Why Is My Moen Motionsense Not Working? [And How To Fix It?]

When you can't wash your hands with your Moen Motionsense faucet, there must be an issue with it. But what exactly can be the problem, and how do you resolve it? We've gathered all the information for your convenience.

To fix a Moen Motionsens faucet, you must pinpoint the problem first. To help you, here are several reasons why it isn't working:

  • Unpowered device
  • The protective label block is still attached
  • Faulty or dead batteries
  • Loose cables
  • Disabled sensors
  • Insufficient water flow

After you determine which of these is why your faucet isn't working, it's time to resolve the problem. There are different fixes for each cause of a malfunctioning Moen Motionsense, so we included a guide for you. Keep scrolling to learn more.

touchless faucet living dining elegant looking modern kitchen minimalist, Why Is My Moen Motionsense Not Working? [& How To Fix It?]

Causes And Cures For Malfunctioning Moen Motionsense

Sometimes, your Moen Motionsense faucet may have several malfunctions. It would be best to determine why your faucet isn't working first. Here are the reasons why it's not working and how to repair each of them:

Unpowered Device

Check if your faucet is powered first before concluding that it is faulty. A Moen Motionsense faucet needs to be powered by electricity. If you have plugged it into a regular outlet under your sink, this outlet may be the reason.

You may control the power in this outlet using a switch near your sink, typically used for garbage disposal. If you have turned off this switch, your faucet may not work. Switch it on again, and you should be good to go.

On the other hand, other issues with the outlet or circuit for your faucet itself are more complex to repair. Try plugging another device or appliance into the same outlet as your faucet to check.

If these devices don't turn on, you have the problem right at its head. You have two options: change where you plug in your faucet or call an electrician to help you.

The Protective Label Block Is Still Attached

A newly bought and installed Moen Motionsense faucet may still have its protective label block attached. These protective labels stop water from automatically running during the installation and prevent the touchless feature of your faucet from inadvertently activating.

For this issue, remove the little stickers you see covering your sensors. You can do this by prying from the edge with your fingernail.

However, if you've already used your Moen without issue before, this is not the culprit why it's not working.

Disabled Sensors

Your Moen Motionsense faucet's touchless feature may be disabled. You can disable it by using the handle with your hands, so you may have done so without meaning to.

When this happens, you may have deactivated your touchless sensors, so your faucet isn't running water when you try its touchless feature.

Try checking if this is the case by opening the handle. If doing this turns on your faucet, there are no other malfunctions you must check.  You can also leave the touchless feature disabled if you'd like.

But, if you wish to reactivate it, turn the water on again with the handle. Then, hold your hand close to or above the sensor for at least five seconds. You will then see a flashing blue light on the Ready Sensor, which means you have successfully reactivated it.

Faulty or Dead Batteries

The cause may also be faulty or dead batteries. Moen Motionsenses needs a working battery to run. Here are what you can do to check and fix a battery problem:

  1. See if you have put the batteries correctly in your device. You can locate the batteries inside a compartment at the sensor's base. Additionally, remove its detachable cover to check if it is correctly put.
  2. Inspect if your faucet's batteries work on other devices. Before replacing the batteries, remove them and verify if they're dead by inserting them into different devices. Another issue must occur on your faucet if they work on other devices.
  3. Insert new batteries. If your faucet still isn't working after you ensured the batteries fit snugly, replace the batteries. The base of the sensor usually indicates what battery you must use. See to it that you buy these batteries. Then, insert them in the compartment and attach the cover.
  4. Turn on your faucet.

Loose Cables

water pipe flexible connection hose metal

You need to securely connect the vital areas of your Moen Motionsense for them to work. If not, no water will run on your faucet, no matter what you do.

Determine if this is the culprit by checking for loose cables on the box under your faucet. If you find loose cables, tighten them in the connection points using an adjustable wrench. But ensure that it is just perfectly snug and not overtightened.

See this adjustable wrench on Amazon.

Insufficient Water Flow

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If there isn't enough water on your faucet's line, your Moen Motionsense will not be able to function. Moen requires at least two gallons of water per minute to work, so your water line must allow this water flow. To identify if this is the problem, do these:

1. Located from the end of the spot, remove the aerator. Use pliers and a towel to do this.

Check out these pliers on Amazon.

2. If your aerator is clogged, rinse it with hot water and soak it in vinegar overnight. Or you can also replace your aerator when the clog is too thick and hard.

3. Inspect for a clogged faucet cartridge. It sits deeper than your aerator and has a hole for water to pass through. If this is blocked, you need to replace it by removing the valve handle, screw cap, screw, and shut-off valve handle with an Allen wrench.

Click here to see this Allen wrench set on Amazon.

4. If there aren't any clogs on your aerator and cartridges, put them back. Then, check for any air bubbles when you turn your faucet on and off. If you see air bubbles, there isn't enough water to run through your system, so contact a plumber for help.

Does Moen Provide Free Replacement Parts?

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Moen provides a lifetime warranty to homeowners for their products, including their Motionsense faucets.

Meanwhile, they only give a five-year warranty if you use it for business or commercial purposes. Moen gives out free replacement parts if the product gets damaged within these warranty periods.

Note that these free replacement parts can only be acquired when the product has manufacturing defects. Moen doesn't give free replacement parts due to installation errors, product abuse or misuse, or improper cleaning methods.

How Can You Tell What Model Your Moen Motionsense Is?

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If you need to find replacement parts for your Moen faucet, you should first determine what model of it you have.

You can check for it by scanning the instruction manual provided with your product when you first bought it. But if you can't find your manual, try checking for the model number on the back of the Moen faucet's spout.

How To Adjust Moen Motionsense Water Temperature

woman checks temperature tap water her

After your Moen faucet has malfunctioned, its temperature may have changed from what you want. Don't worry; you can easily adjust its temperature manually or hands-free.

Just pull the handle as you usually do to change the temperature manually. For a cold water temperature, pull the handle forward. On the other hand, pull the handle backward for a hot water temperature.

However, if you want to change the temperature without pulling the handle and use the faucet hands-free with your desired water temperature, see your electronic box below your sink. Then, you'll find a dial in it. Type in the temperature you want, and it should be good.

In Closing

touchless faucet living dining elegant looking modern kitchen minimalist

There are several culprits for a malfunctioning Moen Motionsense faucet, ranging from unpowered devices, a protective label block still attached, and faulty or dead batteries.

The problem may also be a bit more complex but still repairable at home, such as some loose cables, a disabled sensor, or insufficient water flow.

Whichever the problem with your Moen Motionsense faucet is from the mentioned causes, you can fix it.

However, if you can't pinpoint why your faucet isn't working, it's time to contact your manufacturer or an expert to help you. You may also choose to replace the faucet itself.

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