Why Are Throw Pillows So Expensive?

A living room sofa, chaise lounge, or bed isn't complete without a set of decorative throw pillows. Throw pillows not only help tie in the theme of a space, but they provide a boost of comfort for the back. Selecting the perfect throw pillows can be a bit of a challenge because of the range of fabrics, designs, and the price. Overall, throw pillows are a great way to enhance furniture and prove an invaluable accent in home decor.

If you are curious if throw pillows often seem like an expensive indulgence, you are not mistaken. Luxury throw pillows may cost upwards of $50 to $250 or more, especially if custom-made. Throw pillows are often expensive due to the fabric used, shape, and design. It is possible to find inexpensive throw pillows, but the quality of construction, level of design, and comfort may be sacrificed.

Why Are Throw Pillows So Expensive?

Keep reading to learn about the factors that impact the price of a throw pillow, and what makes a luxury throw pillow. You may surprise yourself with how soon you can become a home decor maven. A cushion's textile type, embellishments, and quality of filling can help you guesstimate the price of a throw pillow.

Lavish Your Home With An Opulent Throw Pillow

Selecting a throw pillow might feel confusing at first. There are so many types of throw pillows to choose from in varying fabrics, print designs, textures, and sizes. Many home decor experts suggest using a combination of different kinds of throw pillows to tie together a room or place on an accent chair, couch, or bed. You are not imagining things if you think many throw pillows are costly.


What makes a throw pillow expensive? Sought-after designers who create throw pillows with attractive patterns, artful designs, and high-quality fabrics command a higher price. A throw pillow made of leather, silk, or sheepskin offers greater durability, enhances comfort, and is more expensive than a cushion made from cotton or faux fur. Depending on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and a throw pillow's material, prepare to spend a bit more than average. A more expensive set of throw pillows often provides an elevated experience in comfort, visual appeal, and timelessness in a home.

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Why Are Throw Pillows Called Throw Pillows?

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Throw pillows received their namesake because they are casually thrown or tossed onto furniture to enhance their appeal. A throw pillow is a decorative element that is both functional and an ornate decor piece.  These cushions are mostly for ornamental purposes, are smaller than a standard bedroom pillow, and are available in an assortment of shapes and materials. You can comfortably mix and match cushions to get the perfect look for your space.

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What Are Some Popular Types Of Throw Pillows?

If you are shopping for throw pillows, you will find these cushions in cotton, linen, wool, silk, microfiber, suede, or even shaggy faux fur. Decorative throw pillows may be round, square, rectangle, or bolstered design for the lumbar region. Many throw pillows have embellishments like fringe, patchwork, quilting, or corded trim. Do you want an easy way to change up the look and feel of your throw pillows? Feel free to change the type of cover you have on your throw pillow according to your mood and personal taste.

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What Are The Different Types of Fabric Used To Make Throw Pillows?

Adding throw pillows is a great way to introduce fun textures to your home. Popular types of throw pillows are made from faux fur, corduroy, silk, or leather. You will want to familiarize yourself with different types of fabrics and their maintenance needs so you can better care for your throw pillows. Certain materials should only be spot cleaned or dry cleaned and cannot be placed in the washing machine.

Common types of fabrics used for throw pillows include the following:

  • Cotton is typically suitable for people with allergies and easy to clean.
  • Linen is durable, lightweight, absorbs moisture and is a good option for warmer weather.
  • Silk has a delightful texture, is resistant to dust mites, and feels luxurious.

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Be aware that throw pillows may be constructed using a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. Adding some baking soda or vinegar to the washing machine may help reduce allergens in a throw pillow. Depending on how a throw pillow is treated during finishing, the cushion may be flame retardant, wrinkle-resistant, or use synthetic dyes.

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Can You Sleep On Throw Pillows?

A chair or couch may look attractive with a plethora of throw pillows, but they might not offer the best support for your head and neck. You can risk taking a short catnap on throw pillows, but they are better suited as decorations only. When you want to sleep, move your throw pillows to a nearby basket, a shelf, or stack them to the side.

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How To Care For Luxury Throw Pillows?

Depending on whether your throw pillows are filled with goose down or polyester filling, you should reconsider how to care for your pillows. Throw pillows made using luxury designer fabric should be carefully treated with a light application of a sanitizing spray or should be vacuumed gently to preserve their shape and appearance. You will want to avoid placing a pillow with goose down in the washing machine. Choose to have your vintage or luxury throw pillows professionally dry cleaned to keep them looking their best.

Wetting your pillow could cause unwanted lumps and bumps, contribute to shrinkage, or cause misshapen pillows. If you can safely place your pillow in the washing machine, do so on the gentle cycle, and allow your cushion to dry without heat. Make sure to fluff your pillow into shape, and look out for stains, bleaching, and degradation to the fabric.

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Transform Your Home With A Throw Pillow

Investing in a couple of throw pillows is a simple way to change the mood in a room, enhance a piece of furniture, and add personal flair. Depending on the effect you want to give your space, it is essential to consider the fabric, embellishments, color, and textures of a throw pillow. There is nothing wrong with mixing up sizes, styles, and materials to create a more inviting environment.

Make sure to protect your decor accents and familiarize yourself with how to care for throw pillows made from wool, leather, silk, or cotton. Throw pillows bolster visual appeal, are fun to stack in baskets, layer on shelves, or pile on top of a bed. Paying a higher price for a quality throw cushion is worth the cost, especially if it creates the vibe and look you want in your home. Don't shy away from expensive throw pillows that are made from durable fabrics or use higher quality design elements. Pricey throw pillows provide a unique aesthetic touch and comfortability that cheaper pillows typically cannot deliver.

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