20 Winter-Themed Shower Curtains That Will Look Great In Your Bathroom

A seasonal change of the shower curtain is possibly the easiest and most affordable way to spruce up your bathroom. But have you ever considered winter as a theme? While you want your bathroom to feel warm and safe, for many of us, the drama of winter scenes could actually make for a great room design theme!

Check out these 20 stunning winter-themed shower curtains and see what you think. We carefully chose a variety of designs, hoping to inspire you to get the perfect one for your needs!

20 Winter-Themed Shower Curtains That Will Look Great In Your Bathroom

1. Dreamy Snowflake Shower Curtain By AMFD

This 100% polyester shower curtain arrives finished on the edges. Sized at 70” x 70”, it includes 18 shower hooks.

A white bathroom would instantly be transformed into a whirlwind of winter with the perfect blue and white shades of the shower curtain. Customization of size and pattern makes this shower curtain unique.

Simply call customer service. Colors never fade with the cutting-edge technology.

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2. Ski Lift Shower Curtain by LunarableWinter

Sports enthusiasts will love the portrayal of the ski lift in the mountains. Minimalists may enjoy the monochromatic colors hanging from the shower hooks included.

This 70” x 69” cut of Turkish fabric shows good quality and is water proof. Images won’t fade from this exciting shower curtain. Wash and hang dry when needed. The fir trees will add a touch of nature to any bathroom.

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3. Winter Snow on Trees Shower Curtain by Fangkun

Made of Turkish fabric, this wintry shower curtain needs no liner. Adequately sized for any shower at 72" x 72", Winter Snow on Trees is non Peva, making it environmentally friendly.

No need to worry about the color fading as the scene is designed with cutting edge technology. Care is convenient as it is machine washable. This shower curtain would complement a blue and white color scheme.

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4. Frosty Evening Shower Curtain by NYMB

The snowfall in the design's picture is sure to make one feel the hushed environment. Sized at 69" x 70", the curtain will fully cover the shower area.

This design would complement a white bathroom with dark accents. The polyester is waterproof. Twelve c-shaped shower curtain hooks are included in your purchase.

Wash and hang to dry. No dryer needed. Following these instructions will maintain the vivid colors of the shower curtain.

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5. Squirrel in Winter Shower Curtain by AMFD

Animal lovers are sure to love this photo design of a squirrel nibbling a nut in the winter snow. Fully sized at 70" x 70", it includes shower curtain hooks.

The polyester fabric is water repellent and durable. The edges are finished and the digital technology prevents fading of the picture design.

Wash and hang to dry for convenience. The shower curtain may be customized to one's desire. Simply contact customer service.

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6. Black Bear Winter Shower Curtain by Colorful Star

The black bear tromping through snow on a winter's night is sure to catch anyone's attention. Made of polyester, this shower curtain doesn't give off fumes or odor as pvc, vinyl , or plastic might.

Ten shower curtain hooks come included. This shower curtain may be washed and put back up to dry. The colors will remain as bright as the day the package was delivered.

If so desired, a matching bath mat may be ordered for this shower curtain. This design would be perfect for a masculine bathroom or in a cabin-style home.

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7. Winter Landscape Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

This wintry lavender sunset would complement a white or purple bathroom. Imported Turkish polyester, it is 69" x 70", sufficient enough for any shower.

The shower curtain, non PEVA, proves to be environmentally friendly. Lovely, non-fading graphics add perspective to the scene.

Shower hooks are included with the purchase so you can hang this fun shower curtain right out of the box.

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8. Winter Trees and Bench Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

This Farm House style shower curtain would go well with a bathroom in shabby chic. An inviting bench, featured between two snowy trees sizes at 69" x 70".

Described as white and taupe by the manufacturer, this shower curtain would add to a Farm House bathroom without overpowering it.

This waterproof shower curtain washes and hangs dry for ease. No worries for this environmentally friendly, non-vinyl, non-Peva shower curtain. Shower curtain hooks are included.

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9. Aurora Borealis Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

This lovely shower curtain would make a statement in any bathroom. The Aurora Borealis, featured in sea green, swirls across the entire 70" x 69" shower curtain panel.

Waterproof, with no liner needed, the panel is Turkish polyester. Non-fading and environmentally friendly, every member of the family is sure to enjoy the strong graphics of this shower curtain.

