Can You Use Wood Filler Outside [And Which One To Choose]?

Exterior wood fillers are essential to many home care tasks, whether you use them to mend cracks, fill holes, or prepare your wood for painting.

Knowing which wood filler is best for you might be challenging, considering the wide range of options available. Don't worry!

With our top picks among the leading wood fillers available online, you can say goodbye to outdoor imperfections on your wooden surfaces.

Here are the five best exterior wood filler brands for your DIY wood project:

  • Bondo Wood Filler
  • Minwax Stainable Wood Filler
  • FamoWood Wood Filler
  • Elmer's Probond Wood Filler
  • Goodfilla Water-Based Wood Filler

Dig in more to learn how to choose the best wood filler for your needs. You'll find some answers to the most common questions you might want to know about exterior wood fillers too.

Wood Filler Being Applied To Holes By A Female Carpenter Ready For Sanding Down, Can You Use Wood Filler Outside [And Which One To Choose]?

How To Choose The Right Wood Filler For You?

Several factors should be considered when choosing outdoor wood filler.

Instead of constantly using the same stuffing, you should think about each task individually because different products are better suited for various repairs and conditions.

These are key things to pay attention to when buying exterior wood filler:

DIY worker applying filler to the wood, Removing holes from a wood surface

Filler Type

Wood fillings can be either solvent- or water-based. You can use these two to fill in gaps or holes in wood. However, they differ in several aspects.

Water-based wood fillers generally contain wood fiber, gypsum, or cellulose. They are less smelly, easy to use, and quickly dry for about 15 minutes.

They are flexible because they can be readily diluted with water and easily cleaned with just soap and water, making them best for interior applications.

While, solvent-based wood fillers are often made with epoxy or vinyl, making them more expensive than water-based fillers. They smell strong and take at least an hour to dry.

However, once dried, they are much harder and more resistant to extreme temperatures and moisture, making them better suited for exterior applications.

To clean up, you'll need a solvent-based cleaner, such as turpentine or acetone.

Before buying wood filler for outdoor use, check the label carefully to see if it is exterior rated. It must withstand harsh environmental conditions and be resistant to water and dust.

Filler Consistency

Wood fillers can have consistency from thin (pancake-like) to thick (putty-like). Thinner filler is better for more minor dents or indentations.

Thicker fillers holding their shape while drying are ideal for holes and large cracks.

Young carpenter in work clothes using scraper and wood filler in finishing work for sofa server project isolate

Choosing the right consistency is critical for your work result because thicker fillers have larger particle contents unsuitable for open grain woods with smaller pores.

At the same time, thin fillers are runny and can't retain their shape to fill larger cavities.

Drying Time

Wood fillers have different drying times. It significantly can make a big difference if you work on a tight deadline.

Let the filler sit and dry completely before painting or sanding; otherwise, it will cause an unpleasant finish.

Knowing the weather for outdoor repair is vital to avoid your work getting soaked before it is cured.

Timber Deck after rain, wet timber decking, Australian spotted Gum timber decking


The filler's color determines how you will finish the surface once the repair is done.

If you want it to blend in with the rest of the surface so you cannot see the filled area, you must ensure it can be painted or stained.

If you don't plan to finish with a stain or paint the piece, go for a filler in a shade that either closely matches or contrasts with the original wood color.

It depends on whether you want a uniform or a playful shade of color.

Our Top Picks For Outdoor Wood Fillers

Removing holes from a wood surface application of putty

It's time to check out some of the top wood fillers available online. Remember that each brand has upsides and downsides, so you must consider them when selecting the best wood filler for your project.

Bondo Wood Filler

Bondo Wood Filler is best for exterior woodwork. Because of its capacity to retain shape, it can restore damaged or rotten wood or even be used to fill in the entire missing pieces.

It gives an excellent permanent repair that withstands moisture and won't warp or shrink once it is fully bonded to the plank.

Keep in mind that it dries quickly, so for any outdoor projects, mix in small batches to minimize wasting the product.

