13 Perfectly Zen Bathroom Ideas

You can turn your bathroom into a space that exudes zen-like relaxation with the right approach. We created a list of 13 Zen bathroom ideas to inspire you.

modern bathroom with hardwood parquet floor and green wooden paneled wall, free standing bathtub, potted plants on the side. 13 Perfectly Zen Bathroom Ideas

1. Modern Bathroom With Light Stone And Dark Trim

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Trendy and modern home spa bathroom with matte black tiles, white stacked stone wall and lots of natural light

This bathroom features a unique contrast between the light stone and dark trim.

A few subtle accent pieces—a plant, candles, and small rolled towels—effortlessly give this bathroom a soothing and luxurious vibe.

The black freestanding tub and the black paneled accent wall set the stage perfectly for the ultimate relaxation. 

2. Light Bathroom With Plant Shelves

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Bathtub in the loft interior. Light Bathroom With Plant Shelves

This bathroom has a freestanding bathtub on top of a light-colored wood floor.

Several hanging shelves house a number of vibrant green plants that give the bathroom a sense of vitality.

Using the shelves for bathroom items and plants ensures they're both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The white brick walls give the bathroom a constant light aesthetic. 

3. Luxurious Bathroom With Sauna

Beautiful bathroom with white bath and sauna and shower in a modern home

What better way to experience Zen in the bathroom than in a sauna?

This bathroom features a freestanding white bathtub, a gorgeous and spacious sauna, a luxurious black marble shower, a small black bathmat, and an assortment of plants.

The colors seen throughout the bathroom mingle together in a very upscale look. 

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4. Luxury Bathroom With Large Shower

Luxury Bathroom With Large Shower

This zen bathroom has a rich, dark floor and lavish white walls. The dark and light colors contrast beautifully, making the room look complete rather than disjointed.

There is also an exceptionally large shower, the perfect place to relax. Warm yellow light casts a cozy ambiance into the room. 

5. Neutral-Colored Modern Bathroom

Neutral-Colored Modern Bathroom

This bathroom features a dim atmosphere that's calming and relaxing.

The white elements of the bathroom contrast strongly with the dark accents for an aesthetically pleasing combination. The beige walls and soft white lighting tie the room together. 

6. Dark Bathroom With Light Wood And Plant Accents

contemporary minimalist bathroom with two round mirrors and wooden frame. natural stacked black matte stone wall with large black matte tiles

Black is the predominant color in this bathroom. If you love a moody feeling, then this is the look for you.

The light color of the wood countertop and tile flooring accentuates the dark bathroom. A couple of indoor plants adorn the space, and soft white light helps create a soothing ambiance.

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7. Soft Gray Bathroom With Freestanding Bathtub

Soft Gray Bathroom With Freestanding Bathtub

Nothing says zen and relaxation quite like this freestanding tub.

When mixed with the neutral brown floor and soft gray walls, this tub practically beckons you to come and relax.

The plants and other small accessories give this bathroom a spa-like ambiance.

8. Soft White Modern Bathroom

Soft White Modern Bathroom with white sink large mirror and plants

White is the predominant color choice for this contemporary Zen bathroom. The white is muted just enough by the soft lighting.

Plants and other dainty bathroom accessories set the soothing mood of relaxation and zen.

The recessed can lighting can be adjusted to cast the ideal light into the room.

9. Boho-Styled Bathroom

White sink on wood counter with a round mirror hanging above it. Bathroom interior. boho style

This boho zen bathroom features all the wood accents you could imagine.

The bathtub, wall, and floor are adorned with light-colored wood in a herringbone pattern for an aesthetically pleasing and calming look. White is the perfect color choice to complete this color scheme.

10. Freestanding Bathtub Surrounded By Plants

gray Freestanding Bathtub Surrounded By Plants in gray bathroom

This is another zen bathroom that features a freestanding tub as the room's focal point.

The dark gray tub is surrounded by vibrant green plants, especially ones that thrive in humid environments like the bathroom. The wooden bathmat also helps incorporate more natural features into the space. 

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11. Gold And White Luxury Bathroom

bathroom with a skylight and natural, polished, gold onyx wall tiles, large and narrow white matte ceramic tiles and black details

This Zen bathroom is truly unique. It combines gold and white colors for a sophisticated yet relaxing aesthetic.

White steps interrupt a pebble pathway that leads to the spacious shower. A few darker elements help tie it all together.

On top of all these features, a skylight welcomes a wealth of natural light. The result is a luxurious bathroom that anyone would love to relax in.

12. Light Wood Bathroom With Abundance Of Plants

Light Wood Bathroom With Abundance Of Plants. Modern bathroom design with beautiful bath, shower and plants. Wooden bathroom

This bathroom features a combination of light-colored wood and an abundance of lush greenery.

These colors are offset perfectly by the occasional white bathroom accessory. The shower is spacious, making this bathroom look and feel like a luxury spa.

13. Sauna And Large Bathtub

relaxation room and steam room in a house. Sauna And Large Bathtub

This is another Zen bathroom that could also be a spa. It boasts a sizeable sauna and a massive bathtub.

The wood paneling behind the tub mimics that inside the sauna for a cohesive and unified aesthetic that exudes soothing vibes.

A few indoor plants are located around the bathroom, which is a great, lively addition to this bathroom.

In Closing

We hope this guide has inspired you to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space where you can find zen and unwind. Whether it's through plants or organic fibers, your bathroom can be just the place you need.

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