Where To Put A Microwave In A Tiny Kitchen?

It's never ideal to have less space than you need. That's especially the case when you want to add more to the area. Sometimes we have to deal with small kitchens. So, where would one put a microwave in this situation? If that's your concern, let's cover some ideas!

You can make space for a microwave in a tiny kitchen in several ways. First, look at what you're working with. Then, adjust for the space available. Here are a few options to consider afterward:

  1. Wall brackets
  2. Install a shelf
  3. Below kitchen counter
  4. Over the range
  5. Counter rack
  6. Baker's rack
  7. Microwave drawer
  8. Built-in microwave

As you can see, you can make space for a microwave in several ways. Some are cost-efficient solutions, while others may cost you more. If you'd like to discuss more on this topic, keep reading. We'll provide some examples to paint a better image!

Modern Appliances in Small White Kitchen, Where To Put A Microwave In A Tiny Kitchen?

Making Room For A Microwave In A Tiny Kitchen

Before we start, observe the space you have in your kitchen. Areas that are free to use include the walls, kitchen counter, cabinets, drawers, etc. Maybe you have enough room to introduce a stand-alone rack in there.

Doing this will give us a good idea of what will work for our situation. Now we should have a clear picture. Let's go over how you can include a microwave in your kitchen. 

1. Wall Brackets

hand closes door of microwave oven for cooking food

One of the cost-efficient and easiest ways to make space is to use the walls. Although your kitchen may be tiny, there's always room to spare. However, it might make your kitchen look a little more crowded. 

But if you must include a microwave, you can always rely on wall brackets. They take up the least amount of space. You can use them alone or in conjunction with a flat surface. 

Some people won't feel safe if a microwave stands on two brackets alone. If that's the case, lay a flat piece of wood over them. This way, it's more of a makeshift shelf. 

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The only factor you will have to worry about is weight. If the microwave weighs more than 100 pounds, this solution won't work.

2. Install A Shelf

Close-Up White microwave on a wooden shelf in kitchen, Can Reheat Food Qickly in the Microwave.

Some people don't like having a microwave stand on two brackets alone. It can be a safety hazard, especially if you have kids at home. In this situation, a shelf is more appropriate. 

You can find a shelf that can support more than a microwave. It also gives you more room to store other items. One factor to consider here is quality; nobody wants a shelf that could potentially come out of place. 

Look for one that gives adequate support for the brackets and shelf. 

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3. Below Kitchen Counter

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If you don't want to install brackets, it's time to consider other options. Take a look under the kitchen counter. Are you making good use of the cabinets available? 

It may be possible to clear up space underneath the kitchen counter. Then, you can have a shelf for your microwave. The only thing you'll need is a flat surface. 

Still, the cabinets you have determine how easy this idea will be. Some of you may have to make cutouts. This way, the microwave can fit inside. 

Keeping a microwave under the counter makes it easily accessible to everyone. However, you may want to give this a second thought if you have kids; you don't want them putting random items inside. 

This solution is more cost effective than the other two. It can be a fun DIY project to consider. In any case, there are still more areas to consider before you make this move. 

4. Over The Range

The interior of a modern 'open concept' American residential home with the kitchen, dining area, and family room in a large open space.

One popular option most homeowners like is an over-the-range microwave. This solution won't work if you're planning to buy a standard one. Over-the-range microwaves are different. 

They usually work as a vent too. Over-the-range microwaves also use charcoal filters to remove odors from cooking. Since standard countertop microwaves can't function the same way, it's not recommendable to put them over a range. 

You also need to follow clearance requirements. So, you may not have enough space available for this option. In any case, it's still something to consider.

5. Counter Rack

There are many reasons why people don't like placing a microwave on the counter. The biggest reason is that it can take up a lot of space. If you want to add more items, you'll need to rest them on top of the microwave. 

Otherwise, there's no more room for other things. Fortunately, you can work around this easily. All you need is a rack that can accommodate a microwave. 

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Racks will have enough clearance for the microwave at the bottom. The flat surface above it makes room for other items. So, you can place dishes, mugs, spices, etc. 

It's one of the better solutions because there are many racks you can choose from. You can purchase a taller one if you have more space above the counter. 

The only factor you will have to consider is load capacity. Purchase a heavy-duty rack if you plan on storing heavy items above the microwave. 

6. Baker's Rack

Maybe you can't afford more space on the kitchen counter. There are already a lot of items occupying the space there. So, what can you do? 

It's time to look at the floor space! Is there a spot that looks like it can fit a rack? If there is, you should consider getting a baker's rack! 

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Like the counter rack, you can play around with this one. Some are shorter and taller. The best part about this is the additional space you gain. Baker's racks typically come with four or five shelves. 

So, it leaves you with more room for coffee makers, spices, dishes, pots, pans, etc. Before you purchase one, measure the dimensions of the area you want it in. Then, look online for a baker's rack that will work with that area.

7. Microwave Drawer

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Now think about your microwave usage. Do you use it often? If you don't, the options ahead might not be worth it. However, those who live by it can consider having one built in.

Microwave drawers are tough to justify. They're one of the most expensive microwaves to use. In most cases, they can't microwave foods inside tall containers. 

The benefits it provides are looks and convenience. They look flawless in any kitchen. And, you won't have to bend down significantly to get the food out. 

It's a great option for the shorter folks. Microwave drawers also have more space. So, you don't have to worry about the size of the dish too much. 

8. Built-In Microwave

Built-in microwave in modern kitchen

Microwave drawers sound good in theory. In practice, some hate it, while others love it. Fortunately, you can compromise. Microwave drawers aren't the only built-in option.

Most built-in microwaves share the same design as countertop variants. If you lack the space, have a microwave built in somewhere that makes sense. 

Some people suggest having it built in under the counter. But this option isn't practical for taller folks; you'll have to bend down to put in and take out food if you're tall.

In this case, having a microwave built-in with the cabinets above the counter makes more sense. It's an idea you can play around with.

Can You Put A Microwave In A Closed Cabinet?

What if you can use the already existing cabinetry you have? One area that comes to mind is a closed cabinet. Some have enough space to fit a microwave inside. 

Is it a good idea? Unfortunately, that's not a good spot for a microwave. Microwaves tend to heat up. Thus, you'll need clearance to prevent it from overheating. 

They need adequate ventilation. Otherwise, you're cutting the lifespan of the microwave short. If you plan to use a cabinet as a microwave holder, ensure there's enough clearance. 

Microwaves need three inches of clearance on the top and sides. This will ensure that there is enough room for ventilation.

It also needs one inch of clearance in the rear. In addition, it shouldn't be above a heat source. If the cabinet meets this requirement, remove the door and place your microwave there. 

In Closing

Although there might not be a lot of space in the kitchen, there are several ways to make things happen. As we've found, our options range from practical to aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, you've found one that fits your situation. We hope you found this helpful!

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