Product Specifications:

Type: solvent-based

Available Color Palettes: one (tan)

Consistency: very sticky

Application: interior and exterior

Dry time: 15-30 minutes

Cleanup: solvent-based cleaner

Stainable: not possible

Paintable: difficult


  • Extremely hard and firms extremely quickly
  • Best for large gaps
  • Resistant to moisture and Non-shrinking
  • Cost-efficient.


  • It has a strong smell that is not good for indoors
  • It doesn't work into small holes
  • Hard to sand when set
  • Can irritate the skin; wear gloves when applying

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Minwax Stainable Wood Filler

Minwax Stainable Wood Filler must be at the top of the list regarding versatile wood fillers.

This water-based compound contains a substance created from actual wood fibers, leaving behind a dry patch that is robust and long-lasting.

It can be painted or stained and is appropriate for indoor and outdoor wood sealing.

It works similarly to putty; it is easy to spread using a putty knife and leaves a smooth texture after sanding. However, it is not recommended to seal tiny pores because of its large grain composites.

Product Specifications:

Type: water-based

Available Color Palettes: five

Consistency: sticky

Application: interior and exterior

Dry time: two to six hours

Cleanup: soap and water

Stainable/paintable: possible


  • It spreads easily, despite its gritty texture
  • Can fill large holes
  • Natural appearance after curing
  • Odorless


  • Large grains may not effectively close pores well
  • It takes time to dry

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FamoWood Wood Filler

FamoWood Latex Wood Filler is a good offer for its versatility and excellent consistency.

It can handle almost woodwork with dents or holes in different sizes. The mixture, which combines latex and actual wood fiber, can be used in applications both indoors and outdoors.

It can be sawed, planed, or sanded once it has cured. As it is designed to adapt various types of paint just like real wood, you can also stain it or paint over it in almost any color.

Product Specifications:

Type: water-based

Available Color Palettes: 13

Consistency: thick

Application: interior and exterior

Dry time: 15 minutes

Cleanup: soap and water

Stainable/paintable: possible


  • It gives a smooth finish to pores
  • Thick but easy to spread
  • It hardens better than wood when dried

· Wide range of natural colors close to a wood


· Can be difficult to open container

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Elmer's Probond Wood Filler

Elmer's Probond is a heavy-duty wood filler designed for use by construction professionals. Still, it doesn't mean you can't use it for your DIY projects.

The finish is much more sturdy than most commercial filler products.

It can also stand up to a high-speed electric sander without any risk of cracking. It also holds screws and nails brilliantly.

Product Specifications:

Type: water-based

Available Color Palettes: range of colors from brown to tan

Consistency: sticky

Application: interior and exterior

Dry time: a few hours for small fixes; up to 24 hours for large areas

Cleanup: soap and water

Stainable/paintable: possible


  • Sand with a high-speed sander
  • Offers excellent weather resistance
  • Made for maximum strength


  • The package doesn't seal very well
  • Not so good for deep holes

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Goodfilla Water-Based Wood Filler

Due to its clay-like nature, Goodfilla is very simple to roll into tiny balls and fill large holes. It is not outstanding for sealing scratches or small spots because it doesn't spread easily.

Once it has dried, it is stainable and paintable, and it can also be tinted before application. Also, it doesn't shrink, is odorless, and may be used indoors and outdoors.

Product Specifications:

Type: water-based

Available Color Palettes: 11

Consistency: smooth and tacky

Application: interior and exterior

Dry time: 15 minutes to dry, 24 hours to completely set

Cleanup: soap and water

Stainable/paintable: possible


  • Excellent for large holes without shrinking
  • Easily dilutable
  • Can be nailed or screwed
  • Deals well with extreme temperature


  • Exceptionally thick, so it can be tough to spread
  • Not that resistant to water

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To Finish Up

Wood Filler Being Applied To Holes By A Female Carpenter Ready For Sanding Down

Water-based fillers have a wider range of applications because they are tough enough for outdoor projects and also odorless.

While for heavy-duty outdoor applications, solvent-based fillers are more suitable because of their highly weather-resistant solvents from harsh environments.

Always examine the packaging; if it doesn't say the product is safe for use outside, think about choosing another one.

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