15 Wonderful White Laundry Room Ideas

If you're lucky enough to have an actual laundry room, rather than a nook or a closet or none at all, why not make it fabulous? We've gathered ideas for sparkling clean white laundry rooms for you to get inspiration from. White is clean and fresh and bright, just like you want your laundry to be, so it's a perfect color to choose for a laundry room.

The only drawback is that your baseboards might have to be dusted down a bit more often as they'll show dirt more easily. But that's a small price to pay for something so gorgeous. So let's take a look at these beautiful laundry room ideas in white.

small laundry room with white walls, open cabinets with towels, white washing machine. 15 Wonderful White Laundry Room Ideas

1. Choose A Darker Neutral For Your Countertops

laundry room with A Darker Neutral For Your Countertops

If you're going for an all-white laundry room but want a bit of variation, one thing you might do is choose a darker color for your countertops. In this clean-lined laundry space, contemporary white cabinets and a light maple floor keep things bright. So adding a darker grey countertop that matches the door and window framing doesn't darken things down. On the contrary, it only enhances the beauty of this white room.

2. White Laundry Room, Bold Red Floor

White laundry room with a red floor and white wooden storage combination

Here's a unique take on a white laundry room. We have a beautiful arrangement of stark white cabinetry, a white porcelain sink, even a white washer, and dryer. The sink fixture and handles are minimal and sleek stainless steel. But the floor is a real stand-out. The homeowners have stained the concrete flooring a bright red color adding a dimension one might not expect, making a bold design statement in this white laundry room.

3. White Laundry Room, Smoke Grey Washer And Dryer

Modern Laundry room. White Laundry Room, Smoke Grey Washer And Dryer

Who says your laundry room has to be all white? In this generously sized laundry room, beautiful cabinetry and molding are done in a bright white. The tile floor has a tinge of grey, but barely. But rather than choose similarly white laundry appliances, here, the homeowner has installed smoke grey appliances. It's a nice contrast to all of the white and puts the room's focus on the function.

4. Find A Cute Graphic Sign For Your White Laundry Room Wall

Clean white cabinets with no handles. A Cute Graphic Sign For Your White Laundry Room Wall

Laundry rooms don't have to be devoid of personality. And even if you've chosen to go for stark white in your flooring, walls, cabinetry, and appliances, you can still make it fun. This space has a jaunty metal sign on the opposite wall that definitely spells out the room's function. But really, any cute graphic tin sign could be a fun look for your white laundry room.

Here's a cute vintage-inspired metal sign for your laundry room. This one is a bit more petite at 10" x 4," but it could look adorable hanging on a narrow wall or above your appliances.

Click here for this on Amazon.

5. Make Your White Laundry Room Serve Double Duty As A Mud Room

Stackable washer and dryer conveniently located next to mud bench, coat hooks and cubbyholes. Exceptional space design combining laundry room and mud room

If you have an active family, you know you need a spot for shucking coats and muddy boots. Why not find a way to combine your white laundry room and mudroom all in one space. This room has a clever use of elements to create this combo function. Choosing a stackable laundry unit gives room for an extra freezer, folding counter space, and a large mudroom bench and hanging area. We think this is very clever.

6. Dress Up Your White Cabinets With Colorful Knobs And Pulls

all white laundry room with Dress Up Your White Cabinets With Colorful Knobs And Pulls

If you love the look of a white laundry room and want it to have some fun freshness, consider using vintage drawer pulls in your favorite color. Victorian door pulls were made of glass and have been reproduced widely. Now they come in a ton of fun colors that will match any home decor design. In the above laundry room, they've chosen a cheery orange color.

Here's a collection of reproduction glass cabinet pulls in pink. Click here for these on Amazon.

7. Butcher Block Countertops Look Great With White Cabinets

modern laundry room with Butcher Block Countertops Look Great With White Cabinets

Butcher block is a beautiful material for a white laundry room countertop. Here a lighter shade of butcher block tops open white shelves. A wash sink in white porcelain picks up the white of the cabinets below. It's a very Scandinavian-inspired style for a white laundry room.

