7 White Cabinets With Black Countertops Ideas

When choosing a cabinet and countertop combination for your kitchen, it can be hard to decide what will be your best selection. Popular kitchen styles come and go, and although decor can change, cabinets and countertops are on the more complicated and expensive end of the redesign. If you want a kitchen that can change with the ebb and flow of trends, choosing a combo that's timeless will give you the best canvas to style around.

Modern black and white kitchen with cabinets and oven, 7 White Cabinets With Black Countertops Ideas

White Cabinets With Black Countertops Ideas

White cabinets create a bright and open space. Their coloring is classic but also timeless. You can't go wrong with the crisp and clean feeling they give to your kitchen. 

Black countertops are practical in that they don't easily show mess or stains. They are suited for most color palettes and look gorgeous when paired with any color or style of appliances.

When combined, white cabinets and black countertops create contrast in a kitchen. The white cabinets brighten up the darker countertops and the black counters create definition and depth in your design. This combination can fit any design style, from rustic to modern to industrial and everything in between. Let's take a look at ways to build around your countertops and cabinets to make the most of this color combination.

1. Retro Color Pallete

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Modern designed kitchen with white cabinets, red back splash, stainless steel range oven and hood

Adding red to your white and black color palette is a way to spice up your kitchen. Not only is this color combination bold and dynamic, but it's also a classic. Adding a red backsplash can be modern when paired with bright stainless steel appliances. Or it can take on a retro diner-style for a bit of fun, especially when paired with a black and white checked floor.

Worried your backsplash won't be as everlasting as your white cabinets and black countertops? Peel and stick removable tiles are perfect for keeping up with the ever-changing fads.

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2. Warm and Inviting

Home interior kitchen painted in white, brightly lit, with a good view of black granite countertop

Black and white kitchens don't have to feel boring and sterile. If you want a warmer look for a more traditional kitchen, you can start by choosing a matte white paint for your cabinets. Shiny black counters look bright and clean, but when combined with a shiny cabinet finish, it can be too modern. Using a matte white, or even off-white will balance the look of the black countertops.

Adding greenery and warm-toned painted walls will also make the room feel more welcoming for guests.

3. Sleek and Modern

Modern black and white kitchen with cabinets and oven

Unlike the previous picture, if you want a sleek and modern design, then glossy cabinets and countertops are right on-trend. This finish is ideal for smaller kitchens as it reflects light and makes the room appear larger.

This contemporary kitchen uses stainless accents in the cabinet hardware and countertop items adding to the streamlined modern design.

4. Perfect Details

Modern classic black and white kitchen

Focusing on the small details can take your kitchen to a whole new level. Choosing unique cabinet handles, fun accent colors, or unique pictures for your kitchen are all ways to add character through subtle details.

This kitchen boasts of small details with a modern vintage oven and range in black with copper accents. It's a beautiful design element that will set your kitchen apart. And don't forget matching appliances to tie the kitchen together.

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5. Add Some Color

Modern, black and white gloss kitchen with table and countertop

White cabinets and black countertops create the perfect blank slate for all of your design ideas. Adding bright and interesting pops of color will create depth to the kitchen and highlight your favorite accent pieces.

Choosing a soft blue backsplash like this kitchen adds a calming element to an otherwise stark kitchen. This shade of blue also imitates the look of the glass on the upper cabinets, tying it all together. You can also add these pops of color in the form of rugs, decorative vases, or canisters.

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6. Color Block

Spacious modern kitchen with black countertop and white cabinets

This kitchen uses color blocking with an added twist. The wooden texture added to the upper area of the wall, where cabinets sit, creates a more intricate design element. The top of the wall is white and could have easily extended down to where the wall meets the counter, causing the cabinets and wall to blend in. However, this blocking allows the cabinets to stand out and makes the kitchen look taller.

Another way this kitchen is made to look taller is by extending the color of the countertops up to the wood color block. This blurs the lines of where the wall and countertop end and begin, making the space appear much bigger.

7. Industrial Details

White gourmet kitchen with black countertops

Industrial style kitchens are a popular trend right now. Using bare bone elements, like exposed wood, metals, and neutrals, makes up this industrial feel. Lines are clean, functions are clear, and you're able to create an interesting yet simplified space.

This kitchen appears simple apart from the star elements. The pendant light fixtures take on the exposed metal look, and the bar stools are metal and polished wood. In this instance, the white cabinets and black countertops are merely a canvas for the design to play on.

Remodeling Your Kitchen?

We hope these 7 ideas have provided you with just the right amount of inspiration that you needed to get started on your kitchen remodel or refresh!

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