15 Wood And Carpet Stairs Combination Ideas

In more recent years, wooden stairs have been highly coveted among new home buyers. However, some people prefer carpeted stairs. Why not have the best of both worlds?

In terms of cleaning, it may be a little more difficult to clean wood and carpet combination stairs. Instead of simply sweeping away dust, you will have to use a vacuum cleaner on each step. Luckily, you can use lightweight and portable vacuum cleaners to make cleaning the stairs easier. Also, you do not have to worry about using chemicals on the wood; it's protected from scuffs and scrapes by the overlying carpet. 

Although wooden stairs are visually appealing, they can be slippery and unsafe for the elderly or disabled. But carpet creates more traction and grip than wood, thus decreasing the risk of falling down the stairs. However, if a fall does occur, wood and carpet combinations do not offer as much cushioning as fully carpeted stairs.

Generally, carpet is affordable, depending on the quality. Plus, the carpet can be simple to install, especially if you use a carpet runner. Sometimes you can forgo the nails and use only a strong glue to keep them in place. Or, you can use stair runner rods. 

If you'd like to add some warmth to your hardwood stairs, then you should consider wood and carpet combinations. We've found several wood and carpet combinations for you to consider!

Wide View of wooden staircase with carpet runner and white molding, 15 Wood And Carpet Stairs Combination Ideas

1. Royal Red

Royal Red

Fit for elegant homes, these royal red stairs seem meant to carry people of the utmost importance. And the bright red pairs well with the gold-tinged brown stairs. This design is best in homes that portray wealth and high status.

By the way, you can easily mimic these chocolate brown stairs by painting them. Check out this article to learn more: How To Paint A Staircase? [4 Steps]

2. Rustic Comfort

Staircase with runner can be used as background

Alternatively, you might favor simple and rustic designs. These light brown rustic stairs pair well with the stark white carpet runner. Notice how at least half the step is visible, which showcases the unique lines and knots of the rustic wood.

3. Holiday Spiral

Abstract Antique Wooden Spiral Staircase

With the holidays almost here, it might be the perfect time to decorate your stairs with a little green, like these spiral stairs. Bordered edges of bright green complement the fluffy white center of this carpet. Add garland, like this one, to the handrails to make it look more festive!

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4. Safe and Simple

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If you want to display the wood as much as possible but still add carpet for the non-slip benefit, then using carpet treads is a great choice. Plus, you only have to secure the carpet to the tread instead of both the tread (the step) and riser (the white wall above the step). Here is a similar concept that is easy to install:

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5. Zig-Zag Pattern

Traditional wooden staircase of an apartment

Here are white-painted wood stairs protected by fun carpet with a brown and black zig-zag design. In this case, the cut and loop style carpet offers contrasting texture to the smooth, light brown wood. And the riser is painted white, offering further contrast to the carpet and wood. Here is a silver one that would work well:

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6. Charming Flight

hardwood stairs that disappear at the top around a curve with an iron railing

In this design, gorgeous, charming vines weave through the light brown carpet piles. To achieve this look, the piles need to be thick and fluffy. This is perfect if you would like to create a soft impact for your bare feet. In fact, it's perfect for muffling noises. 

7. Floral Pattern

Hardwood Floral Staircase

Floral patterns are always lovely, and they brighten up any stairwell. Here is an example of beautiful floral carpet with a mix of colors, including white, red, and blue. Although the floral carpet appears traditional, the twisted black rails display a modern design. For example, check out this pretty floral carpet:

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8. Inspiring Rails

Classic vintage elegant wooden staircase with wrought iron railing

Perhaps you should go one step further with modern black rails; decorate empty risers (or floating stairs) with black iron. These stairs appear sharp and modern, but the plush, beige carpeted steps are inviting and warm. Here are beige stair treads that would look great paired with black rails:

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Typically, carpet glue helps keep the stair treads in place. In case you want to switch back to all wood, take a look at this post: Does Carpet Glue Dry Clear?

9. White Ripples 

Bottom of wooden steps with carpet

At the bottom of these stairs, there are sturdy, slim rectangles of teak wood. Next to the wood, the short piles of white carpet appear equally strong and rough. It seems like this carpet would offer the most gripping power for bare feet.

If you're still not sure if you should do carpet on the stairs, then perhaps our article Should Stairs Be Carpeted Or Wood? will help you decide. It discusses the pros and cons of each, which is helpful since you'll be using both of them.

10. Sprinkles of Gray

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If you’re looking for muted colors with a simple design, then this is probably your best option. Although they are considered simple colors, the white carpet with splashes of gray creates a bold pairing. And the carpet's rectangular swirls favor the waves in the shedua wood.

11. Classic Beige

A modern oak and glass staircase in the marble floored entrance hall of an expensive new home

Here is another example of stair carpet pinned in place with stair runner rods. In this staircase, everything is bright and open. White marble, white carpet, and light brown wood are gleaming in the artificial light. Thus, the space appears large, open, and friendly. 

However, be aware that white carpet should be cleaned frequently so it doesn't look gray and grimy. Read our article How Often To Clean The Carpet to find out more. 

12. Dusky Gray

Handcrafted wooden curved staircase and handrail

In contrast, this stairwell looks slightly dim (but not uninviting) with dark gray carpet. Typically, red goes well with gray. Thus, the red oak stairs appear more refined and polished alongside the gray carpet.

13. All Business

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In this dark design, modern black rails stand strong alongside polished ebony wood and striped gray and white carpet. Of course, this style is perfect for homes that inspire rules and no nonsense. Or, you just like the look!

If you want to portray a modern stairwell, you don't have to replace all the railings. Instead, you can simply install a black handrail, like this one: 

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14. Brass Buttons

[PIN id="466615211400276958" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Although this requires a little more work, you can install brass buttons along the carpet edges for a unique design that will impress your guests. And the gold in the brass buttons complements the cream white and brown carpet. Be bold and try out these bronze buttons on the carpet for a similar look:

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15. Blue and Yellow

[PIN id="326440673000609688" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

If you’re looking for interesting pops of color, then look no further than this design. Although the staircase is narrow, the blue stairs and mustard yellow carpet create vibrant warmth that opens up the crowded space.

If you're excited about yellow but think this looks too plain, then you should try out yellow with a pattern. Here are yellow tread rugs with a modern white design:

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In Closing

Overall, there are several wood and carpet combination designs that would look great on your stairs. From sophisticated to simple, you can choose which style best suits your home.

But pay attention to the color choices because they should complement each other. And you want your family and guests to feel welcome when taking the stairs.

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