15 Great White And Gray Deck Ideas

Outdoor living spaces have become hugely popular and can be used as an extension of your existing home. The structural decor that a deck adds to your home is unmatched for spending time with friends and loved ones outdoors.  

Shades of white and gray are popular colors in all aspects of home decor, including outdoor living areas. White and light shades of gray will give your deck an expansive look while not absorbing much heat, making for a cooler space.

Decks are functional outdoor pieces that can add tons of character to the exterior of your home, but they do require some upkeep. Depending on the color of your deck, repainting or re-staining may be required regularly. 

Shades of white and some grays are light colors, so they will show scuffs, scratches, and stains more than a deeper hue. Light shades of coordinating outdoor furniture can also be difficult to maintain and keep looking new and clean.

Decks provide seating space for your outdoor gatherings, so they should be practical and meet your family's needs. Choosing the right look for your deck while also making sure that it will be functional can be challenging.

With so many available shades of white and gray, picking the right one can also be a challenge. We have done the legwork to bring you a comprehensive selection of great white and gray deck ideas. Just keep reading!

Backyard of a suburban home with a deck and pergola, 15 Great White And Gray Deck Ideas

White Decks

Shades of white look brilliant and crisp under natural outdoor light. White surfaces add an airy look and feel to any space, including outdoor spaces. 

White decks are versatile and coordinate with most exterior home colors. This deck color will add a vibrant light neutral accent to your outdoor space. 

1. Japanese-Style Whitewashed Deck

Ornamental Japanese-style garden with outdoor lounge area

Find tranquility in your outdoor space with a Japanese-inspired deck. Whitewashed wood and colorful plants accompany a koi pond for a peaceful spot to relax and gather. 

A Japanese-style deck adds a soothing sense of solitude to your outdoor space. Bright natural wood shades add some warmth to this color palette and add a welcoming look to your deck.

2. Whitewashed Outdoor Dining Deck

Dining with your family or friends under the stars is sure to bring a whole new experience to dinnertime. A whitewashed deck adorned with white furniture and decor creates a bright outdoor space, even at night. 

Paper lantern lights add a warm intimate glow to your deck and outdoor dining space. A white pergola completes this look and offers some shade during sunny hours. 

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3. Enclosed White Stained Deck

The enclosed deck space adds a sense of intimacy to your outdoor space. Staining your deck flooring white adds a subtle brightness to your deck floor. 

Use warm creamy beige tones for wall color and outdoor furniture to balance the starkness of the white floors. Natural greenery brings cool tranquility into your space. 

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4. White Painted Deck With Bright Accents

Furnished patio zone, rooftop terrace at warm summer day

Crisp clean white painted deck wood gives your outdoor space an expansive look. Accenting your white-painted deck with some bright red decor along with brightly colored greenery gives your space some brilliant sophisticated color. 

A white-painted trellis creates a border for your space and adds a sense of privacy to your deck. Create shade as well as a coordinated look by using a white umbrella on your deck.

5. White Deck With Natural Wood Accents

Warm wood accents bring out the brilliance of white-painted wooden decks. A wooden privacy wall creates a secluded nook in the comfort of your backyard. 

Neutral shades of cream will warm up your white deck and add balance to this color palette. Natural greenery spread around your deck brings in an element of bright natural color. 

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6. White Mediterranean Style Deck

Warm neutral tones come together with crisp shades of white to create a Mediterranean look on your deck. White floors combine with warm brown comfy floor seating to add a tranquil ambiance to your outdoor space. 

Large-leafed tropical plants add to this calming atmosphere and add a splash of color. Use natural tropical accent pieces to add to this beachy look. 

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7. White And Navy Striped Deck

For a nautical look, consider painting your deck flooring in a striped pattern. Flooring in white and navy colors creates an expansive illusion with a nautical flare for your outdoor space. 

Using navy-colored accent pillows can create a cohesive look for your deck. Using multiple colors for accent pieces gives this palette some vibrant fun color and contrast.

Gray Decks

A cool mixture of white and black shades, gray is a hugely popular color in home interiors and exteriors. Gray-colored decks can add a dramatic effect to your outdoor space. 

Gray-colored decks are cool and modern and are sure to turn heads. Many different flooring materials are available in gray tones, making this color extremely adaptable. 

8. Charcoal Gray Deck With White Pergola

A backyard of a suburban home with a deck and pergola

Consider using a deep shade of charcoal gray for your deck for an added dramatic effect. This moody shade of gray will make any other surrounding colors pop by comparison.

To accent your charcoal gray deck with some crisp color and add some shade, a white pergola is a perfect addition to your deep-colored gray deck. Black deck furniture completes the look and adds some detail and dimension. 

9. Dark Gray Tiled Deck

Covered patio deck with an ample amount of seating

Another beautiful option to use for your deck flooring is tile. Dark gray tile is the perfect cool flooring material for your outdoor space. 

This look is completed with white and black furniture and accents. Natural greenery adds a splash of cool color for some bright contrast. 

10. Gray Deck With Red Brick Fireplace

Backyard deck and patio with fireplace set for a dinner party

Red brick will add a warm textured look to any space. A brick fireplace adds a functional and decorative element to your outdoor space. 

Pairing a red brick fireplace with rustic gray wood adds a modern urban look to your deck and home. White accents balance this deep color palette and add an element of detail to your space.

11. Gray Brick Deck

For an alternative modern urban look to your deck, consider using gray brick for your deck flooring material. Brick adds an unmatched texture to any space and will look stunning on the floor of your deck. 

Repurposed pallets can be painted and used as tables for an added rustic look. Balance this look with a cool metal roof and blue-colored accent pillows for a peaceful shady outdoor den. 

12. Gray/Greige Stone Paved Deck

Looking down on a cozy outdoor living patio

Greige is a warm mixture of gray and beige that makes the perfect shade for a deck floor. Bright wood tones add a brilliant burst of toasty color to liven up this palette. 

Stone pavers can combine several shades of gray and greige for a subtle multicolored floor. Using gray chair cushions or accents will highlight the warmer undertones in greige pavers. 

13. Gray Concrete Deck

Luxury island villa with infinity pool at sunset

Concrete makes a smooth durable flooring material for your deck. The cool flooring plane of concrete creates a natural serene ambiance in your outdoor space. 

Add a low-profile outdoor furniture set for a modern tranquil look. Shades of tan for your outdoor furniture add a warm balance to this cool look.

14. Cool Gray Composite Deck

Part of white residential house with dark gray composite material terrace deck with wooden railings

Composite flooring material creates a pristine elegant look in any space, including your deck. Gray composite material adds a cool flawless look to your outdoor flooring. 

Wooden railings in the same shade give this deck a cohesive look. Warm wood tones add a toasty contrast to your cool gray composite flooring. 

15. Gray Mixed Flooring Material Deck 

A multi-level deck can be given new life by using different materials on different levels. Wood and stone flooring material in shades of gray can be coupled for a striking look. 

Black furniture can be used to add some depth and detail to your gray deck. Use one level of your deck for dining space and the other for outdoor seating to separate these spaces while maintaining a sense of cohesion by using gray material. 

Final Thoughts

Your outdoor living space should feel like a home outside of your home. White and gray decks can be a stylish addition to your home's exterior. 

With so many gorgeous options in white and gray decks, choosing the perfect look for your deck can seem daunting. We hope that the above listing of great white and gray decks has inspired some ideas for your outdoor project. 

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