15 White Boho Curtains That Will Look Great in Any Room

The boho design style is forever the free-spirited, bright faction of the interior design world. Colors, patterns, and textures are usually mixed and matched to create brilliant and bold rooms. Ethnic patterns, velvets and silks, reds, greens, and blues, as well as cultural elements from around the world and old-world vintage styles, are all elements 0f classic boho style.

You can create a perfect boho room without the wonderfully eye-catching colors that typically are featured, however. White is as much as part of the style as any other color. White woven wall hangings come to mind, as well as breezy and lightweight bed hangings.

A great way to add white in your boho room, or even feature it, is with your curtains. I've got 15 beautifully boho curtains that knock the neutral look out of the park right here. Stick around to get some inspiration for your next design project!

15 White Boho Curtains That Will Look Great in Any Room

White Boho Curtains

Balloon Curtain Shade

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Shade curtain

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This curtain would make a gorgeous addition to any boho design. The lightweight fabric makes for a casual yet elegant look, and the beaded crochet designs give it that bohemian element. The handcrafted aspect is perfect for boho flair, and the way it softens the light will create that peaceful and romantic atmosphere boho strives for.

Mandala Curtain

Patterns and symbols from cultures around the world are staples in boho design, and this curtain set displays the mandala beautifully. The color contrast allows the design to pop against the background, creating a great element of visual interest in the room. White and gold colors keep it simple while the intricate design bumps it up a notch. This would be a great statement in a boho living room or used as a focus in a bedroom.

Stripe Medallion Curtains

If you'd like to add some height to a room with a low ceiling, these curtains would be perfect. The stripes created by the medallion patterns would draw the eyes up, giving the illusion of a much higher ceiling. The intricate design is classic boho, as bohemian looks prefer elements of extreme detail. Simple blue and white color keeps the room relaxed and casual, a great contrast to the detailed pattern.

Macrame Curtains

Macrame wall hangings are super popular in boho designs, and now you can double them as curtains, too! The woven design is perfect for adding in the handmade elements loved by boho enthusiasts. Curtains like this also let in a lot of natural light while still softening it, something that's a staple in boho style. These may not add a lot of privacy, however, so layering with more solid curtains would be a good idea if used in a bedroom or bathroom.

Lace Curtains

Lace has long been known as a beautiful handmade fabric, and these curtains display that beauty wonderfully. Handmade objects are great for boho designs, and these have the added feature of letting through natural light while still providing privacy. If you want something that's elegant yet also laid back, these are perfect for any bohemian room. Layer these with more solid curtains in a bedroom, or use them alone for an elegant look in a living or dining room.

Silver Mandala Curtains

Mandala is a classic boho design, and these curtains displaying it in silver and white add a brighter, relaxed feel to a room. The light and airy look also allows plenty of light in through the window while reducing the brightness. These curtains are fairly sheer, though, so if you use these in a bedroom you may want to pair them with some darkening panels rather than using them alone.

Moroccan Embroidered Curtains

Moroccan elements are a favorite in boho design, and these curtains deliver an elegant take on them. The design is embroidered into slightly sheer white curtains to create a breezy feel in any bohemian-inspired room while still allowing through plenty of natural light. These would be wonderful in any room you choose, though the simple elegance would work really well in a dining or living room.

Kerala Printed Curtains

This set of cotton curtains has a gorgeous and detailed design that would be perfect in a boho room. Intricate designs are classic in bohemian looks, and the simple, toned-down color choices allows the pattern to stand out. The patterns are a bit exotic, borrowing from Middle Eastern cultures, a classic boho style element. These are also fairly heavy curtains that have shade lining, so they would work great in a bedroom.

Boho Curtain Panel

This curtain panel displays a pretty medallion design to add to your boho style. While this example is shown in indigo and white, you can also choose from turquoise and fuchsia if you'd like a brighter pop of color. These tabbed panels are also slightly sheer, perfect for softening the natural light from a window and giving that peaceful and romantic vibe that boho is known for.

Paisley Damask Curtains

This set of white curtains has two favorites of boho design: colors and patterns. The detailed paisley design on the top and bottom of the curtains pops from the white background, creating an eye-catching feature in any room. As an added bonus, this set is made with room-darkening lining, meaning if you want these for a bedroom you'll definitely rest peacefully in your bohemian paradise.

Watercolor Arrow Curtains

Soft watercolor makes for a calming feature on these boho curtains. The arrow and feather designs bring in the natural elements boho lovers adore while also subtly adding some color that stands out well against the white fabric. The watercolor element is a bit different for boho, but it works well here. The softer look of these curtains would be perfect for a bedroom or casual living space.

Vintage Damask Curtains

Vintage elements are big in boho style. Outdated looks were popular among the original bohemian creators as they couldn't afford newer styles, and boho enthusiasts today still enjoy using older trends. The pink and green colors in these curtains add in pops of color, while the thermal insulation will help to keep brighter light and extreme temps from creeping into your room.

Dream Catcher Panel Curtains

Feathers are a fun nod to nature in any boho design, and the bright colors used on these give them a perfect bohemian vibe. Boho design loves bright mixed colors, and the variation used on these feathers adds plenty of hues that jump off the white background of the curtains. This set includes two panels to complete your window dressings, as well as two tiebacks for pulling your curtains open and letting in light or a light breeze.

Grey and White Tribal Curtains

Tribal patterns are a favorite in boho design, and these white curtains subtly display them in grey. While it's not the bright and bold look that you typically think of when considering boho style, the pattern is a great look for this design theme. Boho also favors a peaceful vibe that can be created easily with muted colors like those found here. The white and gray create a laid back, casual look that would work really well in a bathroom or bedroom.

Lace Sheer Balloon Curtains

The vintage look of these balloon curtains is great for boho design. Filmy, sheer fabric is embroidered with lace designs that when combined with the ballooning shade look gives an elegant, handmade look that's classic in boho styles. The lightweight construction of these curtains also allows in plenty of natural light while softening it so it's not blindingly bright in the room. These are so sweet and romantic. They would work wonderfully in a romantic retreat for the master bedroom or bathroom.

Boho Style

The bohemian design style loves color, casual elegance, and handmade, vintage pieces to create a mismatched design that creates a fun and eclectic look. The use of white curtains doesn't take away from the more colorful tendency of boho, rather gives bolder elements a place to contrast and stand out more. Any of the curtains or curtain sets used above would work beautifully in a boho themed room. Draw inspiration from our picks, or choose a look to perfectly complete your boho room!

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