Where To Put Toilet Paper Holder [9 Great Ideas!]

When nature calls, it's essential that there's toilet paper within reach and at arm's length. But if you have a small or larger bathroom than standard, you might question the best place to keep a toilet paper holder. Not to worry, as we asked various experts about where to keep your T.P. in the bathroom.

There is no wrong place to put toilet paper, provided that it's at least 8 to 12 inches away from the toilet seat, and 26 inches off the floor. However, you can get creative with different toilet paper holders and how you store toilet paper. Here are some suggestions for locations:

  1. Across from or near the toilet (wall mounted)
  2. Hanging off the toilet tank
  3. Behind the bathroom door
  4. Mounted on the side of a nearby cabinet or sink
  5. Hang it above the toilet tank
  6. Use a free-standing toilet paper holder near the tub
  7. Store T.P. in a nearby bucket, crate, or pail
  8. Leave on the top of the bathroom vanity
  9. Keep T.P. on a nearby floating shelf

Now, whether you live in an apartment or house, every bathroom has a different layout or standard size. Keep reading as we discuss different toilet paper holders, proper placement, and answer some related questions!

Roll Bathroom tissue or toilet paper in selective focus - Where To Put Toilet Paper Holder [9 Great Ideas!]

Inspiring Ideas To Place Toilet Paper In The Bathroom

A toilet paper holder isn't simply a functional device to hold toilet paper. You can use a toilet paper holder as decor to create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, depending on the details.

There are toilet paper holders which range from utilitarian to novelty in design, and you can also make your own impromptu holder using rope, a basket, or a tree branch. However, there are a few points to keep in mind when placing a toilet paper holder. Ideally, the toilet paper shouldn't be too far out of reach when sitting on the toilet.

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Roll of toilet paper in a tiled bathroom

How Far Should The Toilet Paper Holder Be From The Toilet?

There is a standard measurement for how far a toilet paper holder should be from the commode. According to Lowes, a toilet paper holder should be 1o inches in front of the toilet or next to it. However, other sources agree that a toilet holder should be anywhere from 8 to 12 inches away from the toilet.

There is some wiggle room with standard placement, as it's okay to make adjustments for users who are shorter or taller, kids or adults. For many households, it's ideal to place a toilet paper dispense across from the toilet using a wall mount, on center. 

What Is The Correct Height For Toilet Paper Holder?

For most wall mounted toilet paper holders, it's best to install it 26 inches above the floor. There is some flexibility for the ideal height of a holder if it is beside the toilet, above the toilet tank, or on a free-standing holder nearby. For sanitary reasons, store toilet paper so it's not directly on the floor.

Without further ado, let's explore some clever placements for a toilet paper holder. Depending on whether you use a store-bought or homemade holder solution, some placements may be more suitable than others.

1. Across or Near the Toilet on the Wall

Roll Bathroom tissue or toilet paper in selective focus

One of the most common placements is a wall mounted holder that is across from the toilet on center. Another alternative is when the toilet paper dispenser is on an adjacent wall, flanking the toilet on the left or the right. This is typical for toilets that are slightly off-center in a bathroom or in the corner, depending on the layout.

2. Hang Off the Toilet Tank

White ceramics tank of flushing toilet

A solution that comes in handy for storing toilet paper in smaller, utilitarian bathrooms is on the toilet tank's side. Typically, there are metal holders, rope, or bungee cord options that allow the toilet paper to hang freely. The holder hooks onto the side of the toilet tank.

Check out this holder that hangs off the toilet tank on Amazon.

3. Behind the Bathroom Door

Toilet paper is installed.

Another handy toilet paper storage solution for small bathrooms is right behind the bathroom door. Of course, this location depends on the toilet being very close to the door. So, when the door is closed, the toilet paper is within arm's reach from the toilet.

Note, this location might also work as additional storage for extra rolls if using a free-standing holder in the bathroom. Choose from a single toilet paper roll holder, or a modified miniature shelf with an attached arm to store several rolls and save space.

Check out this bronze toilet-paper holder on Amazon.

