17 Gorgeous Yellow Bathroom Ideas [And How To Implement Them]

Have you been wondering how you can update and improve your bathroom? Transform your bathroom and give it instant cheer with the color yellow.

Yellow adds cheerfulness and brightness to any space. But think beyond a good paint job. Add in yellow accents, whether it be through the tile, grout, cabinets, or other decorative bathroom items. The sunny hue can also help to spruce up an otherwise dim or severe space.

17 Gorgeous Yellow Bathroom Ideas [And How To Implement Them]

Since you can find yellow in a multitude of shades, you'll be sure to find the perfect shade for your bathroom and style dreams. You can use it in a more subtle tone or a bold yellow to achieve your ideal aesthetic.

We have pulled together pictures of yellow bathrooms to inspire you and get you started creating your very own. We've also compiled them in this video below. Make sure you read the post as well for a list of various yellow bathroom accessories to help you kickstart your shopping.


Primitive Inspiration

Yellow old bathroom interior with white plank paneled wall trim and antique vanity and bath tub

If your decorating style leans more toward primitive, there's a perfect yellow shade out there for you. Warm earth tones are most common in this style, evoking a sense of authenticity. The most commonly used primitive colors are mustard yellow, navy blue, barn red, and hunter green. Everything also has a bit more of a weathered look like the pieces in this bathroom.

Bright Sunny Hue

Yellow bathroom with ceiling mounted circular head-shower, big mirrors and wall mounted toilet

One of the best ways to brighten up a room is through color. Yellow symbolizes happiness and optimism, and when wrapped in its colors, it gives off a sense of warmth and inspiration. The large mirrors open up the room even more and reflect the natural light to fill all the spaces.

Try these minimalist bathroom ideas! You'll find these really amazing!

Yellow Everything

White toilet in yellow painted and tiled hotel bathroom

As one of the brightest colors in the visible spectrum, you literally can't miss the sight of its brilliance. With floor to ceiling yellow color, you'll be enveloped into its positivity. If your toilet is separate from the rest of your bathroom, consider dawning it in this bright sunny hue.

Soft Yellow Walls

Small bathroom with window, yellow walls and white tile floor

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, painting the walls, a lovely, pale shade of yellow will help give the illusion that the room is more significant than it is. It makes the room have a bit of a feel-good ambiance. You won't feel hurried out or rushed when surrounded by this color.

Bright Yellow Cabinetry

Sink in a modern home bathroom

Have you ever considered painting the cabinetry in your bathroom? Maybe after seeing this picture, you'll head home and try it out for yourself. The bright sunny yellow adds an impressive glow to your bathroom, especially if your bathroom lacks in natural light. It's a neat color blocking scheme that won't soon be forgotten.

Beige Yellow

Refreshing bathroom with yellow and beige walls, tile floor, wood cabinets, glass shower and bath tub

If you feel like you can't fully commit to painting your walls yellow or installing a yellow backsplash, paint with a beige yellow. This mellow color has hints of yellow but isn't too noticeable. This color helps to pull out other yellow tones that you may end up using in this space. This color also helps to highlight gold accents like seen in the faucets.

Beautiful Saltillo Tones

Orange bathroom interior

These Saltillo colored tiles bring a warm, unique look to the space. It very well complements yellow elements as well as the smooth, natural white walls. Experiment with using different sized tiles to create the appearance of different depths in the room.

Playful Tiles

Modern mosaic bathroom interior design

Colorful tiles such as these liven up the room and give it a fun contrast to the other bathroom elements. Bathroom tiles are a popular option and come in a seemingly unlimited number of shapes, textures, styles, and sizes. This versatility guarantees that you can create the ideal aesthetic. If you have high bathroom ceilings, installing small tiles is a great choice.

Balance of Colors and Patterns

Modern home bathroom with yellow towel and rug

Balancing all different kinds of elements in a bathroom space is key to harmony. It's achievable; you have to know how the different colors and patterns work together. Using glass tiles in place of windows preserve privacy without sacrificing the entrance of natural light.

Tiled Bathroom for Texture

Modern bathroom with white tub and tiled walls

Check out how much texture is added to this bathroom through the arrangement of small tiles all around the room. Each tile has a subtle sheen to them as well as having darker colored tiles sprinkled into the mix. An interruption of color breaks up the monotony that would otherwise be present.

Geometric Intrigue

Modern bathroom with tiled walls and floor

The geometric patterns of this bathroom are intriguing. It's a very minimally designed space, letting the colors and shapes do the talking. The floating white sinks and glass shower keep the design low key and functional, yet unforgettable.