8. Opt For Mostly White, But Add A Touch Of Color

A new house laundry room with white cabinets, tile floor, sink, counter and square door knobs. Opt For Mostly White, But Add A Touch Of Color

If you love white, but feel like all white might be just too much, here's another option. Go for white cabinets and appliances, but allow your floor and walls to veer astray.

In this laundry room, a natural-toned tile has been chosen for the floor, and the walls have been painted a very soft sage green. White painted trim on the floorboard and window casings tie into the white cabinetry pulling everything together.

9. Everything White But The Walls

Many cabinets for storage and supplies in utility room. Everything White But The Walls

Here's another option if you love the look of a mostly white laundry room. In this room, gorgeous custom cabinetry is paired with white marble countertops and a beautiful white tile floor. The appliances are also chosen in white. Door pulls, and knobs are stainless, but the big difference here is the bold blue wall color. Because cabinetry takes up so much of the space, the bold doesn't overwhelm or takeover. It still reads as a white laundry room, but with an added pizazz.

10. Use An Accent Wall of Wallpaper In Your White Laundry Room

Gingham pattern and white cabinets and countertops. Accent Wall of Wallpaper In Your White Laundry Room

Here's a fun and cheery idea for your white laundry room. Consider adding a wall of wallpaper as an accent design. With its gorgeous white cabinets, quartz countertops, and large bright windows, this room is enhanced with the beautiful white and grey floral wallpaper. This particular pattern is a great casual, neutral. Of course, you change the room's vibe and design style with the type of wallpaper you choose, but this idea would work for all kinds of schemes.

11. Use A Darker Colored Cabinet For Your Appliances

laundry room with A Darker Colored Cabinet For Your Appliances

If you want to really showcase the function of your laundry room, here's an idea. Wrap your appliances in a waterfall-style cabinet in a darker color than the rest of the room. Here they've chosen black, but they could have also chosen a gorgeous blue to go with the artwork on the wall above the washer and dryer. The rest of the room is such a lovely white, the little bit of color doesn't take away from it.

12. Paint Any Exposed Brick White

Stack of clean towels on cart in laundromat. Paint Any Exposed Brick White

If you have exposed brick in your laundry room, go ahead and paint it white. The coating of thick paint will provide sheen and help keep the walls from collecting lint and dander that might go along with being in a laundry room. Plus, it will look much cleaner than any color the brick will provide.

13. Hang A Chalkboard Above The Wash Sink

Interior, washing machine and dishwasher. Hang A Chalkboard Above The Wash Sink

Hanging a chalkboard above the wash sink is a good way to keep a schedule of what's going on in the laundry room. Leave instructions for which wash cycles work best. Or make sure the green sweater doesn't go in the dryer. Or fill the chalkboard with beautiful flowers and doodles while you wait for your spin cycle to stop spinning. 

Here's a cute shabby chic framed chalkboard with white paint. It's perfect for hanging in your white laundry room. Click here for this on Amazon.

14. Use Fun Colored Accessories in Your White Laundry Room

Washing of different towels in modern laundry room. Fun Colored Accessories in Your White Laundry Room

White walls, check. Bright white appliances, check. White floors, check. But maybe you want a little something else? Consider your accessories. Here some stacking storage cubes are chosen for their color. A few white, a few greys, and a few of another color. Here they've gone with pastels. We particularly love the pastel blue turquoise laundry basket.

Not quite the same, but this would work. Click for this laundry basket on Amazon.

15. Cube Storage in White

Bathroom interior with towels and washing machine. Cube Storage in White

If you don't have a grand expanse of white cabinets, consider purchasing easy-care storage cubes. Here, the white cubes work perfectly in the all-white laundry room. It's a great spot for storing detergent, softeners, and whatever else you may need. You can leave some as open shelves and utilize cabinet drawers and doors for others. 

Bright White Feels So Clean

White is a natural choice for the room where we get things clean. And as you can see, it's wonderful, and there are ways to personalize even a color as stark as white. I hope you found the perfect idea for your laundry room space in the fifteen great white laundry room ideas above.

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