Hoover CleanSlate Vs. Bissell Little Green: Pros, Cons, & Differences

You might be wondering about the differences between the Hoover CleanSlate and the Bissell Little Green and which one is better suited for you. We have researched both products and have all the answers you are looking for.

The Hoover CleanSlate and Bissell Little Green are devices made for cleaning carpet, rugs, upholstery, pet beds, and cars.

The Hoover CleanSlate is less expensive than the Bissell Little Green. It also has a wider cleaning brush and comes with a longer warranty.

Keep reading this post to learn more about the differences between the Hoover CleanSlate and Bissell Little Green so that you can make an informed decision about which one will work best for you.


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Hoover CleanSlate Versus Bissell Little Green

Whenever you are getting ready to purchase a carpet and upholstery cleaner, there are several factors to consider.

It is good to know how heavy your carpet cleaner is going to be so that you can make sure you are able to move it around your house fairly easily.

Some differences between the Hoover CleanSlate and Bissell Little Green are the size of the motor, the design, the size of the tank, and the length of the hose. Let's dive in a little deeper.

All You Need to Know About the Hoover CleanSlate

A closeup of a red illuminated Hoover logo in electronics and home appliance store

The Hoover CleanSlate has a 3.5 amp motor, which is slightly more than the Bissell Little Green. This product was designed to be carried by a carrying handle.

It is lightweight and has a removable hose-cleaning tool. You can attach the cleaning tool to the top of the hose and push a button that causes the hose to get flushed out sufficiently.

The attachment has a spot on the CleanSlate itself, so you will not have to find a place for it in a drawer or closet for storage in between uses.

The hose on the Hoover CleanSlate is four-and-a-half feet long, which is perfect for hard-to-reach places, such as couch cushions and corners.

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More About the CleanSlate

The Hoover CleanSlate Pet is made for households that love animals. It is a compact carpet cleaner, which makes it easy to transport throughout your home.

The head of the vacuum is seven inches wide, so it is a good size for getting the job done the way you need to.

Even though the CleanSlate is slightly larger than the Bissell Little Green in size, it was created with portability in mind. The warranty on the Hoover CleanSlate lasts two years.

Can You use The Hoover CleanSlate On Upholstery?

Process of deep furniture cleaning, removing dirt from sofa

Yes, you absolutely can use the Hoover CleanSlate on upholstery. Some people think because it is a carpet cleaner, it is only meant for carpet but that is not the case.

It even comes with an attachment that works well to get in between cushions and in between the cracks and crevices of your couch.

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Using your Hoover CleanSlate to clean your couch can help the couch last longer. Doing so will also help keep your home smelling fresh.

Can I Use Laundry Detergent In My Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

vacuum cleaning carpet in living room

No. You should never use laundry detergent or any other soap substitute when using a Hoover carpet cleaner. It could damage the machine and also damage the carpet that you are attempting to clean.

It is in your best interest to use whatever carpet cleaning solution goes with the carpet and upholstery cleaner of your choice. Laundry detergent is specially formulated to clean clothes, so it is not meant for carpets or upholstery.

All You Need to Know About the Bissell Little Green

One of the differences between the CleanSlate and Bissell Little Green is the size of the motor. The Little Green's motor has 3 amps, which means it is a little less powerful than the Hoover CleanSlate.

The Bissell Little Green does not have a built-in attachment holster, which can be a bit of a downfall. Little Green is a good name for this product. It is an efficient device, even though the motor is said to be a little loud.

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Another difference between these two carpet cleaners is the size of the vacuum head. The vacuum head is smaller on the Bissell Little Green than the one on the Hoover CleanSlate.

As for the cleaning attachment for the Bissell Little Green, it is only three inches wide. That is significantly less than the seven-inch cleaner head on the CleanSlate.

More To Compare

Bissell Little Green has been around longer than the Hoover CleanSlate. That fact is a selling point for some people because they see it as established and reliable.

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When it comes to the length of the hose on the Bissell Little Green Pet Pro, it is four feet long. This is shorter than the one on the CleanSlate.

Price is an important factor to consider when you are purchasing something such as a carpet and upholstery cleaner. The price point is a little higher for the Bissell Little Green Pro, and that is mainly because it has a larger tank.

The warranty for the Bissel Little Green lasts one year, which is half as long as the CleanSlate. Which one you will choose depends on several factors. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice, as both are effective.

More Pros And Cons

Even though there are some downsides to the Bissell Little Green, it is still an effective and reliable carpet and upholstery cleaner.

The sprayer on it is stronger than the one on the Hoover CleanSlate, and the suction works great. If you happen to find one on sale or receive one as a gift, it will serve you and your home well.

One last difference between the CleanSlate and the Bissell Little Green is the length of the cord.

The Hoover can reach farther since its cord is 18 feet, compared to Little Green's length of 15 feet. Keep in mind the hose length is longer on the Hoover CleanSlate.

Is Bissell Little Green Good For Pet Stains?

Yes, the Bissell Little Green is good for getting rid of pet stains. It has powerful suction, so you can deep-clean your carpet and upholstery. There will be a noticeable difference after using a Bissell Little Green to remove pet stains.

Bissell's website specifically states that the Bissell formulas and tough stain tool combined will permanently remove odors and stains wherever they are.

The Bissell Little Green has been designed so that you can carry it up and down stairs or from room to room to get rid of all of those pet stains in a row.

How Quickly Will My Couch Dry After Using Bissell?

Dry cleaner's employee removing dirt from furniture in flat

The answer to this question varies based on how saturated your couch is. If it was really dirty and needed to be cleaned for awhile, then it might need some extra time to dry.

Drying time may take between two to four hours after using the Bissell Little Green on your couch. You can always use a fan or two to help dry your couch more quickly if needed.

A Quick Re-cap

Cleaning concept - vacuum cleaner on grey soft carpet

Although the Hoover CleanSlate is slightly more expensive than the Bissell Little Green, it might be worth it to spend the extra money and get the more effective of the two.

The cleaner head is wider on the CleanSlate, which means it takes less time to use. Bissell Little Green Pro has a bigger tank capacity, though, and that is a huge perk for some people.

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