Earth Tones

Modern bathroom with sinks, toilet and shower

Keeping tones neutral and earthy makes a room seem even cleaner and crisp. Using a combination of colors ensures that the space won't fall flat; a layering of tones does just the trick. Subtle yellow hues can be seen, adding the right amount of cheeriness.

Tile Work

Modern bathroom washbasin with telephone

The use of bathroom tiles can go a long way in the bathroom. They add in a level of texture and color that otherwise may not be present. It can be easy to overwhelm a space with too much going on, but these tiles are ideal.

Yellow Accents

Luxury stylish bathroom with white cabinets, mirror, ladder tower rack, window, glass door and yellow details

In a stark white bathroom, using lemon yellow puts a little bit of exciting zing. It breaks up the monochromatic tones and is visually stimulating. Bright yellow hardware is another fun addition. Notice the pattern on the ceiling: this is a great way to add more intrigue to a bathroom.

Modern and Glossy

Luxury modern bathroom interior design

The glossy golden walls of this bathroom craft a very glamorous, modern aesthetic. The floating white vanity transcends space and takes the bathroom to the next level. Installing tall, spindly branches in a vase adds depth and intrigue, and interspersing other greenery adds life.

Pale Yellow for a Soft Glow

Large luxurious bathroom

The pale yellow paint in this space gives you just the right amount of a happy tone. It helps to widen the area and give it a more open feel. Putting a fresh bouquet in your bathroom is always a good idea. Not only do they add a gorgeous aesthetic, but they also a sense of freshness and growth.

Warm and Inviting

Large bathroom with tub and lake view window

Let your bathtub be the focal point of your bathroom. The patterned tile work surrounding the tub adds a new dimension to the room and is a piece of art in and of itself. The glossy surfaces of the floor and area around the tub complement the tones found in the room.

Brighten up a Tight Space

Hotel bathroom

Cover your uniquely shaped bathroom in shades of yellow to fill in the spaces and bring in the sense of wider areas. Using larger tiles in smaller spaces helps to give the illusion that it's larger as well as providing the floor a beautiful patterned look.

Creamy Colors

Classic bathroom in warm colors with blue towels and rug

Creamy yellow colors are effortless to pair with bright colors such as this jewel-tone blue. The larger tile on half the wall helps to expand the space, which transitions into little tile work, then proceeds to a diagonal pattern of white tiles. The transition of this space goes a long way to improve the aesthetic.

A Bright Color when Natural Light is Lacking

Bathroom with white tub and tiled walls

Since natural light is limited in this bathroom, the use of light yellow expands the room and opens up the room. The shower and bath are covered in earth-toned tiles, grounding the space. The darker colored tiles create more visual interest. With a yellow color like this one, you can incorporate nearly any design style into it.

Kiddie Bathroom Decor

Bathroom with soft toys

Make a children's bathroom more engaging and fun with gold, orange, and yellow tones. If bath time and other bathroom routines are hard, making the bathroom a fun, stimulating place to be may do the right trick. The fun floral pattern along the wall adds just the right level of flair.

Perfect Balance

Bathroom with large white tub and storage cabinet

The crisp, clean white cabinetry, vanities, tiles, trim, and tub beautifully contrast the golden hues of the walls and bathroom accents. The wall colors even match the gorgeous fall tones outdoors when that season rolls around. With such simple colors, you can easily add in other accent colors you may want.

Bright Yellow Floral Accent

Bathroom sink with white countertop, yellow cabinets, and mirror

The bright yellow floral accent does an incredible job of tying the bathroom together. It's the right balance of yellow for the rest of the space since the cabinetry carries most of the color. The light earthy tones of the countertop, floor tiles, faucets, and towels contrast with the sunny hue of the cabinets. Design is all about balance.

Yellow and Black Modern Bathroom

Luxurious bathroom with bath and shower and two sinks

If your favored style aesthetic is modern, this may be the ultimate bathroom inspiration for you. The combination of these shapes, colors, patterns, and textures are ideal. The pairing of black and yellow are bold and unmissable. The white tile and curtains help maintain balance while the plants bring a more natural vibrancy.

Yellow and Grey Bathroom

Luxury modern bathroom with white and yellow towels and wall mounted toilet

The monochromatic grey bathroom is broken up by the use of bright yellow accessories. In an otherwise single-color room, the yellow adds the perfect amount of color. Another thing to note about this bathroom is the way that different textures are used. Balance a fresh color palette with this accent color.

