25 Wonderful Wood Paneling Ideas for Your Walls

Trying to add a little pizzazz to your room? Instead of a standard painted accent wall, why not try wood? Wood is a versatile medium for any home - it can be modern or classic, rustic or cosmopolitan. Wood adds warmth and texture to any space. We've scoured the internet for tons of inspiration for wood paneling walls. There's something here to fit any style. Check out these amazing ideas below before planning your own wood accent wall!

modern living room with accented wooden wall panels, 25 Wonderful Wood Paneling Ideas for Your Walls

1. Rustic A-Frame

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A barn house type house with wooden panel walls, protruding trusses, and a huge window up front

The walls and ceiling beams here pair perfectly, rather than trying to compete with each other. And the big window lets in plenty of light to keep the whole thing bright and airy.

2. This Wood Rocks

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A gorgeous bedroom with a gray bed and a wooden paneled headboard

This wall stirs up visual interest by playing the smooth stone and rough wood textures against each other for contrast. Putting them next to each other heightens tension in a room that might, otherwise, seem a bit boring.

3. Bedroom Accent Wall

A modern bedroom with a wooden paneled headboard

Using wood planks with a heavy grain draws your eye to exactly the right spot. Meanwhile, the floor stays low-key, keeping the focus on the wall. It's clear who the star of this show is.

4. Modern Condo

A modern condominium with wooden panels installed on the wall and an all white colored furnitures

The vertical wood grain here is used very deliberately, adding height to an otherwise small space. The switch to a horizontal grain just above the counter adds depth. In this sparse, modern decor, these little details make a big statement.

5. Blonde (Wood) Is More Fun

A modern living room with wooden paneling on the walls and a wooden flooring

Vertical wood panels and vertical lines on the wooden door frame draw the eyes up to the attractive beams. Meanwhile, the dark wood accent creates a focal point for the shelves.

6. Be There Or Be Square

A modern living room with wooden paneling install on the walls

These square wood panels tie into the repeating squares seen throughout the room - for example, the walls, floor, rug, table, couch seats, even the white shelving is made up of square shapes. It's worth noting that squares are considered a source of order and stability in home design, a calming influence. This room certainly looks restful and calm.

7. Beautiful Berth

A modern spacious living room with wooden walls and wooden flooring

This large, expansive wall reflects the natural light in its soft grain pattern. Long planks, together with contrasting seams, resemble the deck of a sailboat. This soothing room should lull you into a deep sleep.

8. Victorian Dream

A rustic themed entertainment room with wooden paneling and a TV on the wall

These warm, elegant walls practically glow with a particularly Victorian touch. Together with the soft, rich leather chairs, this room looks both glamorous and cozy. In this case, there's also plenty of installed lighting to keep the room from seeming dark and gloomy.

9. "Wood-n't" This Be Nice?

A rustic themed house installed with wooden paneling on wall and a wooden flooring

Simple plywood walls have never looked so inviting! For such a basic building staple, who knew that plywood could be so versatile? It creates a casual and informal air for the home, and since you can pick your own stain, it coordinates with almost any decor.

10. (Mixed) Finish In Style

A rustic themed living room with wooden panels on the TV section and a blue couch in front

Plank walls can be just about any color or finish, and as a result, it's easy to mix and match. Really, anything that fits your current decor is possible. Furthermore, it's a fairly affordable choice and realistic as a DIY project.

11. Room For Everything

A spacious living room, wooden cabinets, and a brown colored rug

You'll never run out of storage space when you have these gorgeous walnut cabinets at your disposal. The bright windows coupled with light floors contrast nicely with the dark cabinets and lighten the room up.

12. A Bedroom With Flair

A bedroom with a trellis like decorative section on the headboard ad wood paneling on the side

This contemporary bedroom is edgy but avoids being over the top. If you have a flair for dramatic details and modern design, this stunning abode might be for you.

13. Sleek and Stunning

A luxurious barn house with wooden paneled walls and a wooden paneled center island kitchen

The high-gloss finish in this kitchen creates an airy look in an otherwise neutral color palette. The soft details (such as the chair legs that almost disappear into the floor) only add to the ambiance.

14. Aluminum and Wood, Opposites Attract

A rustic themed kitchen with wooden paneling on the walls ad wooden flooring

Designing a kitchen, some people might debate between wood or aluminum. On the contrary - why pick just one? This home manages to use the modern, smooth, cold finish of aluminum. Coupled with the classic warm, rich wood, it makes an interesting parallel. Aluminum reflects light; conversely, wood absorbs it. Maybe aluminum was always destined to be together with wood, as they seem like a perfect match.

15. Electric Charge

These burnt wood planks add drama and flair, redefining a basic style. A classic look is subsequently given a new life.

16. Peek A Boo Wall

Modern Italian interior design living room with dark walls and vertical slats panel

To divide a large common area, this wooden slat wall is the perfect solution. It creates clearly defined spaces but still avoids secluding the room.

17. Simple Scandinavian

Scandinavian inspired home office design with bright natural light and city backdrop.

This warm, minimalist design is Scandinavian-inspired. The soft grain is particularly gorgeous in an understated way!

18. Play In The Barn

A simple rustic design mimics the look of barn wood. Meanwhile, using varying shades and textures make it clear that this is a casual space. Perfect for a game room or other informal area.

19. Ski Lodge Style

Painted wood helps create the ski chalet style of this bedroom. Further, using the color green brings the sensation of being in the great outdoors. This is a nature lover's dream.

20. Burning Up

Burnt wood blocks make a unique artisan mosaic for your home. The layered depths, together with contrasting textures, add excitement to an already interesting centerpiece.

21. Cabin Fever

The weathered wood planks, in addition to the stone fireplace, create the perfect rustic ambiance. Surrounded by nature, could it be more peaceful?

22. Knotty Pines

These bright pine walls warm up the room. Coupled with the dark floor, it creates a cozy and grounded space.

23. Geometric Fashion

For an ultra-modern spin on wood walls, check out this concept design from a house in Spain. Artist Mario Mimosa created this stylized decor, placing black detailing together with a more traditional wood wall.

24. Damsel In Distress

Farmhouse entryway. Wooden bench near white shiplap wall.

Distressed white shiplap paired conversely with a brilliant chandelier creates a mismatched, boho-chic look. For a daring designer who embraces the unconventional, this carefree look is fun and exciting.

25. At the Beach

This playful take on a beach theme is adorable, light, and breezy. Details such as the repeated use of rope complement the nautical feel. You can practically smell the saltwater!

A Design For Every Home

No matter your style or home decor, we hope you found something on this list to inspire you! Wood is a feature that can be incorporated into any design. Bringing natural elements like wood into the home can inspire feelings of peace and calmness, something everyone can benefit from.

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