4. Mounted on the Side of a Cabinet or Sink

Toilet in the bathroom with tissue paper

In many modern bathrooms, the toilet sits very close to a nearby cabinet, sink, or bathroom vanity. The side of the cabinet, the inside of a cabinet door, or the underside of a cabinet sink counter are clever places to install a toilet paper holder.

5. Above the Toilet Tank

Modern spacious bathroom with Blue tiles with toilet and shelves. Side view

When all else fails, there's nothing like a practical toilet paper holder mounted slightly above the toilet tank. Or, select a funny novelty toilet paper holder that sits directly on the toilet tank. Keeping a basket on top of the toilet tank with toilet paper rolls inside is another classy alternative holder. 

6. Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder Near Tub

Roll of toilet paper on holder and paper waving in wind

Save space in tiny bathrooms in dorms, apartments, or tiny houses. Select a stylish, chic metal or wood free-standing toilet paper holder. This is perhaps one of the best space saving solutions.

Most designs typically allow you to store 3 or more rolls openly with a vertical orientation. The one roll in current use sits on a foldable arm horizontally for easy access.

Check out this free-standing dispenser on Amazon.

7. Bucket, Crate, or Pail Near the Toilet

Toilet paper rolls in a basket.

Short on cash or looking for an eclectic, bohemian idea to store toilet paper? Forget about wall mounts or posts to hang toilet paper. Choose a decorative basket, crate, or use a pail near the toilet to keep toilet paper close at hand.

8. On Top of the Bathroom Vanity

A contemporary modern bathroom design. featuring a bathtub with glass shower stall, toilet and his and her double sink vanity.

Indulge your inner minimalist and choose a simple, rustic wooden single toilet paper holder that sits upright, vertically. For a bathroom that has a toilet inches away from the bathroom vanity, it makes sense to keep the toilet paper dispenser on the countertop.

9. Keep On a Nearby Floating Shelf

Fragment of the dressing room with a washing barrel and a wall above it. A hygienic shower shelf with rolls of toilet paper.

Another clever solution not to overlook is to use a floating shelf as a toilet paper holder. Consider installing the floating shelf on a nearby cabinet, on a wall across from the toilet, above the toilet tank, or even behind the door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Put The Toilet Paper Holder In A Small Bathroom?

If you live with a tiny bathroom, but are unsure of where to keep the toilet paper holder, don't panic. There are a few great places to install a holder, depending on the layout. Make sure wherever you place the toilet paper holder, you won't easily knock into it, hit your elbow, or feel stressed about its location.

Some ideal places include tucking a free-standing holder in the bathroom's corner, use a mounted holder on a nearby cabinet, or stick to a holder across the toilet on the wall. When all else fails, the back of a door might be a handy place, or above the toilet tank.

What Side Of The Toilet Should The Toilet Paper Holder Be On?

For some apartments and homes, the bathroom already comes outfitted with a toilet paper holder. Many bathrooms have the toilet paper dispenser on the right side of the toilet. However, for left-handed individuals and families, it's better to have the toilet paper holder on the left, or near the toilet in a corner or across the toilet on center.

Are All Toilet Paper Holders The Same Size?

No, all toilet paper holders are not the same size. However, the average toilet paper holder is around 4 to 4.5 inches in diameter to fit standard size rolls.

Consider that some toilet rolls are mega sized and won't fit a standard toilet paper dispenser. Some holders vary in dimension and design. For example, a free-standing holder for one or several rolls of toilet paper may have a narrow profile and more space than a standard dispenser.

What Type Of Toilet Paper Holder Is Best?

The best type of toilet paper holder is one that will securely hold up your T.P. and allows easy access with little effort when seated on the toilet. A holder should attractively hold the toilet paper and be practical to use.

Choose a holder based on how you want to decorate your bathroom, and based on the layout and size of the room. For some home's, the toilet paper holder is already in place in the bathroom.

The Wrap Up

We hope you discovered some helpful and inspiring ideas when deciding where to place your toilet paper holder. Don't feel that you have to stick the standard wall-mounted toilet paper holder. Bathrooms of all sizes can accommodate several creative holders and placements for easy access to toilet paper.

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