Why Is My Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice?

It can be frustrating when an ice maker doesn't produce ice. There are several reasons behind the issue, but there are simple solutions you can follow. We have researched to help you understand why a Whirlpool ice maker is not dumping ice and what you should do about it.

If a Whirlpool ice maker is not dispensing ice, here are some common reasons why:

  • Clumping of ice in the storage bin
  • Clogged ice delivery chute
  • Ice stuck in the tray
  • Clogged ice maker components (e.g., ejector arms, harvest fingers)
  • No ice in the bin

The solutions available can be simple to complex, depending on the cause of the issue. If your troubleshooting is successful, you must maintain the ice maker's condition to avoid the problem. Continue reading to learn how to deal with a Whirlpool ice maker not dumping ice below!

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What Causes A Whirlpool Ice Maker Not To Dump Ice?

A Whirlpool ice maker is a functional investment for your kitchen if you love to serve refreshing drinks with ice. You can set the machine to produce the ice you need.

All of its internal components are vital for regular ice dispensing.

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The ice maker will release ice to the storage bin regularly. However, the machine cannot release the ice for the following reasons.

1. Ice Clumping In The Bin

The ice can clump inside the bin if the built-in auger cannot break the large ice cubes formed.

The drill's function is to break the average ice cube size. You might hear a grinding sound from the machine because the drill is trying its best to help dispense as many ice cubes out.

Use a plastic utensil to break up the ice. Then, discard the ice fragments out of the bin. Avoid using sharp tools that will damage the machine.

The problem can also be a frozen auger. It can be challenging to defrost the auger, so it is best to let a professional do the job.

Adjust Ice Cube Size And Yield

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ice cubes store in ice making machine for clean product ; industrial background

If the problem persists, you can change the ice cube size from a Whirlpool ice maker. The process will vary depending on the ice maker model, so you must consult the product manual.

Older models have an adjustment knob, but new machines need manual adjustment.

Here are the steps to adjust the ice cube size of a Whirlpool refrigerator ice refrigerator:

  1. Disconnect the refrigerator from the power source.
  2. Open the freezer to access the ice bin. Then, remove ice from the container.
  3. Find the ice maker and remove its cover.
  4. Locate the water level adjustment screw. You can find it on the right side of the motor below the flex tray.
  5. Turn the screw in the direction of the plus or minus sign. The plus sign will increase the water level, while the minus sign will decrease it. Fully turn the screw once.
  6. Return the cover of the ice maker and ice bin.
  7. Turn on the refrigerator to test it.

Moreover, you can avoid producing too much ice by conducting a cube count test.

The number of ice produced varies on the ice maker model. You should compare the test results with the normal range of ice cubes the machine can make.

The type of Whirlpool ice maker and the number of ice cubes it can produce are as follows:

  • Freezer only - 56 to 72 cubes
  • Refrigerator (bin not on the door) - 80 to 120 cubes
  • Refrigerator (bin on door) - 100 to 140 cubes
  • Dual ice maker - 147 to 252 cubes

You can also disable the "Fast Ice" or "Max Ice" settings to regulate ice production. Regardless of type, it will take 2-3 days to fill the ice bin.

2. Clogged Ice Chute

There will be no ice coming from the ice maker if ice blocks the chute. The chute is the dispensing part of the ice maker. Ice makes its way from the tray to the hatch that opens when releasing ice.

The problem can happen when the ice stuck will melt if the temperature is warm, then re-freezes in the chute causing the blockage.

If the problem is due to the clogged chute, follow these steps:

  1. Place a large bowl beneath the ice dispenser.
  2. Locate the top of the chute and open it.
  3. Pour a cup of warm water into the chute. Then, wait for a few minutes.
  4. Test dispensing some ice.
  5. If ice is not dispensing, you will need the long handle of a wooden spoon to unblock the chute.
  6. After breaking the ice, wipe the chute with warm water. Dry it and test dispensing ice again.

3. Ice Stuck In The Tray

The tray will tip off the ice to the bucket. However, the ice will not come out if there are irregularly formed ice cubes.

One solution is to open and close the ice maker door a few times. If that doesn't work, pour warm water or vinegar into parts with the remaining ice.

If the ice tray has damage, change the ice tray so the machine can work properly.

4. Clogged Ice Maker Components

An ice maker will not release ice if it has clogged components. The common parts that hinder ice release are the ejector arms and harvest fingers.

Water can freeze on these parts if the temperature is not constant. It will help if you let the ice inside the machine completely melt. Then, drain all the water afterward.

5. No Ice In The Bin

If nothing comes out of the ice maker, there is no ice inside the bin. You can check if you have turned on the machine and if there is a power supply.

There can also be problems with the water inlet line and defrost function.

Do You Need To Reset A Whirlpool Ice Maker If It Won't Make Ice?

cube ice in ice making machine that door open ; food industrial background ; close up

Resetting a Whirlpool ice maker is another solution to the problem of dispensing ice and other issues.

The most common solution is to unplug the machine and wait three minutes before turning it back on. Another way is to hold the power button for five seconds.

Also, you can press and hold the reset button of the ice maker for 5 seconds. You will find the switch behind the machine. The button location will vary on the model, so check the owner's manual for the specific location.

Other ways to reset the ice maker are the following:

  • Turn on the ice maker, then fill it with at least 2 gallons of cold tap water.
  • Then, turn off the machine.
  • Pour water into the machine to remove any debris from previous use.

Your ice maker will require a reset if it is not in good condition. Hence, you must learn to maintain the machine and keep it running well.

Cleaning A Whirlpool Ice Maker

Cleaning the ice maker is a must. You cannot get fresh and abundant ice if the machine is not completely dry. Water left inside the device will re-freeze, causing the blockages.

Whirlpool recommends Affresh Ice Machine Cleaner for their ice makers. Moreover, refer to the care guide of the ice maker model. Read below the cleaning processes of the two types of ice makers.

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Freestanding Ice Maker

Here are the steps to clean a freestanding ice maker:

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug from the outlet.
  2. Empty the bottom ice bin.
  3. Wait for ten minutes to allow any stuck ice to melt.
  4. After the ice melts, remove the drain cap of the unit. Let the water completely drain out.
  5. Pour one bottle (equivalent to 16 ounces) of the suggested cleaner into the water pan.
  6. Fill the cleaner bottle with water and pour it into the pan twice.
  7. Press the CLEAN button to start the cleaning cycle. The light will blink during the cycle and will light after completing it.
  8. Empty the water pan by removing the drain cap.

Refrigerator Ice Maker

Ice maker remove shown with human hands

For refrigerator ice makers, the steps are similar.

  1. After emptying the ice bin, clean the ice dispenser chute below the ice bin. Use a warm washcloth to clean the line. Allow it to dry afterward.
  2. With the recommended cleaner, use a washcloth to wipe the ice bin. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before returning it to the refrigerator.
  3. Run a few cycles to remove the cleaning solution in the machine.

To Finish Up

There are several reasons that will not allow a Whirlpool ice maker to release the ice. A clogged ice bin, tray, or chute and the inability to produce ice cause the issue. You don't need to worry because the solutions are easy to follow.

Once you find the cause and resolve the issue, you should also maintain the condition of the ice maker by cleaning it regularly. Always refer to the owner's manual because there are specific guides for different ice maker models.

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