Where To Store Shoes At An Entryway? [5 Suggestions]

The entryway is the gateway to your home, so keeping it clean and organized will leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters. If you have a bunch of shoes lying around and crowding the entryway, it can be offputting to both homeowners and guests. So, where do you store shoes in your entryway? We've researched and put together a list of practical and stylish options for you! 

There are a variety of ways you can store your shoes in your entryway:

  • Shoe Rack
  • Baskets
  • Cabinet
  • Hall Tree
  • Storage Bench

If you aren't sure what storage will work best for your entryway, keep reading! We've curated a list of ideas and products to help you decide how to create the best entryway shoe storage for your home.

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How To Store Your Shoes In The Entryway

Whether you have a large family or simply own a lot of shoes, keeping your entryway clean and clutter-free is a must. Let's discuss some options to help you optimize storage for your shoes.

Shoe Rack

Shoes on a blue rack, shot on a wood floor with soft light and negative space.

If your main shoe storage is in your entryway, then furniture made exclusively for shoes would be a great fit for you. Unlike the other options we will discuss later, shoe racks are tall shelves built specifically to hold shoes. With individual cubbies for each pair, you can store a larger number of shoes by your front door without looking cluttered.

Here are some shoe racks that would make excellent additions to your entryway:

Olbrus 7-Tier Shoe Rack

If you're limited on space, this 7-tier rack is tall and narrow. It can hold up to eight pairs of shoes, and even has a taller bottom tier for boots. You can top this shoe rack off with a plant, and it will be a sleek addition to your entryway.

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Prepac Shoe Storage Cabinet

If you have more room—and more shoes, this shelf will give the space for all of your shoe storage needs. It can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes, making it ideal for large families.

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If you would rather not have your shoes on display, baskets can be a way to keep your most-used shoes in the entryway without looking messy. You can also opt for individual baskets for each family members' shoes, or for different types of shoes. This is one way to tuck shoes away when you'd rather them not seen.

Check out these different basket options for shoe storage:

Denja & Co Rope Basket

When you want a quick and easy place to toss shoes when you walk in the door, then place this stylish and sturdy rope basket in your entryway. This basket is large enough to hold several pairs of shoes and help keep the clutter at bay!

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EZOWare Canvas Cube Set

This set of canvas organizers are great if you're looking to separate shoes by either type or owner. They can easily be placed on shelves and can even collapse if you aren't using them. 

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Choosing a cabinet for your entryway would allow you to put your shoes away and out of sight, while also giving you extra storage and an area to decorate. Guests entering your home would have no idea you were storing shoes and would simply see a beautiful piece of furniture.

Here are a couple of cabinets that would be gorgeous in your entryway:

HOMFA Storage Cabinet 

This cabinet is sleek and modern. The doors open to two shelves where you can store your shoes. It also has a drawer and three exposed shelves for storage, picture frames, or plants. For even more storage, you can place multiple cabinets side-by-side to create the look of a larger cabinet.

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Walker Edison Storage Cabinet

For a mid-modern century look, this storage cabinet would be a stylish centerpiece for any entryway. You can easily hide several pairs of shoes inside for easy access, all while maintaining a clean and simplified look. 

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Hall Tree

Besides creating a storage place for shoes, hall trees also allow you to hang your coats, purse, and umbrella all in one spot in the entryway. This is a great way to organize anything you'd want to take out the door with you, and a simple place to drop your things once you've returned home.

Check out these hall trees that are perfect for any entryway:

Vasagle Industrial Coat Rack

If you're looking for a hall tree that is simple and slim, this industrial style coat rack is for you. It has five tri-hooks and four dual hooks, so you have plenty of room to hang your coats, scarves, purses, or bags. This rack also features two wire shelves for shoe storage, so it's got it all.

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Prepac Shoe Cubbies Hall Tree

If you're looking for a hall tree with a bit more storage space, check out this hall tree that features 24 shoe cubbies. It also has six dual hooks, shelves for storage, and a long bench perfect for putting on all of those shoes.

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Storage Bench

A storage bench is a practical way to store shoes while also giving you a comfortable place to sit. It can be great for putting on difficult heels or giving your child a place to sit while you tie their shoes. You can even add a throw pillow or two to give it a more cozy feel in your entryway.

Linon Carlton Padded Bench

This bench has the look and feel of a comfortable place to sit with discreet storage under the seat. It has plenty of room to store your shoes in the entryway easily.

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Sturdis Shoe Storage Bench

This bench is great for smaller entryways. With the look of a storage bench but the function of a cabinet, this bench allows you to organize your shoes instead of just tossing them inside like any other storage bench.

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Where Should I Put My Shoe Rack In Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is all about promoting the flow of positive Qi, the circulating life energy in and around everyone, and their environments. This means only allowing your senses to interact with clean, positive, and uplifting sights and sounds. In Feng Shui, shoes are considered unclean. They are associated with smells and attracting and spreading dirt. If you are storing your shoes in the entryway, there are a couple of rules you should follow.

First, your shoes need to be pointed inward, toward a wall and away from where you would walk or stand. This prevents negative Qi from pointing towards you. Your shoes should also be stored in a closed cabinet. This eliminates the sight of shoes, and the uncleanliness they are associated with that could promote negative Qi. It would be best if you also placed the dirtiest and most worn shoes on the very bottom shelf of the cabinet to keep them closer to the Earth.

Where Can You Store Muddy Shoes?

Muddy shoes are not something you want on your entryway furniture. They can leave even the nicest entryway looking messy. If you have muddy shoes from work, hiking, or playing in the rain or snow, there are ways for you to store them both inside and outside of the home.

If you want to keep your muddy shoes in your entryway, you can place them on a drip tray. Drip trays are textured rubber pans that will keep your muddy or wet shoes off the floor and also allow them to dry. These can hold any type of shoes and are easily cleaned.

Internet's Best Boot and Shoe Tray

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If you are looking to keep your muddy shoes outside, you can use a boot rack to hang them out to dry. This is a wooden board with tall rods that allows you to store your shoes upside down. These are best for rain, snow, or hiking boots, but you can store most other close-toed shoes on them as well.

INNOKA Boot Rack

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Can You Store Shoes On The Front Porch?

Whether you don't have much space in your entryway or you simply don't like the idea of storing shoes inside, you do have the option of storing them on your front porch. This is ideal if you feel secure in leaving possessions outside and have a covered porch that would protect your belongings from rain or snow.

The furniture you place outside to store your shoes on should be sturdy and weather resistant. You should look for pieces that are metal or plastic and that have enough storage space for your shoes.

Here are some outside shoe storage options we've put together for you:

Simple Houseware Stackable Shoe Rack

This metal shoe rack is compact enough to fit on smaller porches and to combine with a second shoe rack for more storage. One rack holds up to nine pairs of shoes.

Click here to view on Amazon.

Keter Eden Storage Bench

If you want the convenience of a storage bench outside, then this 70-gallon waterproof bench is perfect for your front porch or back deck.

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In Closing

home interior, entrance hall, domestic cat, storage compartment, Where to Store Shoes at Entryway? [5 Suggestions]

Shoes will quickly clutter up any entryway when it doesn't have the proper place for storage. By using furniture with the ability to function as storage, you can keep your shoes put neatly away and off the floor of your entryway.

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