Experiment with Shapes

Luxurious bathroom with yellow honeycomb ceramic tiles and large grey marble ceramic tiles and glass shelf

This bathroom takes advantage of using many different shapes to create a fun, geometric space. The grey, black, and yellow tones blend well together and help highlight various aspects of the bathroom. The floating bathroom vanity stands out with its soft yellow color.

Yellow Grout for Bathroom Tiles

Tile cleaning in the bathroom with brush in hand in yellow glove

If you want a subtle way to incorporate yellow into your bathroom, considering using yellow grout between your tiles. This may be the exact touch of the cheery tone for which you've been searching. Grout is required as the filler between tiles, so why not use it as an aesthetic enhancer, too.

Yellow Bathroom Products

Now that you're feeling inspired after viewing the previous pictures, you're probably wondering where you can get some yellow bathroom products. Below we have compiled a list of some products you can purchase to produce the bathroom of your dreams.

Yellow Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs add another decorative element to the room; you can even switch them out frequently for a rotating aesthetic.

RAVCON Bathroom Rugs

This pastel yellow bath mat is made from plush microfiber, the perfect relief after stepping out of the shower. It quickly absorbs water, making sure your bathroom floor doesn't get wet and slippery. It is anti-skid and machine washable.

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HEBE Yellow and Grey Striped Bath Mat

With this two-piece yellow and grey striped bath mat set, you'll appreciate the beautiful aesthetic that it brings to your bathroom.  It's pretty and oh so soft for your feet!

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Crochet Round Bath Mat

Add in a unique bath mat to your bathroom like this crochet rounded one. This mat will be sure to add in the perfect finishing touch.

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Yellow Bath Towels

Towels have the power to take your bathroom to the next level of comfort.

Soft Yellow Towels

Soft, absorbent, and luxurious! Buy a couple of these towels to create the perfect set of bath towels to enjoy after your warm shower. The stripes at the end of the towel add the ideal amount of color.

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Hotel and Spa Quality Bath Towel Set

This complete towel set comes with two full-size bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. Made out of 100% cotton, you won't lack comfort and softness. For hanging convenience, each towel has a loop stitched into it.

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Luxury Hotel 100% Cotton Towels

This three-piece towel set comes with one full-size bath towel, one hand towel, and one washcloth. The vibrant yellow color will not fade over time. The fabric will even become softer after each subsequent wash cycle.

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Yellow Shower Curtains

No matter what your style is, there's a shower curtain that can match it perfectly. Keep water off your floor while enjoying the look of your shower curtain.

Shower Curtain with Waffle Weave

Freshen the look of your bathroom with this mustard yellow waffle weave shower curtain. To make installation even more manageable, this curtain comes with 12 grommets to fit shower curtain rings.

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Weeping Flower Shower Curtain

Add in the perfect amount of floral design with this grey, white, and yellow shower curtain. It fits most standard-sized showers is is machine washable. The sweeping design of this shower curtain is the ideal soothing addition to your bathroom.

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Flamenco Ruffle Shower Curtain

Talk about spicing up your bathroom! This fun yellow flamenco ruffle shower curtain adds a unique texture to the space. It's sure to light up the room and improve the overall mood.

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Yellow Bathroom Accessories

Brighten the mood of your bathroom with an assortment of yellow accessories. They can add utility, aesthetic, or both!

Modern Decorative Rounded Ceramic Pots

One of the best ways to accessorize a space is through the natural vibrancy of plants. The greenery will be highlighted with the use of these three yellow ceramic pots.

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Mason Jar Bathroom Accessory Organizer

With this five-piece set, you can simultaneously add style and organization to your bathroom. The soft, creamy yellow is a sensational accent color.

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Rectangular Trash Can

Trash is inevitable in your bathroom, so make sure you have the ideal trash can. This slim, modern, functional 12-inch trash will do the trick. Made out of durable plastic, this trash can will stand the test of time.

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Yellow Tiles

A fun way to spruce up your bathroom is through the installation of yellow bathroom tiles. You can tile the floor, walls, and practically anywhere else you want.

Yellow Blossom Mosaic 3D Wall Stickers

No hassle is associated with installing these nifty peels and stick tiles. The tiles have a glossy, shiny finish and feel to them. Because it's a sticker product, you can pull them off and readjust during installation if necessary. No grout required.

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Smart Tiles - Subway

Give your bathroom a luxurious transformation with these simple, smart tiles: peel and stick! These tile pieces are strong and durable and won't fade or crack over time. They'll stay on your wall as you want to keep them there. No grout required.

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3/8-Inch Venetian Style Glass Mosaic Tile

With this Venetian style glass mosaic tile, you can create the exact pattern and layout that you want. Their smaller size gives you a lot of creative liberty.

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