11 Amazing White Wall Living Room Makeovers!

Looking for inspiration? We have gathered 11 amazing living room makeovers for you to check out. All of them stand out with crisp white walls! We hope this motivates you for your next living room project!

Vintage tv standing on a wooden cabinet next to a comfy couch in a stylish day room interior, 11 Amazing White Wall Living Room Makeovers!

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1. Cluttered And Dingy To Modern

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Country garden house with fireplace
Country garden house with fireplace with white walls

We love this fresh, neutral living room makeover. Removing the shelving reduced the cluttered look with knickknacks and made space for a serene painting.

Additionally, the shelving took up valuable real estate for extra seating. This opens up the space for a perfectly sized couch to host friends and family.

2. Traditional And Modest To Modern And Luxurious

Old English Living room
white living room walls with a fireplace

The before picture looks like your grandma’s house, am I right? This room needed a major update. From the decor to the furniture, everything had to go!

Many different things made this room look smaller than it is.

First, the walls were updated from a yellow tinge to a lovely, crisp white, lighting up the room. The curtains were changed to silky and airy sheers.

Also, the rug, coffee table, and art were out of proportion, which made the room look unbalanced. 

3. Outdated And Unfashionable To Crisp And Clean

Old beige living room
modern white living room with huge carpet

This room got an upgrade deluxe!

The geometric lines on the neutral furniture pair well with the lattice rug design. The dazzling light fixture and the simple block art make a major impact.

We especially love how the golden details on the furniture, art, lamp, and light fixture pull the room together.

4. Unsophisticated And Lifeless To Calm And Effortless

Small living room
small but luxurious living room with white walls

The one thing this old room had right was the furniture size and placement. Not much changed here. However, the room needed some help in the color department.

The orangey-green shades didn’t do the room any favors. These colors were swapped out for a calming, blue-gray color for the throw pillows and wall art. Additionally, the lamps and lighting were upgraded.

Notice how the designer styled the coffee table. Work with three or four accessories to create an attractive centerpiece. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with flowers to liven things up.

5. Builder Grade And Unpolished To Swanky And Chic

Traditional living room combined with a laundry area
beautifully transformed living room with white walls and a sliding door leading to the backyard

Everything about this room screamed builder grade. From the outdated built-ins to the flush-mounted ceiling light, everything left us feeling humbug.

The most drastic change was taking out the awkward washer and dryer. Because a washer and dryer have no place in the living room, it was moved to another part of the house. Then, they drywalled, painted, and added trim for a cohesive look. 

We love the clear, glass coffee table because it doesn’t take up space visually but is also functional. The icing on the cake for us was the new wood floors and the striped pattern on the couch armrest.

6. Intensely Red And Unrefined To Peaceful And Neutral

Cozy small living room
small living room with two accent chairs in front of the fireplace

Just say no to red couches. No doubt it will make a bold assertion. But save your statement pieces for art or accessories, not furniture.

The beige and gold chairs are a breath of fresh air, and black throw pillows have just the right amount of personality for the space.

This room was small, so the seating arrangement was right on par. However, the rectangular coffee table was replaced with a round marble one. This opens up the room and allows people to move freely without worrying about bumping into the furniture.

The fireplace tile was kept in place while the open shelving was traded out for a buffet. We are all for more storage and reducing the look of clutter, so this was a perfect addition!

7. Old-fashioned And Lowkey To Contemporary And Fresh

Combined small dining and living room area
beautiful living room overlooking a garden

This room got a fresh coat of white paint for the living room and the next room. Painting both walls the same color gave everything a streamlined look.

The TV stand and coffee table were the wrong shape and size. Those were replaced with a glossy, black and white coffee table and an ultra-modern TV stand.

The right seating arrangement was a challenge with the dining room table in the way. With the table moved, two extra chairs and an ottoman were placed to accommodate more people. 

8. Dark And Uncomfortable To Cozy And Bright

Interior of a living room
rectangular living room with modern furniture and white walls

The old room looked like a long, dark hallway. Nothing balanced the couch on the right side of the room. To remedy this, a petite chair was placed by the window to create balance and stability for the rectangle room.

The perplexing black stripes on the wall made the room look boxlike in all the wrong ways. Thankfully, the room was painted a neutral color to match the tranquil painting. Isn’t it great how the golden frame matches the gold trim on the coffee table and lamp? 

Now, to pull it all together. This room desperately needed warmth and poise. There’s nothing like a soft rug underfoot to do the job. Not to mention, the curtains were placed too high, making the window look small.

9. Solemn And Formal To Minimalist And Relaxed

Traditional luxurious American home
Mediterranean living room and kitchen white white walls

This formal living room had multiple issues, from the furniture to the lighting and everything in between. To start, the furniture is oversized for the space.

The tall, large chairs overwhelmed the room and made it feel stuffy. They were replaced with cream-colored low-back chairs, which softened the space and made it feel more comfortable.

There’s no doubt about it—the lighting was an eye sore. The colossal light fixtures were repeated three times throughout the space.

Mixing and matching your light fixtures while keeping them in the same genre is always a good idea. This adds variety without going overboard. 

On top of that, the dark brown walls and unnecessary extra lamps further weigh the room down. Fortunately, everything in this space was lightened and brightened. 

10. Stark And Undecorated To Cheerful And Tranquil

Luxurious condo corner unit
luxurious condo corner unit with white walls

We didn’t mind the blue couch, but it doesn’t work best for the space. Multiple seating options for guests are always preferable. Cramping everyone on the same couch doesn’t make for good conversation.

The light fixtures were another thing that stuck out like a sore thumb. The pocket lights were too bright over the TV stand and illuminated just that corner of the room.

The antidote was to keep the pocket lights but also install an appropriately sized light fixture in the middle of the room. One last tip on lighting: save reading lamps for libraries or offices, not living spaces.

Installing the curtain rod too far past the window is never a good idea. This makes your window look smaller than it is, and who wants that?

This was fixed by installing new curtain rods to fit the size of the window but keeping the lovely sheers.

11. Boring And Dull Goes To Open and Breezy

Small cozy living room with fireplace and lake view.
Small white cozy living room with fireplace and lake view.

This room needed some sorting out, to say the least. The fireplace had to go and was completely removed.

To make the space more family-friendly, an all-white TV stand, some minimal decorations, and a plant were put in its place. Besides, who needs a fireplace at the beach?

Throwing out the old green couch was a great choice. However, the designer kept an ottoman to stick with the family-friendly vibes for laying out and relaxing.

Additionally, putting the couch against the wall gives the living room more clearance for items like a coffee table. 

Wrapping It All Up

As you can see, white is anything but boring. We’ve talked about lighting and rugs to furniture and art. Here’s a small list of tips and tricks to make your space go from drab to fab:

  1. Lighting: If your room lacks overhead lighting, invest in one. It’ll make the space look brighter and draw your attention upward, making it look bigger.
  2. Rugs: Rugs are a great addition to any room. They provide comfort and warmth underfoot and make the space feel more comfortable. They also ground the room by defining where to put the furniture and act as a design element.
  3. Furniture: Furniture size can make or break a room. Too big and it’ll overload the room. Sectionals are rarely good for guests, so choose thoughtfully on couch sizes. 
  4. Art: Wall art is the finishing touch to any room. You can tie it into the existing color theme or opt for a pop of color. Whichever you choose is up to you, don’t skip the art altogether.

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