What Colors Go With Grey Walls?

[5 Suggestions]

Grey is a popular choice for wall colors for its versatility and ability to complement almost any aesthetic. But if you have grey walls, you might be looking for the best way to add some color to the room. We've researched the best ones and have put together this guide to help you.

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Here are the best colors to go with your grey walls.

Like grey, blue is a cool-toned color. This means there is little potential for ugly clashing, no matter what specific blue or grey color you use. Also, like grey, blue is versatile. Pairing it with your grey walls can enhance whatever style you're going for: bright and clean or deep and striking.


Sometimes what a grey room needs more than anything is a splash of color. Not an overwhelming amount, but enough to keep the room interesting. Pink is a great option for this. Though not as versatile or safe as blue, it can mark a confident decision.


In the same vein as pink, yellow is a great way to introduce some color into a grey room. While pink says "chic," yellow gives a cheerful and happy vibe. Plus, any yellow will look great with grey walls, so you can make it fit whatever style you'd like!


If you've decided to paint your walls grey, you probably have a specific aesthetic you're aiming for. A fantastic way to add a little depth to that aesthetic is to add another neutral color to the mix, such as beige or tan. Beige contrasts with grey just enough to be creative and helps the room feel warmer than complete grey.


Like blue, green is considered a cool color. It's natural and earthy and comes in enough varieties to make it a viable option for your home. In nature, green symbolizes newness and growth, which might be just what your grey room needs. Plus, it's attractive!


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