15 Gorgeous White And Gold Bedroom Ideas

Although it can be less than practical for some homes and families, white is a timeless classic clean color that, when paired with gold, can create a delicate elegant ambiance in any bedroom. As one of the most popular precious metals, gold is a widely popular color choice, especially for adding a hint of warm vibrant color. Exuding a certain charisma, this color combination can add light and brightness to any space and can even make your room seem bigger. 

While this color combination may be elegant and vibrant, the color gold also carries the reputation for being an arrogant and pretentious color. White may not be the most practical color choice for any home. Easily susceptible to stains and dirt, white can quickly appear dirty and dingy in high traffic areas and those homes with small children and some pets.

A combination of the ultimate light neutral color and one of the most popular metallic hues, white and gold, can be widely versatile, but too much gold can verge on tacky and excessive. We will show you some of the most popular design styles of white and gold bedrooms and discuss in more depth some of the pros, cons, and design features of these bedrooms. Just keep reading.

Interior of classic bedroom in gold colors, 15 Gorgeous White And Gold Bedroom Ideas

1. Dark brown accented bohemian-print bedroom

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Glamour bedroom interior with plants in golden pots, bed and wall molding

Using detailed print and deep warm tones to accent your white and gold room can be an excellent way to add depth and warmth to the surrounding space. The stark white walls and floors in the example below, allow the rich metallic and warm browns in the bedding and small decorative items on the metal shelf to be the focal points in this room.

This deep chocolate brown accented bedroom, along with the bohemian metallic print pillows, creates a mysterious and elegant ambiance. 

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2. Blush city chic polka dot print bedroom

Bright bedroom interior with dotted sheets, headrest, double bed, gold accents and art gallery above

Various shades of pink and blush can be the perfect soft pairing for a white and gold color scheme. For an understated contrast to this subtle and subdued look, monochromatic prints of black and white are a classy addition. Chic shades of blush combined with black and white polka dot print accent this white and gold room in the example below for a quaint feminine spin on the gold and white bedroom. 

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3. Royal plum bedroom

Luxury double bedroom with golden furniture in royal interior

For a deeply mysterious and moody accent color, consider a deep shade of purple to pair with your white and gold color combination. Often associated with royalty and elegance, purple is the perfect mix of warm red and cool blue for a whimsical and pensive shade. The plum's fierce shade in the example below is the ideal extravagant color companion to the white and gold bedroom.

4. White and gold baby bedroom

Newborn room in Scandinavian style

The white and gold color combination may seem like a grown-up color scheme, but it is also an excellent palette for use in a nursery. Using these two versatile colors allows you to accent the room with a vast array of other colors. In the example below, this white nursery is brightened and warmed up using the colors gold, grey, and pink for a festive and feminine look, but it could also be combined with more masculine colors for a baby boy nursery. 

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5. Festive white and gold bedroom

Modern white classical style interior design apartment bedroom with Christmas golden ornament decorations

Opting to use mostly white in your white and gold room can add an expansive feel to your space. A gold decorated Christmas tree is used to add brightness and a gold accent to this mostly white bedroom in the example below. The gold dresser and other small gold accessories add a bit of glamour and glitz to this room.

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6. Mirrored gold, white, and black bedroom

Interior of classic bedroom in gold colors

Another elegant accent color, black, can be combined with this white and gold color scheme for a more formal and classy look. The flat gold colored bed in the example below is accentuated by the luxurious black and gold print wall behind the bed and the formal chandelier above the bed. The mirrored wall accents and decorative gold candelabras add a splash of sophistication and extravagance to this bedroom.

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7. Deep gold, white, and marble bedroom

White marble and gold color bedroom interior decorated with arches Indian style

Gold, like any other color, has endless numbers of different shades. Deep shades of gold can give your bedroom a mysterious and dramatic feel. This deep and moody shade of gold is combined with white and an extravagant marble backdrop for a luxurious and royal ambiance in the bedroom pictured below. The wall behind the bed with the lighted wall cut out adds to this room's dramatic look.

8. Soft pink, gold, and white animal print bedroom

When you think of animal print, soft hues and textures are not normally what comes to mind. The bedroom in the example below is the perfect adaptation of soft shades and textures in an animal print themed room. From the furry white floors to the white tufted headboard and bedding, 

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9. Mixed geometric print white and gold bedroom

Liven up your room by mixing lines and other geometric shapes with different prints in your room. The bedding's metallic geometric pattern is a stark contrast to the black and white rug's bold lines. A subtle white brick print in the background also offers a delicate contrast to the other geometric print throughout the room.

The white and gold bedroom seen in the example below is accented with black and deep brown shades along with a pop of natural color provided by the decorative plant in the corner of the room for a youthful and cozy spin on this look. 

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10. Geometric print wallpapered bedroom

Consider a printed wallpaper as a trendy backdrop to your space for a unique and artsy look in your bedroom. The white and gold geometric print wallpaper pictured below is definitely the focal point of this room, accented only with a solid white bed and mauve's soft shades. Once thought of as dated and old fashioned, wallpaper is making a comeback as a practical personalized form of wall covering. 

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11. Southwestern boho chic white and gold bedroom

Bohemian chic is a distinct decorative style that pulls in different styles for a distinctive and personalized look for your bedroom. To create an eclectic bohemian look for your bedroom, combine different colors, textures, and patterns for this unique decor style. Deep burgundy, soft blush shades, and subtle greys combine in the picture below for a subdued southwestern palette with a cloudy ambiance.

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12. Rustic gold and white bedroom

Minimalistic style is a widely popular trend in home decor. Combining country-inspired furniture and accessories with soft tones and metallic accents can help you achieve this look. Warm tones of gold and natural wood combine with cool rustic metal and shades of grey in the bedroom pictured below for this cozy-chic cabin feel.

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13. Grecian goddess inspired white and gold bedroom

The bedroom in the example below is an excellent example of putting a unique spin on a traditional lavish look. This Greek key-like print on the bedding combined with the gold laurel wreath strung along the bed frame creates this old world Greek-inspired room. A soft faux fur rug paired with the posh chandelier above for a soft modern addition to this space.

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14. Gold and white chevron college bedroom

As we have shown, the white and gold color scheme is a great decorative choice for many bedrooms, including a college bedroom or dorm room. In the example below, this fun chevron patterned bedding print accessorized using gold print throw pillows and a funky tassel decoration above this white and gold bed. 

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15. Jewel-toned green accented white and gold bedroom

A perfect mixture of cool blue and yellow hues, green is a great complementary color to gold and white. Elegant and cool shades of green can be the perfect addition to your white and gold bedroom. Whimsical and posh, the jewel-toned greens in the picture below add a vibrant burst of deep color to this white and gold color scheme.

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Your bedroom is your personal space and should represent your personality and tastes. White and gold as a color combination is quickly becoming widely popular, especially for use in bedrooms. We hope that the selection of gold and white bedroom ideas that we have provided has sparked your decorative spirit and given you some inspiration for decorating your space. 

In Closing

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