Best Colors That Go With Gold

Home Design Combinations

As with any other color, gold comes in several different shades and finishes. From dull to shiny, dark to light, and everything in between, there is sure to be a particular gold that fits perfectly into your surroundings.

Finding the perfect color or finish of gold for your space can be a challenge and may seem overwhelming. But we created a guide to bring you a glimpse into some of the best possible color companions to pair with tones of gold.

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Here are some stunning color options that will perfectly complement the luxurious feel of gold in your home decor.


A color combination that can be dated back to Egyptian times, white is one of the oldest colors to be paired with gold. This color pairing is simple, crisp, and elegant, and this is shown in the example pictured above. White, being the ultimate in light neutrals, goes well with any shade or finish of gold depending on your style.


The majestic depth of black brings out the bright sparkle of gold, creating a sharp contrast that is eye-catching and distinguished. The bright natural wood flooring in the example above really highlights and accentuates this color scheme in addition to adding subtle warmth to the space.


If you love the dramatic contrast of black and gold but find black a bit too intense for your home decor, consider using grey instead of black. A lighter version of black, grey has the powerful feel of black with a little less intense color saturation.


If you love the stylish flair of a red and gold combination but wish to keep your color palette a bit more refined, consider a deeper version of red, or burgundy. Although burgundy may be a bit less exciting than red, it still brings a warm dramatic glow to any space, as shown in the example above.


Jewel tones are colors that resemble natural gems like amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Just as gems pair beautifully with gold in jewelry design, jewel tones also make great color companions with gold in home decor, as shown in the example above.


Teal is a cool shade that results from a mixture of blue and green. The deep chic shade of teal pictured in the example above contrasts beautifully with warm metallic gold for a captivating look. The gold geometric artwork that adorns the wall in the above example adds a certain amount of class and sophistication.

Gold is a versatile, dramatic, and elegant color that makes a big statement in any space. It can both brighten and warm your space with an inviting glow.

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