without the worry of UV rays? Then position your chaise lounge near a sliding patio door. It’s a great way to utilize space that is sometimes awkward and empty. And you get the added bonus of having a place to catnap in the sun’s warm glow.

In Front Of The Television

Modern living room with fireplace ,chaise lounge and tv set

If you want the feel of a recliner but the looks of something elegant, then why not sub in a chaise for your television viewing? It’s a great way to be able to relax and unwind and have your room look amazing. Get two if you want a conversation seating area and put a small round table between them. Make sure the table has a drawer for your remotes.

This chaise lounger is even equipped with a built-in electric massager. It sounds just about perfect to us, for Netflix and massage. Click here for this chaise on Amazon.

Next To Your Couches

chaise lounge chair next to couches in a modern living room with tv

You can use a chaise lounge to make a large seating area with traditional couches. Perhaps you don’t want a true sectional, but you want the option of additional seating. In this room, two traditional sofas face each other with a coffee table in between. The chaise lounge is used perpendicularly to the couches to create more seating in the room. Throw pillows, and a soft shag carpet bring everything together.

In Your Outdoor Living Room

chaise lounge in your outdoor living room facing the sea

Many people have outdoor spaces, covered or not, these serve as additional living rooms. If you’re somewhere that the weather stays warm or you have a large outdoor fireplace, you may take advantage of this type of space. There are outdoor furniture and chaise lounges made specifically to use in exterior spaces. They are typically made out of weather-resistant materials.

This outdoor chaise lounge will lie completely flat when needed. It has a small headrest for comfort and wheels to easily move it in and out of the sun. The cushions are exchangeable and are also removable for cleaning or storage during non-use months. Click here for this chaise on Amazon.

What Are Chaise Lounges Used For?

The chaise lounge became popular in France way back in the 16oos. These chairs, favored by the aristocracy, were all about comfort. Nowadays, we most often see chaise lounges used by the poolside and on patios. 

Sun-lounger, chaise lounge, straw hat and towel near the pool

But chaise lounges, along with their cousin the fainting couch, have also made their way indoors. They offer versatile seating that is the perfect combination of a place to lay down and rest with the support of an actual chair. They are often a part of sectional sofas and are used in larger living rooms as a place to rest that’s not the bed.

A chaise lounge chair like this is a perfect blend of comfortable armchair and place to stretch out. Unlike a chair and an ottoman, this is one piece. Some may find it less versatile, but others will like the solidity and togetherness of it. This one may be found here on Amazon.

Which Side Of The Sectional Should The Chaise Be?

Your chaise can go on either side, but one rule of thumb is to place it on the side with the least amount of traffic. Because it’s long, it can get in the way of those trying to get to the couch. When shopping for sectionals with a chaise, pay attention to the following initials. RAF means right arm facing, which means that the chaise is on the right when you look at the sofa. LAF means left arm facing, and the chaise is on the left when you look at it. Either side is totally correct; it’s just up to what you need for your home.

See our post here: “Where To Place A Sectional In Your Living Room (Inc. Should It Be Against A Wall)?

How Do You Style A Chaise Lounge?

Modern living room with chaise lounge, sideboard and wooden staircase

Styling a chaise lounge is not unlike styling any other piece of furniture in your home. Some good throw pillows and a lovely throw will look great on it. Place a small table next to it for your cup of tea. A floor lamp helps with lighting if you’ve placed your chaise lounge away from any windows. Find things that work with your design theme or accent colors when looking for small pieces to play nicely with your chaise lounge. See our post here: “What Is a Throw Blanket For? [Inc. Decor Ideas].”

A small marble-topped table like this one is an elegant choice to pair with a chaise lounge. It gives just the right amount of space for your beverage glass and a paperback novel. Click here for this on Amazon.

Time To Lounge

This post listed several fabulous ideas for where to place your chaise lounge in the living room. And perhaps it even sparked more ideas for your own home. Now it’s time to put the chaise lounge in place and see your design ideas come to life.

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