37 White and Silver Living Room Ideas That Will Inspire You

A silver and white color scheme brings to mind visions of a bright winter's day. It can be used to decorate in any number of ways, from formal to cozy casual, and flashy to subtle. It  is especially enjoyed when it is used in the living room area where the visual impact can impress.

If a silver and white living room sounds like a beautiful dream, then keep reading! Below are pictures of living room designed with this color palette that will inspire you and give you ideas that you can use to create your own glittering showplace.

37 White and Silver Living Room Ideas That Will Inspire You

Silver Accents

Adding silvery accents to a room that is painted white and furnished primarily in white adds instant drama and elegance.

Add white slipcovers to furniture in a silver living room, then black and white artwork and a big furry silver rug for a more relaxed vibe.

Take a walk on the wild side! A simple white room is the perfect showcase for the graphic silver painting with gold claw marks. The animal print and white fur throw pillows carry on with the animalist feel, but the harshness of the room is softened by the silver area rug.

A gray sofa with a gray drape with dangling lamps pointed to the end table

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This simple modern room is plain Jane with its clean lines and modern sofa. The focal point is the uniqueness of the silver light fixtures, which looks like they could have been borrowed from a 1960's science fiction movie.

Silver Furniture

Surprisingly simple, this soft silver sofa fits in this tiny living room perfectly. As soft patterned rug and white throw make this room great for relaxing, and the look can be easily achieved on a budget!

This room could also be accomplished if you are budget-conscious. Black and white a decorative accents on the walls add a little contrast, while staying in keeping with the silver and white theme.

You can use the same ideas in a larger room for a clean and tidy living room.

A light silver sofa with an end table in front with an indoor plant on top and silver dangling lamps

A pale silver sectional covered in pillows is the focal point of this room that is ready for the patter of feet running in and out from the sunny outdoors. Give your family a relaxing room to chill out when the sun gets too hot.

Another way to make a room interesting is it use varying shade of silver and white. Pale silver walls with white trim and accents provide the backdrop for simple silver and white furniture. This create a simple and relaxing atmosphere.

A shiny silver living room set enhances the modern feel of of this room. Add a glass coffee table with stainless steel legs and a silver end table for even more shine. A few teal accents keep the room from getting too monotone.

Interior of a contemporary living room with a light silver sofa, dark gray painted wall, and a gray carpet on the flooring


Silver Flooring looks like marble in the sunlight in this open and modern living room. A few carefully chosen silver accents like the drapes, light fixture and ottoman break up the stark whiteness of the walls and furniture.

Luxurious modern contemporary living room inspired with the colored gray and silver furniture

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A white, silver, and balck patterned area rug helps to define the sitting area in this transitional living room. In a room this open and airy, using a rug in this way adds color and texture while still maintaining the chosen color palette and natural design flow of the room.

The carpet in this room is a velvety silver that adds warm texture to a coolly modern room, so instead of looking harsh, the room is comfortable and inviting.

Cozy Comfort

For the homemaker whose focus is beauty and complete comfort, this living room is a perfect example of how one can incorporate white and silver by using items that evoke comfort. From the soft slipcover and multiple pillows, muted silver walls, and furry rug, this living room is perfect for curling up with a good book!

A cozy living room would not be complete without an overstuffed silver sofa and fluffy pillow with matching throw to get wrapped up in. Everything about this room is soft and calming.

A gorgeous white and silver incorporated living room with a gray sofa, silver dangling lamps, and white painted walls

A gargantuan silver sectional overflowing with pillow and blankets provides ample seating for a large family so they can stretch out and cuddle down for movie night.

This picture is almost the exact opposite as to the use of the color scheme. Silver walls and white furniture with silvery pillows and throws make for a comfy family space.

The silver and white color combination is especially popular for holiday decorating.  Bright white walls and furniture provide a canvas so subtle silver accents and twinkle lights give a festive air to the room.


Incorporating glass into the decor of a silver-and-white room looks phenomenal. With this color palette, glass takes on the reflective quality of silver and adds glamour to the room.

If you are decorating on a budget, toss a couple of pillows in white and silver, and a simple glass plate with a candle and thrift store glassware on the  faux white marble tabletop look more expensive and chic.

An easy and cost effective addition to a silver and white room is a mirror. This mirror reflects the brightness of the silver-framed light fixture and makes the room look larger.

Glittery Accents

When we think of silver, we think of glitz and glam. Glittery silver decorative items elevate a delicate white room from commonplace to extraordinary and glamorous.

Another great quality of silver is the way that it reflects light. In this room, the silver accents enhance the warm glow of the lamp light and really beautifies a simple room.

A white sleeper sofa inside a dark gray themed living room with a wooden coffee table, wooden flooring and a silver dangling lamp

This chandelier though! This silver draped light fixture is stunning and is just a piece of the fabulousness of this room. Accent lights and candles are reflected in the silver picture frames and the glass top table.

Luxurious Finishes

A silver and white color combination can look very luxurious if used properly. In this ultra-modern living room, white is used as the accent color instead of silver. The simplicity of the room allows the bubble light fixture to be center stage.

Pale silver elegance is the color story of this stunning living room. Everything about this room scream luxury, from the large tufted sofas to the large mirror over the white fireplace mantle.

These antique sofas in white trimmed out in silver look expensive and elegant. Against the silver wall, and the white rug they bring a vintage coolness to the room.

Varying shades of white in this massive open living room are brought to life by hints of silver in the marble fireplace, pillows and decorative accents. This same lightness could be easily replicated in a more modest living room by taking care to choose expensive looking elements and details.

The fireplace in this room is a showstopper! White is the prevalent color in this room so as not to detract from it: white walls, white furniture and even white flooring. All this white is broken up with pops of silver in the lighting, vases, pillows and area rug.

Similar in concept, this room is almost entirely dressed in white, with elements of silver that give it a glamorous flair. The mirror and the chandelier inject drama into the room and make it anything but boring!

This living room is as romantic as can be with its antique touches, the original crown molding and deep set windows. One can imagine that it is a restored English country home well away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While the room and sofas are white, bits of silver add an air of refinement by way of the mirror, crystal chandelier, and a few casually tossed pillows.

Patterned Wallpaper

A carefully chosen wallpaper is an easy way to add texture and interest to a room without overpowering the rest of the design elements. This stunning silver-and-white flower print is classic and charming.

Chose an elegant silver design as a polished accent wall in a more modern eclectic living room. When the decorative elements are simple, like the white fireplace, the wallpaper can become a work of art that adds personality to a room.

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Who doesn't love tons of comfy pillows when it comes time to snuggle down on the sofa and binge watch your favorite show with your loved ones? Pillows are also a great way to add color and texture to a room, too. These furry pillows are in varying shades of silver and make the simple white furnishing more interesting.

If you are not brave enough to have white furniture, then start with silver-gray sofa and add white pillows of all different textures to make the room more interesting.

Is there a sofa in here? Sequins, fur, knit in a different shade of white and silver create a super cozy corner that is the perfect place to take up residence for all of the cold, cold winters!

If you love the shine of silver but are not bold enough to go all out, an easy and tasteful way to incorporate it into your living room is with silver lame pillows. These pillows add just the right amount of sparkle without being garish and tacky.

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Jazz it Up

As you can see from the rooms above, there are a variety of ways to create a stunning living room decorated in silver and white. You can go high end luxurious, or thrift store vintage, depending on what you like, and your budget. The most important thing to remember about decorating this all-important space is that you surround yourself with things that you love and that the end result is as glamorous and chic as you are!

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