21 Stained Glass Front Door Ideas

Command Attention

With a grand amount of stained glass pieces like this doorway, everyone's attention is demanded. It's a piece of artwork that won't soon be forgotten.

Bold And Vintage

Keep a piece of the past by maintaining the original stained glass in the door. The bright blue door highlights the stained glass and its antique intricacies.

Soft Surroundings

The light wood interior of this home is illuminated and showcased by the stained glass front door. The floral and geometric design in the door is surrounded by clear, textured glass.

Stained Glass Sidelights

Sidelights are the window panels that flank a door, as seen in the photo above. You can get more enjoyment out of your stained glass by installing it in the sidelights as well!

Dashed Trail

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21 Stained Glass Front Door Ideas