Where To Put The Wall Clock In Your Living Room?

Wall clocks are a tasteful and practical form of home decor. But, you may have some questions about where to put a wall clock in a living room and how to hang it properly. We researched what experts had to say so you can approach this task confidently.

Hanging a wall clock in a living room looks easy, but consider the following points for where to best place a wall clock in your living room:

  • Face a clock to the north, east, or northeast for good luck.
  • Hang a wall clock above a couch.
  • Place a wall clock above a table or bookshelf.
  • Hang a clock facing opposite a window or doorway.

Displaying a wall clock in your living room helps you keep track of the time and may bring good fortune to your home. Continue reading to discover how a wall clock functions as a decorative and functional part of your living room decor.

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Wall Clocks As Living Room Decor

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Typically we spend a lot of time in the living room, yet only pass by a wall clock when entering or exiting our homes. An eye-catching wall clock placed in a prominent, living room location makes it easy to tell what time it is without relying on a smartphone, wristwatch, or guessing. Plus, a wall clock adds a bit of flair to the room's decor. Let's take a closer look at the previous pointers, so you can choose the best location to hang a wall clock in your living room.

Auspicious Directions

According to the art of Feng Shui, it is best to place a wall clock facing the north, east, or northeast directions. Chinese who practice Feng Shui believe that because the word clock, when spoken, sounds similar to the word death, it is not best to position a wall clock on a central location of the living room.  In Feng Shui, the shape, construction material, and color of a clock reflect its connection to the earth's elements and energy. In keeping with Fen Shui decor, a square-shaped clock, and not oversized, is best for a living room.


Color is also a Feng Shui factor to determine the location for your clock. A wall clock that is red, purple, or orange relates to the element of fire and should be placed at the southern point in a room. Placing a clock at the east or southeast is connected to the wood element, a preferable location for a green or cyan-colored clock. It is ill-advised to hang a clock at the north or west points because it brings bad luck.

Above The Couch

Hanging a wall clock over the couch may be discouraged by Feng Shui practitioners because of the belief this creates unease and restlessness. However, go ahead and hang a clock above the couch to increase visual appeal by making the clock visible from either a doorway or from anywhere in the room. Do take caution when hanging an oversized or heavy wall clock over a couch - more to come on this shortly.

Above A Small Table Or Bookshelf

Laptop on table and wooden sofa in bright living room interior with industrial clock and bottles on a shelf

Make a strong visual statement by avoiding locating a wall clock over a couch or chair. Instead, choose to hang an oversized, decorative wall clock above a small table or bookshelf. You can help balance things out by arranging artwork or plants to the side of the timepiece.  Use color, structure, and varying shaped furniture and accessories along with your wall treatment to create a cohesive look.

Opposite A Window Or Doorway

Placing a wall clock to face a doorway or window is preferred, rather than placing it adjacent to a window or looming over a door. The clock should be visible when standing in a doorway, that helps circulate energy throughout the room.

Wall Clock Style

There are many attractive wall clocks available that will give your living room some serious style points. You can elevate the look of your living room furniture and wall treatment with a wooden wall clock, a modern timepiece without numbers, or a vintage clock. Read on for more design ideas.

What Wall Clock Should You Choose?

Trust your intuition and go with a clock that fits your style, budget, and living room's ambiance.

A bohemian living room looks even lovelier with a clock in decorative wrought iron, Roman numeral accents, or a geometric design. 

Check out this boho-style metal wall clock on Amazon.

An industrial living room looks polished and complete with an understated, chic wall clock that is metal and lacks numbers. 

Check out this mid-century style clock on Amazon.

Place a wall clock either made from wood, using Roman numerals or having a kitschy floral or pastoral design in a rustic, farmhouse style living room.

At What Height Should A Clock Be Hung?

Placing a wall clock, so it is between the eye and chest level is a good location. The size of a wall clock and its placement on a wall can heighten the sense of drama in a living room, especially if it is oversized. 

If the wall clock has hanging parts like a pendulum or is oversized, it is okay to hang it a little higher than eye level. Make sure to designate where you want to place your clock with a light pencil mark and ensure it will be level.

Check out this handy measuring tape on Amazon.

As a reference, the bottom of a singular piece of artwork usually lies 8 to 10 inches above a couch, so you may want to increase the distance as needed for comfort.

Check out this cordless drill and bit set on Amazon.

Can I Hang A Clock Above Couch?

Interior of modern room with comfortable sofa

Placing a clock above a couch may seem like a bad idea, according to Feng Shui, because it might steal the show in a room. But, it is okay to take risks and go bold.

Choose a modern oversized clock in a color that catches your eye when on the wall. Hang up a clock that is in a vibrant hue and includes vintage details, or nest artwork around a smaller clock that has a minimalist design. When in doubt, consider different types of wall decor that complements your couch and living room clock.

Check out this modern wall clock on Amazon.

Check out this classic wooden wall clock on Amazon.

Can I Hang A Clock Above Mantel?

A mantel in a living room is often an attractive visual point that can be accentuated with the addition of a wall clock. When placing a clock above a mantel, do consider how it will fit alongside existing lighting. 

Be mindful also about clock size and embellishments, so the mantel decor and clock don't compete for visual appeal.

If you really need to keep it simple over a mantle, a modern clock is a way to go.

Check out this stylish modern wall clock on Amazon.

How To Hang A Heavy Wall Clock?

Retro clock over a table on a wall in a living room with green trees outside in the spring

If you have a fantastic wall clock you wish to hang in a living room, but it is a bit heavy, you will need to make some adjustments. Remember safety first, and ask for a friend to help you with handling the clock during installation.

You will want to have a power drill or screwdriver, a pencil, a stud finder, and an anchor screw or two at the ready. Most clocks come with the necessary hardware to install it on a wall.

  1. Use a stud finder to figure out where the stud is in the wall. If you are not using the stud for a heavy clock, you should use anchor screws to support the weight.
  2. Hold your clock in the place where you want it to hang and make a pencil mark at the topmost point.
  3. Mark using a pencil where you want to place the anchor screws or nail.
  4. Use a drill or screwdriver to screw anchors into the wall, so they are flush. If not using anchors, the screw to hang up the clock should stick out, so 1/3 of the screw is visible.
  5. Hang up your clock on the screw and any anchors for additional support. Typically, clocks that are 20 lbs or less will not need anchors.

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There are plenty of different design approaches when hanging a wall clock in a living room. You can easily complement a living room with an attractive clock with a minimalist design, wooden details, or modern glass. Overall, locate a clock on a wall where it will be in view and doesn't create visual distress.

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  1. Beside all these great ideas to decorate your wall with a stylish clock, you can simply use your phone as a simple digital clock. This is especially for people who love minimalism and practical things.

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