Where To Put TV In A Bedroom

Watching TV is an enjoyable and relaxing activity. Many people have a television set in their bedroom to watch their favorite programs before bed. If you’d like to put a TV in your bedroom, you might be wondering where you should put it. Rest assured that we’ve done the research and can help you think through all the options.

Here are the best places to put a TV in your bedroom:

  • Sitting on top of a dresser
  • Hung on a wall (at the end of the bed or at the side of the bed)
  • Standing on a post at the end of the bed
  • Hidden inside a cabinet

We’re excited to help you decide the best location for your TV.  This guide will also help you figure out how high to place the TV and where position it. Let’s delve into these options!

Modern contemporary bedroom with a wooden accent wall with a TV on it, a split type air-conditioning unit on top inside a white themed bed with folded towels, Where To Put TV In A Bedroom

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Sitting on top of a dresser

The classic position for a TV in the bedroom is on top of a dresser or other furniture piece. Since you probably already have a dresser in your room, this conserves space and fits naturally.

Keep in mind that some dressers are taller than others and might make it tough to view the screen. Other dressers are deep and wide, so you might need to position the television at the front to see it. As always, pay attention to whether or not there are outlets within reach of the dresser. 

Hung on a wall

Mounting the TV on a wall is a great option for smaller bedrooms that don’t have any room to spare. You can purchase a bracket that conserves space and allows you to customize your television’s height and angle. The bracket pictured below can be swiveled or tilted and pulls out from the wall.

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There are two options for where to hang the TV in your bedroom depending on your personal preferences: at the foot of the bed or at the side of the bed.

At the end of the bed

This is the preferred option for many people. It allows you and anyone else in the bed to view the TV easily. This position also allows you to lay on your back while watching, a more comfortable position for many people. 

At the side of the bed

If you aren’t able to hang the TV at the foot of the bed, mounting it at the side of the bed might be your best option. However, please note that this might make viewing difficult for the person on the opposite side of the bed (if applicable). This location also restricts the positions you can be in to view the TV: are you comfortable laying on your side for long periods of time?

How high should you hang the TV?

The recommended height of a TV is four feet, or whatever eye level is in that situation. Determine eye level by measuring how far off the ground the viewer’s eye will be, depending on the seat type. Then place the middle of the television screen at that height, or as close to it as you can get.

While this works well for most rooms, it might need to be higher in the bedroom to be seen over furniture. Since you’ll most likely be lying down while watching TV in the bedroom, this shouldn’t be a major problem. However, if you have to set the TV higher than normal, it is best to have it angled downward. This is easiest with a wall bracket that you can hang at a downward angle.

If the TV is still too high or isn’t angled downward enough, consider purchasing a neck support pillow like the one below. These pillows prop up your head so that you don’t have to use your own muscles to hold it up.

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Standing on a post at the end of the bed

Perhaps hanging a TV mount on your wall is too permanent for your taste, or you don’t have a dresser to set it on, consider putting it on a post at the foot of your bed.

This format works well for huge bedrooms that have no walls on which to hang a television. Many TV stands — including the one below — have wheels for easy transportation. If several rooms share your TV or you would like flexibility for its location, put it on a wheeled stand.

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One difficulty with this setup is that you have to plug in the TV and any other accessories. If your television is floating in the middle of the room, it might leave the wires exposed and stretched across the floor.

Hidden inside a cabinet

There are cabinets made specifically to hide television sets behind a set of doors. Use this furniture to make a room look austere and create the impression that the TV isn’t the center of attention. The cabinet shown below has doors that slide open on tracks.

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If you want to forget about your TV when you aren’t using it, this is a fantastic option. This helps your bedroom feel more stately and elegant. 

How Can You Hide Your TV In A Bedroom?

These last two ideas are the best ways to hide the TV in your bedroom. Being able to close the doors on your TV cabinet is a simple way to make your room appear cleaner and more comfortable. If your TV is on a wheeled post, you can roll it into a closet or another room. 

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Is It A Bad Idea To Put A TV In Front Of A Window?

If at all possible, don’t place the TV in front of a window. Trying to watch the screen in front of a sunny window puts unnecessary strain on the eyes. 

Also, keep in mind that natural lighting is generally considered to be a good thing. You want as much sunlight as possible in the room. This means that it’s not a good idea to block any portion of the window. Unless there is absolutely no other place to put your TV, avoid putting it in front of a window.

However, it is also a bad idea to directly place the TV across from any window that will receive sunlight. The glare will make your experience miserable. If you must place your TV across the room from a window, invest in some blinds or curtains that can be closed to eliminate glare.

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What Direction Should A TV Be Placed?

The direction your TV faces is based on your personal preferences and the layout of the room. In most rooms, the TV should be placed so that it can be seen by the majority of people in the room. Place the TV so it can be viewed by most of the seats. 

This does not mean that all the seats must be directly facing the TV. Rather, it means that the TV should be visible from each seat. See how part of the sectional sofa in this living room isn’t directly facing the TV, but can still see it?

A modern living room with cream painted walls and decorated with a cream sectional couch, indoor plants and a brown wall unit with a wall mounted TV

On the other hand, if you want to create a social area that isn’t focused on the TV, it does not necessarily have to be pointed at most seats. Instead, put it in a direction so that you can use it when necessary. The owners of this living room set it up to facilitate socialization instead of putting all the focus on the television.

A luxurious modern living room decorated with gray tiled walls, wooden laminated flooring, modern couches and chairs

In Closing

Positioning the TV in your bedroom should be based on personal preference. However, some great options include on top of a dresser, hung on a wall, on a post at the foot of the bed, and hidden inside a cabinet. As in any room, make the screen easy to view by putting it at eye level or angling it downward. Avoid putting the TV in front of windows or any place that will reflect sunlight.

We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about where to place your TV!

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