15 Great White Sofa Color Schemes

A white sofa is a classic furniture choice for a living room. It's versatile, and the lighter color pairs well with just about any design scheme. What's more, a white sofa has a lively aesthetic which can bring life to the room.

But with that versatility comes the challenge of deciding just what color scheme to pair with the sofa. Sure, just about anything will look great, but you want your space to be a personal reflection of your style tastes. The last thing you want is for your space to look plain. 

But if you're feeling stuck with your white sofa, don't worry, because we created a list of 15 great white sofa color schemes to give you some creative inspiration. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Bohemian inspired living area with white carpet and matched with wooden furnitures and white sectional sofa

1. Subtle Light Blue And Wood Tones

White is the predominant color in this living room. The white walls coupled with the white couch make for a lively ambiance. But the homeowner has opted to include some subtle hints of light blue in the artwork on the wall. 

A fabric sectional with gray and blue throw pillows with wooden coffee tables

In addition, the light wood tone of the sofa's legs and the double coffee tables incorporates just enough visual contrast to give the room some dimension.

2. Creamy White With Wood Tones And Pop Of Green

This is another room that features an abundance of white. The white sofa pairs beautifully with the creamy light fixtures. The hardwood floor's light tones provide some contrast to the sea of white in this space.

Sectional and modular sofas with square ottomans inside spacious living room with large dangling lamps

And last but certainly not least, a single houseplant on the coffee table injects a lively pop of green for some visual intrigue. 

3. Gray And Light Brown

An off white sectional sofa with brown and beige throw pillows and ceiling high curtains

This luxurious white sofa is decorated with a number of throw pillows ranging in color from white to light brown. This decorative choice not only makes the sofa look super cozy but also highlights it as the focal point of the room.

Gray curtains behind the sofa add some visual depth. And of course, the wood tones of the floor and along the wall help tie all these elements together nicely. 

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4. Shades Of Gray

Luxurious modern white living room with a gas fireplace, white sofas and skeletal metal tables and chairs

Who says a white sofa has to be paired with drastic shades of another color? This room highlights how effective shades of gray can be when paired with a white sofa. 

The throw pillows, the tiling around the fireplace, the kitchen cabinets, the area rug, and the miscellaneous decor around the room are all different shades of gray. This helps the sofa stand out, and the varied shades give the room a multidimensional aesthetic.

The soft hues of the living room create a seamless transition into the kitchen area, ensuring the entire space looks well planned.

5. Soft Neutrals

Mediterranean inspired living room with white sofas and arm chairs a fireplace

This white sofa is surrounded by all kinds of soft neutral colors. From the mantel to the area rug, soft neutrals make the white sofa pop. Some darker neutrals, like the end tables, are incorporated to provide some visual depth.

The walls in this space feature a soft creamy color that serves as the perfect backdrop. And let's not forget the green indoor foliage that brings this space to life.

Additionally, in a room like this, you can really let your choice of area rug make a statement and add some color. 

6. Abundance Of Black And Wood Tones

Gorgeous rustic and white inspired living room with white sofas and chandeliers for liveliness

Black is a phenomenal color to pair with a white sofa to create a sleek, contemporary vibe. From the entertainment center to the two lounge chairs across from the sofa, this room contains an abundance of rich black that accentuates the white of the sofa.

The white accent pillows on the black chairs and the miscellaneous white decor positioned throughout make the room look balanced.

7. Gray Walls With Black And White Decor

Black and white throw pillows and white sectional sofas inside contemporary living room

This is another living room that features two white sofas paired with black and white. The black and white accent pieces throughout the room make the white sofas really pop. The black coffee table, end table, and wall art frame help ground the space. And lastly, the gray walls tie everything together. 

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8. Light Brown And Pops Of Green

Bohemian inspired living room with white sofas, coffee tables and white couches and plants for vibrancy

This white sofa sits in a family room with a modern rustic aesthetic. Aside from the walls, the sofa is the only white element in this space. The other decor is mostly comprised of wood tones and light browns, and the houseplants add a nice pop of green. The result is a soft and cozy earthy ambiance. 

9. Dark Gray With A Pop of Yellow

A sectional sofa with white and yellow throw pillows inside an ultra contemporary living room with dangling lamps on the dining table

This space features some shades of gray that softly contrast with the white sofa, but the most notable decorative choice here is the bright yellow.

We established that white sofas are extremely versatile, and this family room is proof. Yellow is a somewhat bold color choice, but it adds some unique flair to the space. Bold accent color choices go a long way in a predominantly light-colored room. 

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10. Shabby Chic Sea Of White

This white sofa is surrounded by a sea of white decor. From the white hardwood flooring to the airy white sheer curtains, white is the predominant color. The result is a cozy, lively space with a shabby chic ambiance. 

The homeowner has strategically placed a few cool-colored accent pieces throughout the room to create just a hint of depth. In a space this white, a mere vase of flowers will pop.

For more tips on how to create a shabby chic living room, check out this post: Shabby Chic Living Rooms on a Budget

11. Range Of Blues

Modern contemporary living room with white sofas, blue patterned throw pillows and curtains

This is another space that highlights white's versatility. White is the dominant color in this room, but the shades of blue in the decor give the space a somewhat royal aesthetic. The flowers are the most lively shade of blue, and the throw pillows and end table lamp feature different shades of blue. 

What's more, the blue throw pillows feature unique patterns that give the sofa some texture.

12. Miscellaneous Cool Neutrals

A white sectional sofa inside a modern white living room with gray abstract carpet

We've seen that neutrals pair quite well with a white sofa, and this aesthetic is no exception. The wall art, throw pillows, and area rug all feature a similar neutral color palette that looks amazing alongside the simple white sofa. The large, patterned area rug grounds the room.

13. Boho Aesthetic With Shades Of Brown

A light beige modular sofa with two round coffee tables inside bohemian inspired living room

A boho aesthetic is comprised of whites, creams, browns, and all kinds of natural textures, and this room is a perfect example of this gorgeous combination.

The sofa, area rug, and walls are the only white elements in this space. All the other decor features some shade of brown, from the dark brown coffee tables to the light tan throw pillows.

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14. Light Gray With Wicker Accents

A white square sofa with different colors of throw pillows, wicker baskets with bamboo sticks

If you like the boho color palette but don't want to be too bold, consider using a light gray color palette with some wicker accent pieces. In this room, the bluish-gray wall is the perfect backdrop for this white sofa. And the throw pillow pairs beautifully with the wall color for a cohesive look.

But what really adds visual interest to this space is the wicker accent pieces. The light brown of the wicker coordinates well with the wall color, and the wicker helps add some texture.

15. Bold Blue Accent Wall With Other Blue Accents

Interior of a blue and white themed living room and incorporated with blue throw pillows

If you're a fan of blue and are feeling especially bold, consider this approach. This room features a bold blue accent wall that perfectly frames the soft white sofa. Other blue and white decorative pieces are scattered throughout, bringing balance to the room.

What really tops off this gorgeous look is the green from the houseplants. 

In Closing

Bohemian inspired living area with white carpet and matched with wooden furnitures and white sectional sofa, 15 Great White Sofa Color Schemes

We hope this post got your creative juices pumping. If you draw from the ideas here, there's no doubt that your space will soon look phenomenal with your white sofa being the timeless centerpiece of it all. Good luck!

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