With shower hooks included, this shower curtain washes and hangs dry.

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10. Foggy Winter Trees Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Looking like a snippet from artist Grandma Moses' paintings, this shower curtain would fit in well with Farmhouse Style.

The snowy pines scatter across the 70"x 69" shower curtain panel of imported Turkish polyester. No fading is likely due to advanced technology.

Shower curtain hooks are included free. No harmful fumes emit from this pleasing scene as it is non-vinyl.

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11. Winter Wolf Shower Curtain by Wknoon

The piercing blue eyes of the dark wolf on this 72" x 72" shower curtain panel will mesmerize all who enter. An ideal shower curtain for a cabin or man-cave bathroom, the polyester panel hangs from reinforced grommets.

Care is machine wash cold and tumble dry low as listed by the manufacturer. No liner necessary and shower curtain hooks are included.

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12. Snowflake Shower Curtain by Asoco

This lovely winter shower curtain panel, 72" x 78" long, is an understated neutral tone that will play up the colors in your bathroom.

Waterproof, along with being mold and mildew resistant, the polyester panel is easy to care for, being machine washable.

Cleaning will not be needed often as this shower curtain is soap resistant also. Includes shower curtain hooks for easy hanging.

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13. Countryside Winter Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

This retro-style shower curtain, toned in yellows and grays, sizes at 69" x 75" long. The scene would easily complement farmhouse decor. The small town scene lends charm and is easy to care for being machine washable and hang dry. Being made of waterproof, Turkish fabric, it requires no liner.

Advanced technology prevents fading. Everyone will enjoy this environmentally-friendly shower curtain.

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Like the western feel? Try this curated list of country-themed shower curtains for more inspiration.

14. Winter Sun Shower Curtain by Bleum Cade

A snowy cottage among the trees in HD technology would complement a shabby chic decor. Comes available in two sizes to meet your needs.

Reinforced grommets and a weighted hem stabilize the snowy scene. Easy care with machine wash in cold water, no bleach.

Waterproof, the manufacturers designed the shower curtain panel to be environmentally friendly.

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15. Central Park in Winter Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

The snow-covered park scene would complement an Urban decor well. Guests would enjoy the park lights which fairly glow in a shower curtain panel, extra long at 84 inches.

Made of Turkish fabric, it is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Includes 12 shower hooks with no liner needed for waterproofing.

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16. Winter Forest Deer Shower Curtain by ALAGO

Frosty snowflakes drift down on the deer in the woods. This would be the perfect shower curtain for a cabin or for an animal lover.

Take note that the size available is for a small stall, at 48" x 72". 100% polyester, made to be mildew resistant. Non-vinyl and won't have chemical odors.

This pleasing scene will keep its dramatic colors and can be machine washed and hung to dry.

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17. Full Moon Snowy Evening Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

This is an unusual urban-style shower curtain in shades of browns and black featuring a wrought-iron fence and a triple set of decorative lanterns among the snowy pine trees with a full moon up above.

Extra long at 84 inches, this product comes with shower hooks, and no liner needed. The fabric is Turkish polyester.

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18. Winter Wonderland Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

This wintry scene set in the Alps will be a hit with any nature lover. Softened Turkish polyester, machine washable and hang dry.

Sized at 75" x 69", the curtain sets the mood for coziness. No liner is needed, however, 12 shower hooks are included.

Waterproof and environmentally friendly as it is non-vinyl. Will not fade.

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19. Winter Mountain Village by Ambesonne

Looking like a scene out of Heidi, this picturesque village will bring fresh mountain air into your bathroom. Photo style and sized 84 inches long, the shower curtain is in shades of blue, white, and green.

Made of Turkish fabric, it includes 12 free hooks. Waterproof, the shower curtain is machine washable for ease of care. Is environmentally friendly and non PEVA.

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20. European Cityscape Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

This city in Europe would be an attractive complement to farmhouse style as the buildings are somewhat rustic.

Extra long at 84", this shower curtain's bold mountains aren't going to fade with the state-of-the-art technology used for the scene.

Made of non-vinyl, non-PEVA Turkish polyester and is machine washable. No dryer or bleach needed. Waterproofing eliminates the need for a liner for this shower curtain.

Shower hooks are included. Environmentally friendly.

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