White is the predominant color in this living room. The white walls coupled with the white couch make for a lively ambiance. But the homeowner has opted to include some subtle hints of light blue in the artwork on the wall.

This is another room that features an abundance of white. The white sofa pairs beautifully with the creamy light fixtures.  The hardwood floor's light tones provide some contrast to the sea of white in this space.

This luxurious white sofa is decorated with a number of throw pillows ranging in color from white to light brown.  This decorative choice not only makes the sofa look super cozy but also highlights it as the focal point of the room.

The throw pillows, the tiling around the fireplace, the kitchen cabinets, the area rug, and the miscellaneous decor around the room are all different shades of gray.

This white sofa is surrounded by all kinds of soft neutral colors. From the mantel to the area rug, soft neutrals make the white sofa pop. Some darker neutrals, like the end tables, are incorporated to provide some visual depth.

Black is a phenomenal color to pair with a white sofa to create a sleek, contemporary vibe. From the entertainment center to the two lounge chairs across from the sofa, this room contains an abundance of rich black that accentuates the white of the sofa.

This is another living room that features two white sofas paired with black and white. The black and white accent pieces throughout the room make the white sofas really pop.

The other decor is mostly comprised of wood tones and light browns, and the houseplants add a nice pop of green. The result is a soft and cozy earthy ambiance.

Yellow is a somewhat bold color choice, but it adds some unique flair to the space. Bold accent color choices go a long way in a predominantly light-colored room.

This white sofa is surrounded by a sea of white decor. From the white hardwood flooring to the airy white sheer curtains, white is the predominant color. The result is a cozy, lively space with a shabby chic ambiance.

This is another space that highlights white's versatility. White is the dominant color in this room, but the shades of blue in the decor give the space a somewhat royal aesthetic.

The wall art, throw pillows, and area rug all feature a similar neutral color palette that looks amazing alongside the simple white sofa. The large, patterned area rug grounds the room.

A boho aesthetic is comprised of whites, creams, browns, and all kinds of natural textures, and this room is a perfect example of this gorgeous combination.

The bluish-gray wall is the perfect backdrop for this white sofa. And the throw pillow pairs beautifully with the wall color for a cohesive look. The light brown of the wicker coordinates well with the wall color, and the wicker helps add some texture.

If you're a fan of blue and are feeling especially bold, consider this approach. This room features a bold blue accent wall that perfectly frames the soft white sofa.